Monday Jan 25, 2016

More On Embedding BI Analytics and Reports

Tips on working with embedding your custom BI Reports and Analytics
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Monday Dec 07, 2015

Page Integration Wizard and Adding Custom Tabs

There are two places you can add new pages in Fusion Applications (Release 10). This article looks at these, highlighting the features and noting differences.
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Monday Nov 30, 2015

Guest Post: An Implementor's Perspective on Cloud Customizations

The following article offers comments and perspectives of an implementation specialist working with Fusion Cloud Applications
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Thursday Aug 06, 2015

Release 10: User Interface Customization Enhancements

This article summarizes the key features in Release 10 that help you tailor the user interface of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. [Read More]

Thursday Apr 02, 2015

Working With Lists of Values and Tables in Expression Language

The following article gives some useful hints-and-tips we've used recently in helping people customizing tables and lists-of-values using Page Composer. [Read More]

Monday Mar 16, 2015

Tailoring Fusion Applications in the Cloud Explained (updated)

This is a reboot of our original post, adding in later capabilities and extra features. We've seen many comments and questions on this topic so hopefully the table provided is a useful reference.[Read More]

Tuesday Mar 03, 2015

Examples of Expression Language from the Customer Connect Event

Learn more about using Expression Language based on our recent Customer Connect event.[Read More]

Friday Feb 20, 2015

Customer Connect: HCM Cloud Expression Language and Cloud Applications

A last minute heads-up: If you are using HCM Cloud and want to learn about Expresssion Language in Page Composer, please consider attending Monday's Customer Connect webinar:

HCM Cloud Expression Language & Cloud Applications

Presented by Andy Mcghee, Oracle HCM Customer Services Senior Manager, Richard Bingham, Applications Architect in the Developer Relations team, and Tim Warner from Certus Solutions

Date: Monday, February 23, 2015 at 9am PT

See this page for details about attending the live session and also how to find the recording after the event.

Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

Page Customization Open Discussions on Oracle Customer Connect

Last week we took part in our third webinar using Oracle Customer Connect, under the topic of Page Customization.[Read More]

Tuesday Jan 06, 2015

Using Direct Page Links (Deep Links) With Fusion Applications

Learn how to create direct URL's to specific pages, business objects, and transactions in Oracle Sales Cloud.[Read More]

Monday Nov 24, 2014

New Whitepaper: Page Composer - Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

Our document filled with recommendations, special features, and proven advice on how to get the most from Page Composer when tailoring your user interfaces.
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Wednesday Mar 05, 2014

Troubleshooting Embedded Web Content

Mashups are a popular way to leverage information from various sources in one application, and the Fusion Applications customization tools Page Composer and Applications Composer (CRM/Sales Cloud only) give you the ability to just that: you can embed web content into tabs or regions.  This article explains some of the problems you may face.[Read More]

Monday Jan 27, 2014

New Whitepaper: Using Expression Language

We have put together a short whitepaper that explains the most common use-cases we've seen from people using expression language to extend Fusion Applications at the run-time using the embedded Page Composer tooling. The paper gives examples as the most simple way to illustrate the EL operators, functions, and general syntax.We hope you find it useful.

Since we're finding new cases all the time this document will get regularly updated, and if you have any examples please pass them on, either via email or in the comments below.

Monday Mar 04, 2013

Finding Code Artifacts for Customization (Part 1)

Customizations to Fusion Applications may be implemented at runtime (RT) using composers or design time (DT) using JDeveloper. In the former case locating the code artifact to be customized is implicit; we are in the context of the code artifact when we invoke the composer. The latter is more complicated as we may not know the name of the page / region to be customized. While JDeveloper allows us to search the EAR archive based on the name of the object, we are not able to search based on the content of the file (other than on the operating system level) nor are we able to view content of the page / region as it is presented through the application.

This series of documents is intended to illustrate the options that we have to map RT UIs to code artifacts and to inspect their structure.
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