Tuesday Jul 26, 2016

Groovy Tuesday: Understanding the source for UserProfile API

 This article looks at how to interrogate the attributes of the current user.

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Monday May 09, 2016

Using JWT Tokens to Call Back from a Third Party Application into Sales Cloud

This post outlines how to use JWT Token to seemlessly navigate between Oracle Sales Cloud and a third party application to create a loose integration between the two applications.

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Thursday Apr 28, 2016

Using JWT Tokens with REST and Sales Cloud

This post outlines how to retrieve a JWT token using a web service so that it can be used to maintain a user session

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Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Web Service Security Policies in Fusion Applications

This post outlines how web service security policies are applied in Fusion Applications

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Tuesday Mar 22, 2016

Groovy Tuesday: Checking User Roles and Privileges

 Use internal APIs to include application roles in conditionally controlling your scripts.

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Monday Nov 02, 2015

Interrogating Security Job Roles Via Groovy Scripting

Learn how to control access to your extensions and customizations through scripting.
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Monday Mar 30, 2015

Resources Roadmap for Customizing Security

Use this Resources Roadmap to get straight to the information you need to customize the security of your Fusion Applications.[Read More]

Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

Release 9: Security And Integration New Features

Learn about the new feature in Release 9 for use in your integration projects. [Read More]

Monday Oct 27, 2014

Using JWT To Secure Your Cloud Application Integrations

Find out how to use JWT to pass user context between your integrated applications.
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Thursday May 15, 2014

Customizing User Security

This short post is for those a little confused about the user security capabilities in Fusion Applications, and just want to understand the basics to get going.[Read More]

Monday Aug 26, 2013

Fusion Applications Security Roles Related to Customization

We’ve all been frustrated trying to create a customization and then at the crucial moment not being able to see the page, link or button required, and after wasting time researching why you find you have not been granted to required privilege. This post helps prevent some of that, helping you setting up your development environment and maybe also reducing governance risks from over-granting powerful customization capabilities to end users.[Read More]

Thursday Jun 06, 2013

Get Started with Fusion Web Services Integration

This document aims at helping to understand how Fusion web services documented in Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) can be invoked by third party applications from different platforms. Fusion web services are also referred as ADF services because web services are developed in Fusion using ADF business components.[Read More]

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Finding Code Artifacts for Customization (Part 3)

This series of documents is intended to illustrate the options that we have to map UIs to code artifacts and to inspect their structure. In previous articles we covered the process for finding code artifacts for customizations using the Page Composer and finding ADFbc objects related to the page using the JDeveloper.   In this article we will look at mapping security permissions to roles and users.

In order to test the customizations we will need to know the user with access to the page and the credential for the user.  While the user can be determined from the policy and identity stores the credential cannot and as such credential must be obtained from the system administrator.

These steps assume that the reader is familiar with the concepts of Fusion Application security such as roles and permissions covered in Fusion Security (Part 1: Overview) .[Read More]

Monday Mar 18, 2013

Fusion Security: Overview

There is a wealth of documentation regarding security implementation for Fusion Applications; this series of articles is intended to collate information from various sources. The goal is to provide a high level overview of the implementation and components involved.

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