Friday Mar 13, 2015

Resources Roadmap for Design Time Customization

Check out our new Resources Roadmap for everything you need for on-premises design-time customization.

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Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

Fusion Apps Release 7 (including JDeveloper) Now Available On eDelivery

Fusion Applications Release 7 has been published on eDelivery, and with it comes JDeveloper/ADF and the matching Fusion Applications Companion. Search for the media pack for Release 7 or just follow this link for the Win64 media pack. Please note that as with all Fusion Applications releases, it is important that you use the matching version of the development tools, so don’t install this as an upgrade to your earlier version of JDeveloper if the version of Fusion Applications you are developing for is not Release 7.

Monday Jun 24, 2013

WLS MBeans

WLS provides a set of Managed Beans (MBeans) to configure, monitor and manage WLS resources. We can use the WLS MBeans to automate some of the tasks related to the configuration and maintenance of the WLS instance. The MBeans can be accessed a number of ways; using various UIs and programmatically using Java or WLST Python scripts.[Read More]

Monday May 20, 2013

JDeveloper and Fusion Applications Explained (Part 3)

The first two parts of this series covered the installation of JDeveloper for Fusion Applications and the configuration of the integrated WebLogic Domain.This third article will explain some common problems we have seen and how to resolve them.  We will in the process also offer some general tips on how to troubleshoot these types of problems.[Read More]

Monday May 13, 2013

Installing and Configuring Standalone Web Logic Server Explained

Integrated WebLogic Server (WLS) is a server that is managed by JDeveloper. We can run applications directly from the JDeveloper to test and debug without needing to explicitly package or deploy the application as these tasks are automated. While most of the development testing can be done on Integrated WLS there are some functionality e.g. SOA customizations that require a standalone domain.  Standalone domain is independent from JDeveloper; the instance needs to be manually maintained by the developer and applications need to be manually packaged and deployed to it. For standalone domain the Fusion Applications framework components are installed closely matching the production environment. As such standalone domain allows developer to simulate production environment more closely allowing potential issues to be detected earlier in the development cycle.
This document is intended to describe the process of creating and configuring a standalone WLS domain. This document will only cover Windows environments, steps for Linux and Unix based operating system would be similar, however there would be some differences e.g. on how the file paths are defined.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 18, 2013

Announcement: Oracle Fusion Applications Developer’s Guide Release 4 Updated

Guest Post by Amy Willard of the Oracle Documentation Team

Release 4 of the Oracle Fusion Applications Developer's Guide has been updated to emphasize that the 64-bit JDK must be used, and lists the installer files that are required to create a Standalone WebLogic Server. Two sections in chapter two have been updated.

2.3.1 How to Create a Domain for Standalone WebLogic Server
  • States requirement for 64-bit JDK. Setting Up the Environment for Standalone WebLogic Server

  • Adds step for downloading and installing the 64-bit JDK and what to do if the 32-bit JDK already has been installed.
  • Lists the installer files that are required and how to obtain them if the system administrator has not made them available in a shared directory, or if the developer is not able to access the shared directory.
  •  Updates the system variables that should be set.
  •  Adds new section How to Fix Domain Creation Errors.
  •  Adds new section How to Test the Server.

Thursday Feb 28, 2013

JDeveloper and Fusion Applications Explained (Part 2)

In the first part of this series we explained how to find the appropriate version of JDeveloper for your Fusion Applications customization or extension project.  We also covered the installation.  This second post walks you through the next steps on your journey: we will launch JDeveloper with the necessary parameters and configure the domain of the integrated WebLogic Server (WLS).[Read More]

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