Announcement: Oracle Fusion Cloud Developer Challenge

Are you attending Oracle OpenWorld 2013 and want to have some fun with fellow developers, learn from Oracle product experts, and get real hands-on with the following products and services?

Better still, do you want to try to win $500 of Amazon vouchers? Yes, of course you do. Then review the rules and register now for the Fusion Cloud Developer Challenge.

Similar to a hack-a-thon, this OpenWorld event asks you to construct a small custom application that meets a simple set of criteria. The difference is that rather than a speed coding challenge the focus here is to learn the basics hands-on, and then exercise your own creativity through whatever innovative application design you choose. Show off, learn, try – it’s all good.

The event runs during Oracle OpenWorld (Sunday 22nd – Wednesday 25th) and you or a team member must be a conference attendee, as you may need to demo your app at the judging session.

We’ll provide a live Fusion Applications instance to integrate with, and plenty of demos and samples on how to use the three simple WebService API’s one or more of which you’ll need to include in your app.

What is the Use Case?

The simple business use-case for the challenge is this: you’re coding for your companies sales team who need a new app for helping them access information in their Fusion CRM Application.They need to know and use information related to potential sales leads, qualified sales opportunities, and also the competitor companies that they work against. This data is already inside Fusion CRM Applications, they just want a new cool way of searching, displaying, adding or editing it. The rest is entirely up to you!

As the emphasis of this challenge is sharing and learning, we’re excited to see the skills and technologies people use to build their application. Some examples of the things we’re hoping to see are;
  • Cool UX designs with maybe the use of ADF Mobile
  • Some data visualizations using the rich ADF components
  • Some mash-ups with 3rd party applications and data, or even integration with public social media API’s such as Twitter Search or Facebook Graph.
Even if you’d just like to have a try at a few basics, and learn about some of these cool things from others, then just sign up and join in. It’s open to registered OpenWorld attendees.

What Will I Need?

Firstly you do NOT need Fusion Applications experience, just knowledge of coding with maybe some experience of using WebServices from your client app, and of course some UI development, such as Oracle ADF. You are also welcome to use other development tools and technologies.

As a very rough estimate, and depending on the complexity of your application and your ability, we would imagine that a fairly competent developer who has everything they need to create and deploy his small application that meets just the basic requirements (without any sizzle) could complete the work in around 2 or 3 hours. Not much, right? Plus spending just another couple of hours to add some funky pieces might allow you to go home with $500 of vouchers and not to mention oodles of respect and recognition.

Things you will probably need before you begin:

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as Oracle JDeveloper, Netbeans, or Eclipse. Don’t forget to use any specific versions and extension plug-ins required for the technology you'll plan to be using (e.g. Java Cloud). If you are using ADF for building your solution (recommended) then the ADFbc platform also needs a database connection, such as a local XE database instance.

A cloud instance for your deployment, as we’d like to see applications running on the cloud, not just running on your local laptop. You can get a free 30 day trial of the Oracle Java and Database Cloud that you can use during this Developer Challenge, which provides a WebLogic server instance, a simple-to-use deployment console, and a preconfigured Oracle database.

Of course you may use alternative hosting providers to run your application, but it’s a chance to try the Oracle Cloud and find out how easy deployment and management is. For an overview see this video, and for steps in registering and using the Java Cloud play this demo we created:

To sign up, go to click Java, and use the Try It button to sign-up. It should take less than 24hours for your free demo environment to be provisioned.

Whilst not essential, some familiarization with using Webservices (using a Java Client Proxy) would be useful to hit the ground running, and perhaps an understanding of the API's that you’ll be using in the Challenge. Fusion Application technical resources and information are available through the public instance of Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) available now.

In addition, Vik from the Fusion Applications Developer Relations team is putting together some code samples and demo applications that we will publish in the supporting OSN instance for all participants, and these can be reused during the challenge however you see fit. Again, the emphasis is not on getting the basics to work, but on learning from them with ease and then firing up your own creative energies on what else your app can do.

What Help Will Be Available?

There will be lots of assistance throughout this developer challenge, to help make sure you don’t get stuck. We want to make sure the basic requirements are easy – the challenge is more about innovation and creativity. Here are some of the things that we will have available.
  • Demo applications that are complete, working examples. All the code will be downloadable and provided with explanatory text and comments throughout.
  • A FAQ with all the basics of the competition, expanding slightly on the content here.
  • We’ll have a live online chat and discussion system for all participants, with both private and community questions and answers.
  • You can get face-to-face help from the Fusion Applications Developer Relations team onsite at OpenWorld, including an initial kick-off event and then daily two hour drop-in sessions.

What Are the Logistics?

Here is the basic schedule of the Fusion Cloud Developer Challenge, so you can work out how to get the most of your attendance of Oracle OpenWorld including taking part in this exciting event.

To explain a little more:

  • The Oracle Fusion Cloud Developer Challenge Pre-Registration opens from 9th September 2013 onwards. Please review the rules and go to and complete the very, very short form. Once your registration is complete you’ll get an email with more details.
  • On Sunday 22nd September there is the Kick-off Event at the OTN Lounge from 4.30-5pm PDT. There will be introductions, giveaways whilst stocks last, a review of the rules, and a summary of the resources available to help you. The challenge officially begins from 5pm PDT.
  • On Monday 23rd September we have Office Hours where you can come and meet the Fusion Applications Developer Relations team and ask any questions you have. We’ll be at the OTN Lounge from 1-3pm PDT. Drop in any time.
  • On Tuesday 24th September we again have Office Hours with the Fusion Applications Developer Relations team. Again we’ll be at the OTN Lounge from 12-1.30pm for any questions and discussion.
  • The Challenge closes On Wednesday 25th September at 12pm. All submissions (a one page solution summary document) should be uploaded to the online system by then. Before this (10-11pm PDT) we will have a last Office Hours in the OTN Lounge, for any last minute questions.
  • On Wednesday 25th September from 4-5pm PDT in the OTN Lounge is the Judging Event. The selected finalists are asked to do a five minute demo to an Oracle expert panel of judges, who then choose the winner. This event is the highlight of the challenge, open to everyone, and an opportunity to get your participant certificate, snag more giveaways, and see and learn from the best.

Getting More Social

We all know that meeting new people and learning from other users of Oracle technology is a central part of attending OpenWorld, however introducing yourself to new people face-to-face and engaging in interesting conversation can be tough, especially for us in the heads-down software world. Participating in this challenge is a great ice-breaker, providing a great way to meet other people and to share and learn new things.

As well as the face-to-face events, you’ll get hands-on with Oracle Social Network (OSN), the brand new product that provides enterprise social capabilities to groups and individuals.

We’ll be using a dedicated Oracle Social Network system throughout the challenge to share information, encourage conversations, get technical support from a community of Oracle experts, and even to upload your final submissions. It’s a great chance to play with this brand new Oracle product.

In addition, whilst Oracle Social Network will be available to all registered challenge participants, we’ll also be communicating via our Twitter channel, with general updates and interesting observations as the challenge runs. Please follow us @fadevrel to hear what’s going on.

So what are you waiting for review the rules and register today.

General Terms: Giveaway items are only available while supplies last. There is a limit of one item per registrant. We reserve the right to end the Giveaways at any time and to disqualify any person who does not comply with these terms, including registration terms and conditions.


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