Monday Oct 28, 2013

Fusion Concepts: Fusion Database Schemas

You often read about FUSION and FUSION_RUNTIME users while dealing with Fusion Applications. There is one more called FUSION_DYNAMIC. In this post we talk about in more details on what roles and privileges are assigned to each of these schema and what it means for the developers.[Read More]

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

UK OUG Conference Highlights and Insights

Here is my brief summary of the UKOUG Apps13 conference last week with some facts, observations, and key take-aways that could be of interest.
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Monday Oct 21, 2013

Coming Soon: Development and Extensibility Handbook from Oracle Press

I had hoped to get my hands on a copy at OpenWorld, but it wasn't available yet from the printers.  But it's coming soon: The Oracle Fusion Applications Development and Extensibility Handbook.

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Monday Oct 14, 2013

Tip to Quickly Test JDeveloper based Customizations Locally

We have been exploring design time customizations on various Fusion Applications and compiled  a list of dependencies that cause deployment failures in the integrated WLS. Below list contains  servlets, filters and EJB reference entries that can be commented in web.xml for testing the customizations locally.

For HCM comment out below in your Customization workspace's web.xml:

Servlet Entries

  • IntegrateTaskFlowWithTask
  • RESTfulAPI
  • PortletProducerResourceServlet

EJB References

  • ess/runtime
  • ess/metadata

For Financials comment out below in your Customization workspace's web.xml:

Filter Entries

  • CardIssuerMDSFilter
  • BankRelationshipsMDSFilter

Servlet Entries

  • IntegrateTaskFlowWithTask
  • PersonImage
  • PersonVCard
  • PortletProducerResourceServlet
  • IntegrateTaskFlowWithTask
  • RESTfulAPI

Please do make sure to comment the entry as well as the mapping in the web.xml. Another very common dependency causing deployment failures in integrated WLS is the missing oracle.apps.common.resource library. The error stack may look like below:

[J2EE:160149]Error while processing library references. Unresolved application library
 references, defined in weblogic-application.xml: [Extension-Name: 
oracle.apps.common.resource, exact-match: false].'
 [J2EE:160149]Error while processing library references
Please read here about deploying it as a shared library to the integrated WLS

Thursday Oct 10, 2013

A Great Whitepaper on Meta Data Services (MDS)

Whilst several of our blog posts and videos have talked about MDS as the key platform for upgrade safe, layered customizations, however we've not discussed it in detail. Fortunately our colleague Gangadhar from WebCenter Product Management has already done a great job of this in his whitepaper entitled Metadata Services (MDS) in Fusion Middleware.

It includes a straight forward introduction to the tool and its capabilities, an explanation of the architecture and technical components, a summary of use-cases across both middleware and Fusion Applications, as well as details on MDS administration and implementation. It's a valuable background resource, especially for those new to this component.

Tuesday Oct 08, 2013

What's in the UK Oracle User Group Conference for Fusion Applications?

Traditionally the largest annual Oracle conference outside the US, the UKOUG annual conference has become so big that this year it has been split in two! First up is the Apps event from the 14th to the 16th October, followed by its Tech sister in December.[Read More]

Saturday Oct 05, 2013

September in Review

Summer (in the northern hemisphere) is over, and we're already a few days into October.  Time for a quick look back at September.

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Thursday Oct 03, 2013

ADF How-To #12: Deploying Customizations to Standalone WLS

In this week's How-To we are explaining how to deploy customizations to a standalone weblogic server. The detailed steps can be found here . We have also prepared a video walking you through the steps, available via our Youtube Channel.

For any questions or comments, please use the comments section below or visit our OTN forum. We are always looking for topic suggestions for additional How-Tos.

Clarification: In this post and the linked How-To, the term 'Standalone WLS' should be read as live Fusion Instance where base Fusion Application is running. 


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