OpenWorld Call For Papers: What Do You Want To See?

We, the Developer Relations team, aim to focus on the needs of real developers working with the Fusion Applications platform, so we’d like to hear what kinds of topics you might find useful in an OpenWorld 2013 session. Using this input we can create the content that really helps you. To get you started here are few ideas that we had, based on what we’ve seen and heard so far:

  • Understanding the capabilities for tailoring Oracle Fusion Applications in the Cloud
  • What you need to know to get started with tailoring Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Understanding the options for integrating with Oracle Fusion Applications in the Cloud

Please add your comments to this blog post with any votes, ideas, or suggestions, and if you can explain why a particular area is important that would be really helpful too.

In addition, we’d encourage you to submit your stories of working on the Fusion Applications platform and share tips, tricks and tales of customization, extension or integration work. The submission process is very simple and does not require too much information therefore does not take long.

Obviously all the content is also available online after the event, so even if you’re not attending this year you can still benefit. Be quick though, submission closes April 12th.



Those 3 topics are really interesting!

I would suggest those other following topics:

- what's Fusion Application roadmap in term of mobility? (currently released apps + what's coming by domain)

Do customers have to wait for Oracle to release Fusion apps on their favorite mobile device or release a device-agnostic UI (like Fuse) for all domains, or is the strategy to give customers (or partners?) the tools so that they build mobile apps or device-agnostic UI?
If the last option is Oracle strategy, what are the capacities of doing this for Oracle Fusion Applications in the Cloud? Are there already customers/partners having built their own UI/mobile app on top of Fusion Applications (in the Cloud or not)?

- what's Fusion Application roadmap in term of social?

What tool for internal collaboration, and external collaboration (partner,supplier,customer), integrated with Fusion Applications?
What's coming in the next months?

- what are the functional enhancements of Fusion Applications coming in the next few months that will make Oracle the most competitive application provider of the market?

- What support from Product Development is provided to customers willing to go to Fusion Applications ?

Are important enhancement requests quickly developed and released to fit market needs?
How fast are Fusion Applications functionnally (and technically) enhanced in order to be the most competitive applications on the market?

Best regards,

Posted by Julien on April 08, 2013 at 01:13 AM PDT #

Thanks for the ideas and suggestions Julien.
I am certain social + mobile will continue as big parts of OpenWorld, and these dimensions in a Fusion Applications deployment is an area of increasing interest. Some of the roadmap items will be covered be product and stategy teams, plus ceck out existing content like, and blogs posts like and We'll certainly look at including aspects of extending and customizing the mobile/social part of Fusion Applications in our session(s).

I also liked your last suggestion - our support and the market-driven product evolution - and certainly the fact we have a dedicated Developer Relations team is a strong start! I'll make sure to include some aspects of this, with links to related information, services, and resources. Thanks again. Richard

Posted by Richard Bingham on April 08, 2013 at 02:58 AM PDT #

Developer productivity in the cloud using ADF, JCS and UX Design Patterns. I think the cloud as UX pivot for optimized UIs offers a great ROI for customers and partners from existing and new data. So, some examples, what's possible now (see your previous blogs) and where to go for more info, etc would be great. Cover extensions and partner integrations too!

Posted by Ultan O'Broin (Oracle Apps-UX) on April 08, 2013 at 12:24 PM PDT #

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