Monday Apr 28, 2014

Java Cloud Service: ADF Web Application

Java Cloud Service (JCS) provides a platform to develop and deploy business applications in the cloud. In Fusion Applications Cloud deployments customers do not have the option to deploy custom applications developed with JDeveloper to ensure the integrity and supportability of the hosted application service. Instead the custom applications can be deployed to the JCS and integrated to the Fusion Application Cloud instance.

This series of articles will go through the features of JCS, provide end-to-end examples on how to develop and deploy applications on JCS and how to integrate them with the Fusion Applications instance.

In this article the goal is to get familiar with the JCS by creating a simple web application and deploying it to the JCS. The content covered here can also be seen in this presentation.

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Thursday Apr 24, 2014

Application Composer Series: Importing Custom Object Data

Having created your custom object that extends both the data model and parts of the standard functionality, your next task is to get some records into the system to test it out. Rather than repeatedly visit the UI to create records, this posts illustrates the two other options you have for importing custom object records.[Read More]

Monday Apr 21, 2014

PaaS to Extend SaaS

The motto of this blog is "It's all about the platform".  Historically this has referred to the Fusion Applications technology stack with on-premises extensibility and customization capabilities provided by JDeveloper and ADF and complemented by browser-based composers that are also available in Cloud deployments.

The definition of "platform" is now broadening with the inclusion of additional Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings in Oracle's Cloud portfolio. 

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Thursday Apr 17, 2014

Application Composer Series: Custom Object Web Services

We start our Application Composer series off with an explanation and example of the web services available for interacting with your custom objects.[Read More]

Monday Apr 14, 2014

Debugging Series: Debugging Web Service Proxy

Debugging issues on Web Service Proxy integration can be problematic, generally logs can be observed to get clues on the issue however sometimes the issue can be obscured by the generated logic for the proxy. In this article we will go through a real example case of debugging an issue encountered on a Web Service Proxy call to a Fusion Applications Web Service to illustrate an example debug flow.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 10, 2014

March in Review

With Release8 GA being the obvious highlight, this short post summarizes the key sources of information, along with other items you might have missed during March.[Read More]

Wednesday Apr 09, 2014

Fusion Applications Release 8 Documentation Announcement

Guest Post by Amy Willard of the Oracle Documentation Team

The Release 8 Oracle Fusion Technology library has been published. The library is now an integral part of the Oracle Fusion Applications Documentation Library. To access the library, go to, select the “Oracle Fusion Applications 11g Release 8 (11.1.8)” link, and then click the “Technology” tab.  

This post summarizes some of the key changes and helps you find the information you need when developing with, upgrading to or installing Release 8.

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Monday Apr 07, 2014

The Role of Customization Allowed Property

This blog post is aimed at developers and administrators who wish to do any design time customizations on ADF UI layer or any runtime customizations via PageComposer or AppComposer. It explains why certain artifacts may not let you perform any customizations.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 03, 2014

How To Find Application Data For Use In Customization & Integration

Learn how to access those key fields in your applications data, often needed for testing out development and integrations.
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