Monday May 16, 2016

How To Include Web Services Data In Reports

This article looks at how to connect your reports with external data sources.

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Thursday Apr 28, 2016

Using JWT Tokens with REST and Sales Cloud

This post outlines how to retrieve a JWT token using a web service so that it can be used to maintain a user session

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Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

Life Beyond OER: Developer Asset Documentation

Learn about the resources available for supporting development on the Fusion Applications platform.

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Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Web Service Security Policies in Fusion Applications

This post outlines how web service security policies are applied in Fusion Applications

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Wednesday Mar 02, 2016

Querying Records using RESTful Web Services

 This article looks at the features and options for querying your data records using RESTful web services.

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Thursday Jan 21, 2016

Calling Custom Object Functions via RESTful Services

Learn how to call your own scripts through the RESTful API available for Custom Object records in Oracle Sales Cloud.
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Monday Jan 18, 2016

Understanding the Custom Object RESTful Web Services

See how to work with RESTful web services for managing your Custom Object records in Oracle Sales Cloud.
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Wednesday Jan 13, 2016

A Walkthrough Example Execution of the Generic Soap Service (IDCWS)

An example walkthrough in Java illustrating how to execute the Generic Soap Service (IDCWS) available in Fusion Applications SaaS environments.
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Monday Jan 11, 2016

An Introduction to the Generic Soap Service (IDCWS) Interface to Webcenter Content

An Introduction to the Generic Soap Service interface of the Fusion Applications Webcenter Content hosted in the Fusion Applications SaaS environment.
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Monday Dec 14, 2015

Application Composer Series: Adding Attachments via Web Services

How to created attachments for custom object records using web services.
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Monday Oct 26, 2015

Outbound Web Service Calls From Sales Cloud: The Basics

Although used in many of our tips-and-tricks type articles, this post provides newcomers an overview of the ways you can call web services from Oracle Sales Cloud. 

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Wednesday Oct 14, 2015

Release 10: Understanding RESTful Services in HCM Cloud

Learn about the basics of the RESTful webservices available in Oracle Fusion HCM starting in Release 10.[Read More]

Monday Sep 21, 2015

Cheatsheet Series: Extending Sales Cloud With Web Services

Our cheatsheet series provides a library of reference information to help developers working with the Fusion Applications platform.The documents can be saved or printed locally and used as an instant reminder during solution design and development.

Cheatsheets will cover many topics and if you have any specific feedback, ideas or requirements please let us know using the comments below.

This three page cheat sheet covers knowledge topics useful when integrating solutions with Oracle Sales Cloud using web services. It includes:

  • RESTful Services - including a full list of (R10) resources and their supported request methods.
  • SOAP Services - including commonly-used services, operations, WSDL endpoints, and the central XSD.
  • Utility Web Services - useful services for including features such as ESS, BI, and Webcenter.

Monday Aug 31, 2015

Release 10: Walkthrough of a Sales Cloud RESTful Web Service Example

This post is a walk through of a RESTful Web Service example.[Read More]

Thursday Aug 20, 2015

Release 10: A Deeper Look Into the Oracle Sales Cloud RESTful API

This post goes into further detail of RESTful Web Service Architecture implemented in the Oracle Sales Cloud.[Read More]

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