Tuesday May 19, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Using Data Types In Your Scripts

This weeks post looks at manipulating the data types used by your Groovy scripts within Application Composer.

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Tuesday May 12, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Runtime Log Messages in the Simplified UI

Cannot find your groovy log messages when customizing the Simplified UI? Read this post to find out where they go.

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Thursday May 07, 2015

The Options For Creating Dynamic Fields

When creating custom fields sometimes you want it dynamically updated when one-or-more related fields are changed. This post explains the different methods available for achieving this functionality.

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Tuesday May 05, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Some Language Shortcuts For Groovy Newcomers

Here are a couple of useful shortcuts to use when using the Groovy language to extend your Sales Cloud environment.[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Controlling Your Object Workflows

Learn how to use Groovy to control the firing of your Object Workflows in Oracle Sales Cloud.[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Working With Long Text Fields

Some special considerations to be aware of when using Long Text fields in your Application Composer projects.[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 14, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Counting Rows In Your Query

Summarize data and avoid performance issues by counting of the number of rows returned by your Groovy queries.

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Thursday Mar 26, 2015

Groovy Introduction on Customer Connect And Other Session Recommendations

Why you should replay the recent Customer Connect session and our picks for April.[Read More]

Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

Customer Connect: Groovy Scripting - Enhance your Oracle Sales Cloud User Experiences

A quick heads up: if you are working with Sales Cloud Application Composer, you should not miss this webinar offered by Oracle Applications Customer Connect:  

Groovy Scripting - Enhance your Oracle Sales Cloud User Experiences

presented by Len Wolfenstein, Oracle Sales Cloud Senior Director

Date: March 17, 2015 at 9am PT 

Abstract: Groovy is a standards-based scripting language which has been embedded into Oracle Sales Cloud Application Composer to allow the developer to extend standard processing logic, dynamically set record and page properties, implement business rules validation and enforcement, and myriad other uses. In this session, we review the basics of Groovy as a scripting language. Through the use of instructional use cases and implementation scenarios, we delve into the many different ways Groovy can be used within Application Composer and in particular how to work with Oracle Sales Cloud’s standard and custom objects.

Monday Feb 09, 2015

Application Composer Series: Related Collections and Related Objects

Learn about writing Groovy to access your child object records. [Read More]

Thursday Nov 27, 2014

New Whitepaper: Reusable Groovy Code Samples

If you are using Oracle Sales Cloud, then the ability to add Groovy code in Application Composer is essential for successful tailoring. For the implementation of Cloud Applications the writing of code is not usually a primary project task, and as such this new document offers reusable examples that helps anyone build out powerful customizations and integrations.[Read More]

Thursday Sep 11, 2014

Application Composer Series: An Introduction To Global Functions

This short post introduces the Global Functions feature available within Application Composer.[Read More]

Thursday May 29, 2014

Application Composer Series: Where and When to use Groovy

Learn more about the places to add Groovy code to your applications. 
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Thursday May 08, 2014

Application Composer Series: Querying Object Records in Groovy

As an extension to the original article on manipulating object records using Groovy code, this post looks a little deeper at the two main ways to query a particular subset of object records for use in your logic.[Read More]

Thursday May 01, 2014

Application Composer Series: Using Groovy To Manipulate Objects

Learn how to use Groovy code to query and create your business object data.[Read More]

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