Tuesday Apr 26, 2016

Groovy Tuesday: Using the Calendar and Date Java Class in Groovy

 How to use the underlying Date and Calendar Java classes in groovy script in Application composer.

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Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Web Service Security Policies in Fusion Applications

This post outlines how web service security policies are applied in Fusion Applications

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Wednesday Mar 09, 2016

Useful Groovy String Functions

 Ever wondered how you can validate and format user input form data? Then this post is for you.
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Friday Feb 26, 2016

Regular Expression Examples for Validation

This post goes through some useful regular expressions that can be used in the context of field validation.[Read More]

Friday Feb 12, 2016

Common Regular Expression Patterns

This post is a look through some common regular expression patterns that can be used with Application Composer in Fusion Applications.[Read More]

Tuesday Feb 09, 2016

Groovy Tuesday: Parameterised Variable Names

 This post is a look into how to use parameterised variable names in groovy.

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Monday Feb 01, 2016

Using the RecordName Field When Create New Object Definitions

This short article gives a few inside tips on using the required RecordName field in your custom objects in Application Composer.
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Thursday Jan 28, 2016

Debugging Series: Creating A Timer For Performance Analysis

Implement a simple timer to check the performance of your custom code.
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Thursday Jan 21, 2016

Calling Custom Object Functions via RESTful Services

Learn how to call your own scripts through the RESTful API available for Custom Object records in Oracle Sales Cloud.
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Tuesday Jan 19, 2016

Groovy Tuesday: String Assignment in Application Composer

This post is an overview of the five different ways that string values can be assigned in Groovy Script.
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Monday Jan 18, 2016

Understanding the Custom Object RESTful Web Services

See how to work with RESTful web services for managing your Custom Object records in Oracle Sales Cloud.
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Thursday Jan 07, 2016

Application Composer Series: Understanding the Metadata Manager for Upgrading Customizations

Understand how to ensure customization features and data is upgraded successfully.
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Monday Dec 14, 2015

Application Composer Series: Adding Attachments via Web Services

How to created attachments for custom object records using web services.
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Thursday Nov 19, 2015

Application Composer Series: Customizing With Products

Occasionally you may wish to include product data in your Sales Cloud customization work and this article looks at the methods available.
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Monday Nov 16, 2015

Whitepaper: Application Composer Performance Best Practices

As mentioned in our series of articles with performance related recommendations, the origin of this information is from observational analysis by Oracle's own group of performance experts and is fully explained in a whitepaper. This exciting document, entitled "Customizing Oracle Sales Cloud Using Application Composer - Performance Best Practices", offers a broad mixture of architectural approaches and coding techniques to help ensure the speed and efficiency of your customizations and extensions.

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