September in Review

Summer (in the northern hemisphere) is over, and we're already a few days into October.  Time for a quick look back at September.

Fusion Applications Release 7 Out

The big news of the month was, of course, the general availability of Release 7 of Fusion Applications.  It's on eDelivery for download if you work with on premises installations. New customers receive it in the Cloud, and existing Cloud customers are being upgraded as we speak. Richard wrote a post recently to point out some of the many new features that we think are of particular interest to developers and integrators.  We'll have some more detailed posts and videos in the coming weeks and months.

OpenWorld 2013

The other big event of September was, of course, OpenWorld 2013.  It was great meeting some of you in person.  If you were in San Francisco, you hopefully had the opportunity to attend some of the sessions covering topics that we cover here.  Even for us it was an important opportunity to learn and meet with some of the presenters.  I am looking forward to the presentations appearing on the OpenWorld website for download, so I can re-review some material and look at some of the sessions I missed.  There are also still some keynote videos on my to-do list.

Howard Street -- Closed for traffic during OpenWorld 2013

If you were at OpenWorld or followed the events remotely on YouTube, Twitter or other channels, you know that the big theme this year was Cloud.  Lots of new Cloud offerings were announced, and some of them are quite relevant for developers who want to build extensions for Fusion Apps products.  Expect some interesting material to come to this blog soon. 

Videos and How-Tos

Vik just posted the 12th How-To, and with that we are going to take a little break in our regular Thursday How-Tos schedule.  We do have additional downloadable PDFs in the works, covering a variety of topics such as web services.  Let us know in the comments if there are areas where you could use some help and guidance.

Richard published another 10 videos last month to our YouTube channel.  We're thrilled to welcome new subscribers every day.  If you haven't checked out the bite-sized videos, give it a try.  It's a great way to learn new things in small bite-sized chunks.

News From Other Teams 

If you are into videos, take a look at the ADF Architecture TV channel on YouTube.  The ADF Product Management team  publishes very high quality material every week.  

The Apps UX team's VoX blog has an interesting report about an effort to create a partner certification program for User Experience Specialists.  As you can imagine, it is nowadays no longer sufficient to deliver properly working custom functionality to users. It also needs to look great, fit in with the user experience of the rest of their products and be usable.  While we here focus mostly on the nitty gritty technical coding details, we highly recommend you don't ignore the UX aspect.


I went through the 12th How-To and its really an interesting one.
Thanks for your support!

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