Monday Jan 27, 2014

New Whitepaper: Using Expression Language

We have put together a short whitepaper that explains the most common use-cases we've seen from people using expression language to extend Fusion Applications at the run-time using the embedded Page Composer tooling. The paper gives examples as the most simple way to illustrate the EL operators, functions, and general syntax.We hope you find it useful.

Since we're finding new cases all the time this document will get regularly updated, and if you have any examples please pass them on, either via email or in the comments below.

Monday Jan 20, 2014

Getting Started With BI In Fusion Applications

With the need for tailored reports and analyses a common requirement, this introductory post is for those relatively new to OBIEE in Fusion Applications, detailing out what is used where, why, and the methods for BI customization and extension. Additional blog posts and demo videos will give more specific use-cases - and if you have something just let us know in the comments.[Read More]

Monday Nov 11, 2013

Customizing The Fusion Applications Simplified UI

Enjoy the new Release7 Simplified UI but want to tweak a few labels or layouts? This post and video shows you what's possible.[Read More]

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

From OpenWorld: Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Announced today, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers ISV's, partners, and even applications customers the chance to share their own applications, extensions, and utility services to help complement existing on-premises and/or Oracle Cloud applications. Using the AppStore paradigm, shifted to the world of Enterprise Applications, the marketplace allows you to search and browse the applications available for deploying to your Oracle Cloud environment, exposing very detailed specifications as well as a nice ability to run full demos.

It will certainly be very interesting to see how the Oracle Cloud Applications platform evolves now, based on both the constantly developing Fusion Applications suite and this well-organized plug-and-play enterprise app content. For a more detailed overview of the Oracle Cloud Marketplace see this YouTube video.

Monday Aug 26, 2013

Fusion Applications Security Roles Related to Customization

We’ve all been frustrated trying to create a customization and then at the crucial moment not being able to see the page, link or button required, and after wasting time researching why you find you have not been granted to required privilege. This post helps prevent some of that, helping you setting up your development environment and maybe also reducing governance risks from over-granting powerful customization capabilities to end users.[Read More]

Wednesday Aug 21, 2013

NEW: Oracle Learning Library

Did you know there is a new web application that delivers free knowledge content across almost all of Oracle's products?

[Read More]

Monday Aug 19, 2013

Customizing Approval Rules in Fusion Applications Explained

Business Analysts and similar administrator users can add and customize the rules used for all the out-of-the-box approval processes that exist in Fusion Applications. This eight minute video from our YouTube Channel shows you the concepts involved and how these features work.

Monday Aug 12, 2013

Learning New Skills With The FADeveloperRelations YouTube Channel

Last month we launched the FADeveloperRelations YouTube channel to bring you bite-sized videos teaching the various approaches and technologies used by developers working on customizations, extensions and integrations for Fusion Applications.  From Composers to SOA and ADF, we have already touched on a lot of areas, and many more are planned.[Read More]

Monday Aug 05, 2013

Using Expressions To Add Logic To Page Composer

Without using JDeveloper to adjust the native ADF artifacts such as page fragments, view objects, and taskflows, it may seem that you cannot substantially adjust the way a page works. This is not always the case, since some of the properties of the page components can be set based on expressions evaluated at run-time, hence permitting you to build-in small amounts of context dependent logic.[Read More]

Monday Jul 15, 2013

Customization Lifecycle Management: MDS Labels and Sandboxes

As a follow-on from the post related to importing and exporting customizations, this article illustrates how to manage customizations in a related group. You might do this for all the customizations related to one product such as Incentive Compensation, a particular individual implementation project phase, or perhaps a specific business process task.[Read More]

Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

Tailoring Fusion Applications in the Cloud Explained

This brief article is intended to clarify what you can and cannot do to Fusion Applications (Release 5) that are deployed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) via the Oracle Cloud. We’ve seen lots of questions on this subject and this article is intended to provide some clarity.[Read More]

Tuesday Jan 29, 2013

The Four Fusion Application Composers Explained

Traditional programming is relatively slow, costly, and error-prone. Even for what should be simple system changes (like improving page layouts and adding new fields), it usually requires specialist engineers and complex project structures, resulting in sluggish progress and ill-fitting solutions. There is a better way, and it is built into Fusion Applications.[Read More]

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