UK OUG Conference Highlights and Insights: Tech13

As the technology sister to the UK Oracle User Group APPS13 conference, this event promised attendees the best from the techstack that underpins applications and provides the components for its customization, extension and integration. With 1-in-5 attendees new this year, it was a great chance to hear from the well established experts as well as new stories from the wild.

Here are a few of my takeaways that might be of interest:

  • The 12c release of Oracle products contains many dazzling new capabilities, led by the Database (and Enterprise Manager), with highlights including the pluggable databases and in-memory options. Oracle Learning Library has some great resources for discovering the new features.
  • JDeveloper 12c also has lots of nice new things, not least of which are non-modal regions so you can undock things like the property inspector, the application navigator, and console log output, and move them to your second monitor.
  • ADF Mobile is gaining traction with enterprise developers who need apps for supporting new business processes. Sessions also shows that if you understand the concepts and components you can build almost whatever you need, even if it's not shipped out of the box. There is a great new ADF Mobile design patterns site with lots of detail and very visual examples.
  • Tom Kyte is still my favorite presenter, combining database tech, reality / observation, and humor. And he does it despite an exhausting travel schedule!
  • Cloud is a bigger word, right now, in the enterprise apps space than in enterprise development. This may be since developers have used web-based services and remote deployment for decades (where permitted by their organizations), and also maybe until the new Cloud Developer services become more mature.
  • Oracle Cloud Application Foundation is a new product for building your own applications using a special combination of WebLogic, Coherence, Enterprise Manager, and Developer Tools like ADF.
  • It was reported that 67% of C-level executives state cloud integration as a problem, and 52% reporting missed deadlines as a result. As such simplifying integration between different cloud apps services is a focus area with some interesting Oracle features coming around easy-to-use wizards in the SOA Suite and forthcoming adapters and preconfigured capabilities.
  • As picture below, when using Google Glass you kind of look like you have a sudden bright idea. This was from AppsUXs' Noel Portugal who ran a demo that included integration with FusionApps.

Oh and please remember, each Fusion Applications release is certified and supported only with specific techstack product releases, so please don't upgrade anything in your instances without checking here first. Thanks.


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