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Page Integration Wizard and Adding Custom Tabs

Richard Bingham
Senior Development Manager

There are two places you can add new pages in Fusion Applications (Release 10). This article looks at these, highlighting the features and noting differences. These both exist across the Fusion Application product families (Sales, HCM, ERP etc) and allow you to include existing content in a new page area inside the application, with forthcoming features planned for defining entirely custom pages with transaction fields, buttons and custom functionality - something currently available only via JDeveloper customization in on-premises implementations.


In the Structure feature under the Navigator you can add new pages using the Create Page Entry menu. These new pages can be another occurrence of an existing Fusion Applications page to allow you to reorganize the features in another arrangement, or have content based on the pages from an external site. External pages are based on either Static or Dynamic URL values, as shown below. Static URL's are given in the page, whereas dynamic URL values are derived from the applications registered in the topology under Setup and Maintenance.


What is significant here is that if you use the Structure 'Create Page Entry' page then the resulting icon opens the page in a completely new browser window and as such is more of a hyperlink than an actual page.


As such if you clicked Dev Relations Two (above) the page opens in a new window.




On the other hand, if you click Dev Relations - created from Page Integration Wizard - then the new page is inside Fusion Applications, as shown below.

As such, whilst these seem similar, the difference should be clear.See a video on using the structure feature here.

Page Integration Wizard

As mentioned above, this tool allows you to define page containers for your own content, usually based on an external site via a URL. It also allows you to add tabs to new and existing pages. As shown in the screenshot below, this Dev Relations page has a simple definition and includes a second tab called Groovy Articles. Creating this is shown in the video below.


When creating new pages, you may find they default into an unexpected Category, however this can be changed using the Structure feature afterwards.

The following video shows the creation of a new page using the Page Integration Wizard.


Adding Tabs to Existing Pages

Prior to Release 10 the Simplified UI pages and tabs were managed within the Settings feature inside this unique set of pages, however with the integrated user experience in Release 10 this has changed. As such you'll now find this is setup under the Page Integration Wizard, accessed by clicking the second tab shown below.

From here you can select the parent page, and add tabs as you see fit. As the video below demonstrates you can also use Page Composer to tailor the content as desired. 



Security Notes

You'll notice that when creating page and tabs in both the Structure feature and the Page Integration Wizard the Web Page fields have a key icon that allows you to create a secure web page URL.

This is a JSON Web Token (JWT) as discussed in this article, and allows you to specify the end points (the internal web application and the target url) and a key value sent to/from your integrated system to aid in authentication. This works in addition to other mechanisms such as SSL.

In addition, because this uses iframes for some sites you may find challenges with framebursting or browsers auto-blocking content from mixed sources. See this post for more details on ways to identify and handle this.


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Comments ( 7 )
  • Nagappan Thursday, March 3, 2016


    I tried in the same way . Created page using page integration wizard and then moved it to Top level in structure. But it is not displaying. When i try to edit the page in Structure it shows blank page. I have given application role as Sales Representative. Please provide a way to achieve it.


  • Richard Bingham Thursday, March 3, 2016


    The problem could be either that your need Sales Administrator role - generally used for this kind of work, or that your browser is blocking page content (I am not sure if you blank page is inside the Structure feature or in the end result).

    Try the increasing the role privileges first.



  • guest Monday, March 21, 2016

    Im trying to add an existing icon, copy the "performance" icon but i doesn't let me the page gets blank.

    could you please guide me how to do this??

  • guest Monday, March 21, 2016


    Blank pages are commonly due to a browser blocking content or possibly some error internally. Since I am not 100% sure where/when the blank page shows up, I'd ask you to please raise this issue on our forum where you can attach files and provide steps to illustrate the problem better.



  • Richard Bingham Monday, March 21, 2016

    The forum is available here: http://bit.ly/CustForum

  • guest Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    I followed above steps to create a new tab and provided web url and role ad sales administrator.It's creating tab but not showing any web content in that tab.

    I tried with different browser and i tried with different role but no luck.

    Please help me how can i resolve this issue.

  • Srini Monday, February 20, 2017

    We tried adding a tab for existing pages (opportunity) & a sample custom object. But the Page integration doesn't let us allow to create a tab for those objects. it siimply doesn't move further after selecting the objects. so no scope to add tab details. any idea why this behaviour. doesn't it support in custom or standard objects?

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