Thursday Jan 28, 2016

Debugging Series: Creating A Timer For Performance Analysis

Implement a simple timer to check the performance of your custom code.
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Tuesday May 12, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Runtime Log Messages in the Simplified UI

Cannot find your groovy log messages when customizing the Simplified UI? Read this post to find out where they go.

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Monday Oct 20, 2014

Application Composer Series: Using Error, Warning, and Log Messages in Groovy

This post explains the various exception, error and warning messages available for use in your customizations.[Read More]

Monday Apr 14, 2014

Debugging Series: Debugging Web Service Proxy

Debugging issues on Web Service Proxy integration can be problematic, generally logs can be observed to get clues on the issue however sometimes the issue can be obscured by the generated logic for the proxy. In this article we will go through a real example case of debugging an issue encountered on a Web Service Proxy call to a Fusion Applications Web Service to illustrate an example debug flow.[Read More]

Monday Jul 22, 2013

Debugging Series: Troubleshooting EDN Events for SOA

With the beginnings of How To videos related to SOA and BPM now available on our YouTube Channel, this post provides a few hints-and-tips for troubleshooting problems in the underlying Event Delivery Network (EDN) platform.
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Monday Apr 08, 2013

Debugging Series: Using Selective Tracing in Fusion Applications

From Release 5 onwards Oracle Fusion Applications comes with a new feature to help debug problems, known as Selective Tracing. This tool is actually part of Fusion Middleware and quite simply allows the administrator to generate detailed logs for every underlying activity spawned for one user, for a specific period of time.[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 02, 2013

Debugging Series: Working With Oracle Support

With my own background in Oracle Support, this channel represented a way for me to share some recommendations, tips, and tricks on getting solutions fast. As such it fits into our Debugging Series of posts, helping you troubleshoot problems in Fusion Applications extensions, customizations, and integrations. Using the content here should help you work with Oracle Support in a more collaborative way, producing quicker results and fewer of those arduous requests for more information.

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Tuesday Mar 26, 2013

Debugging Series: Fusion Applications Incidents

When a critical software failure occurs in Fusion Applications that is outside the remit of the functional product, the error handler code should call an API to generate a Diagnostic Framework (DFw) incident. The resulting incident record is identified by an Incident Number, unique to that WLS Server, and defined by its Problem Key, usually based on the error message such as ZCX-3075002.

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Monday Mar 25, 2013

Debugging Series: Fusion Applications Logging

This article is intended to help developers working with Fusion Applications to leverage and implement logging in their custom code. Here we will illustrate how to use the same techniques and processes that exist in the standard product and its technology platform, as well as share a few tips-and-tricks.[Read More]

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