Monday Nov 16, 2015

Whitepaper: Application Composer Performance Best Practices

As mentioned in our series of articles with performance related recommendations, the origin of this information is from observational analysis by Oracle's own group of performance experts and is fully explained in a whitepaper. This exciting document, entitled "Customizing Oracle Sales Cloud Using Application Composer - Performance Best Practices", offers a broad mixture of architectural approaches and coding techniques to help ensure the speed and efficiency of your customizations and extensions.

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Friday Nov 06, 2015

Whitepapers, How-Tos, Cheatsheets

Since the launch of this blog (and the FADevRel team itself) we have published a large collection of downloadable documents to augment the regular product documentation and help you with your extensibility and customization projects.  Since we have many new readers, it's time to summarize them all in one blog post to help everyone be aware of all that's out there.[Read More]

Friday Sep 18, 2015

Whitepaper: The BI Web Services Explained

If you're using Fusion Applications then you'll be aware of how rich a datasource reports and analyics are, and curtosy of the built-in catalog of OBIEE web services you can also access your records from your integrated systems. This concise whitepaper provides simple examples for your reference, including using both BI Publisher and BI Analytics. Each section contains links to a demo video, the service WSDL, a summary of the basic operations, a sample request payload, and important notes about the response formats. 

Thursday May 28, 2015

Groovy Performance Series: Application Composer and Groovy Performance Tuning - An Overview

Learn how to ensure your Application Composer projects run efficiently. This first article in this series covers the principles and key recommendations based on real-world observation and testing.

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Thursday Nov 27, 2014

New Whitepaper: Reusable Groovy Code Samples

If you are using Oracle Sales Cloud, then the ability to add Groovy code in Application Composer is essential for successful tailoring. For the implementation of Cloud Applications the writing of code is not usually a primary project task, and as such this new document offers reusable examples that helps anyone build out powerful customizations and integrations.[Read More]

Monday Nov 24, 2014

New Whitepaper: Page Composer - Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

Our document filled with recommendations, special features, and proven advice on how to get the most from Page Composer when tailoring your user interfaces.
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Monday Aug 18, 2014

New Whitepaper: Sales Cloud Business Object Cheatsheet

Ever tried coding groovy in Application Composer and found it hard to remember the API names for the standard objects and their fields? To help we have created this short set of ERD-like diagrams for the most regularly used Business Objects along with their key attributes. As a handy PDF we hope this quick-reference guide will make this easier and save you some time.

Please let us know in the comments below if this is useful or any enhancements you'd like us to add.

Monday Jul 28, 2014

New Whitepaper: Building a Custom Fusion Application

If you have an on-premises deployment of Fusion Applications and wish to extend it with your own custom application, Vik has created this whitepaper to guide you through the development steps. This simple walk-through includes:

  • Task overview and recommended naming standards
  • Registering via the applications taxonomy
  • Creating the application in JDeveloper using ADF
  • Using application-specific components like lookups and messages
  • Your options for deployment and integration

We hope you find it useful, and please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

New Whitepaper: Getting Started With Groovy

We have put together another whitepaper to help when using the Groovy language in making customizations to pages and fields using Application Composer. This was done in response to observing the online forums and the requests logged with Oracle Support. It covers many common requirements and provides short illustrative examples.We hope you find it useful.

And just like with our EL whitepaper it will get regularly updated, so if you have any other examples please pass them on either via email or in the comments box below.

Monday Jan 27, 2014

New Whitepaper: Using Expression Language

We have put together a short whitepaper that explains the most common use-cases we've seen from people using expression language to extend Fusion Applications at the run-time using the embedded Page Composer tooling. The paper gives examples as the most simple way to illustrate the EL operators, functions, and general syntax.We hope you find it useful.

Since we're finding new cases all the time this document will get regularly updated, and if you have any examples please pass them on, either via email or in the comments below.

Thursday Oct 10, 2013

A Great Whitepaper on Meta Data Services (MDS)

Whilst several of our blog posts and videos have talked about MDS as the key platform for upgrade safe, layered customizations, however we've not discussed it in detail. Fortunately our colleague Gangadhar from WebCenter Product Management has already done a great job of this in his whitepaper entitled Metadata Services (MDS) in Fusion Middleware.

It includes a straight forward introduction to the tool and its capabilities, an explanation of the architecture and technical components, a summary of use-cases across both middleware and Fusion Applications, as well as details on MDS administration and implementation. It's a valuable background resource, especially for those new to this component.

Thursday Aug 22, 2013

Developing With Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service for Fusion Applications

Concurrent or scheduled processes are programs that run in the background. Common use cases are:
  • Scheduled action: an action needs to be executed at a predetermined schedule
  • Time-consuming action: Users perform an action that could take a long time to finish
Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) provides the ability to manage the complete life cycle of a scheduled process including: development, distribution, scheduling and monitoring. In this whitepaper we will go through an example for ESS development for Fusion Applications including:
  • Creation and configuration of a development environment for ESS development
  • Implementation of a concurrent process
  • Implementation of UI for submitting and monitoring the concurrent process
  • Submitting and monitoring the concurrent process

Tuesday Jul 02, 2013

Announcement: How-To Series Explaining Customizations Step By Step

Yesterday we officially launched our new YouTube channel.  Today we are announcing another initiative that we have been working on for a while: to help you learn common customization tasks, we are going to publish a series of detailed How-To documents with lots of screenshots.  Many of these will also be the script for a YouTube video, giving you the choice to see it in action or go through the steps yourself guided by a PDF document.

The focus of the initial set of How-Tos will be JDeveloper/ADF customizations, but over time we will expand into other areas.  Today's first document is meant to get everyone up to the point where a JDeveloper environment is up and running: "How to Get Started With JDeveloper Customizations for Fusion Applications" white paper shows you how to set up JDeveloper, configure the integrated WLS domain, and make a very, very simple customization work.

As always we are looking for your feedback.  Please let us know whether this is helpful for your work or learning, and what use cases you would like to see us document in these How-Tos.

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