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Customizing The Look of Oracle Social Network

Oliver Steinmeier
Senior Director

In a recent post we covered the theme and appearance customization options of Fusion Applications.  One of the application suite components currently not being impacted by the skin changes is Oracle Social Network (OSN).  This is due to the fact that it's not implemented with the ADF framework (for functional reasons revolving around the need of the web client to remain "in touch" with the server to receive any state updates such as new messages on a real time basis).

OSN has a few customization options of its own that go not nearly as far as the ones we saw in the Appearance and Theme editors.  But you can at least change the branding, which is probably the most common requirement, and adjust one primary color.

To make these changes, log into the system as an OSN administrator (user with the role "Service administrator of OSN"), navigate to OSN, and choose the "Administration" option in the drop down menu that is triggered by clicking on your username.

The "General" section of the Administration page includes the branding options.  In the following example we have changed the branding text from "Social Network" to "Social Collaboration", switched out the default Oracle logo for our exciting FADevRel one and modified the blue primary color to a red tone.


A few things to note here: it is recommended to include a Branding Text (shown next to the logo at the top of the OSN pages).  You could just put a "space" character in there, but the text is also used in the text of email notifications to your users.  Also, the allowed size of the logo image file itself is somewhat limiting with 104 x 22 pixels.

Scroll  to the bottom of the admin page and click "Save" to see the result.  As you probably noticed, there is no sandbox protection offered here; your users will see the changes immediately, so it's best to make the changes early in the implementation.  On the other hand, it is also just a matter of a few mouse clicks to reverse the changes should they turn out to be not what you expected.

Our changes will change the look of OSN as shown below.  As you can see, the impact of the primary color setting is pretty limited (red line at the top of the branding section and button/tab color).





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