Monday Apr 07, 2014

The Role of Customization Allowed Property

This blog post is aimed at developers and administrators who wish to do any design time customizations on ADF UI layer or any runtime customizations via PageComposer or AppComposer. It explains why certain artifacts may not let you perform any customizations.[Read More]

Monday Nov 04, 2013

Translating Your Customizations

This blog post explains the basics of translating the customizations you can make to Fusion Applications products, with the inclusion of information for both composer-based customizations and the generic design-time customizations done via JDeveloper.[Read More]

Monday Jul 01, 2013

Announcement: Video Demos Now Available

The Fusion Applications Developer Relations team is pleased to announce that through our YouTube Channel we are now able to offer rich ‘how-to’ videos.[Read More]

Monday Jun 10, 2013

Customization Lifecycle Management: Principles and Recommendations Explained

The Fusion Applications Extensibility Guide talks about a Customization Development Lifecycle covering various aspects of their initial development. Whilst a key aspect of effective customization, this article takes the lifecycle model further with a holistic consideration as to how we can ensure that all customizations are of high quality and easy to manage once deployed and in-use by end users.[Read More]

Friday Apr 19, 2013

Why ADFbc Customizations are restricted to GLOBAL layer

Fusion Extensibility Guide Section 10.2.2 Customizing the Artifacts mentions “All customizations for ADF business components must be done in the Global layer. View layer customizations can be made in any other layer except User”. You may wonder why such a restriction is necessary for ADFbc? To understand that we need to understand the life cycle of ADFbc first.

[Read More]

Monday Mar 11, 2013

Tailor, Customize, Extend, Personalize, Localize, and Integrate – All Explained

When discussing modifications to Fusion Applications many terms are often used by different people to mean different things, so it made sense to have a short post that helps confirm exactly what we mean by each of these. Please feel free to share to help everyone speak the same language.[Read More]

Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

Tailoring Fusion Applications in the Cloud Explained

This brief article is intended to clarify what you can and cannot do to Fusion Applications (Release 5) that are deployed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) via the Oracle Cloud. We’ve seen lots of questions on this subject and this article is intended to provide some clarity.[Read More]

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