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    February 22, 2017

Backup and Migrate your BI Reports and Analytics

Richard Bingham
Senior Development Manager

When working on customizing and developing with BI, it's useful to take an off-line snapshot of your bespoke reports as a backup. This article shows you how, using the generic BI 'archive' feature. Additionally the same feature provides the ability to quickly migrate (from TEST to PROD) and even share your report definitions with your community.

Importantly the same archive process supports all your development using BI Analytics, BI Dashboards and BI Publisher reports. Additionally this process supports BI Folders and all their contents. This means
when using a logical folder structure you can migrate and backup all
your bespoke BI items in one go.


In the screenshot below we have the AccOpts analysis that is a simple pie chart showing the count of opportunities across customer accounts. This is currently stored in the /Shared/Custom folder. In the BI Catalog console, in the left-hand sidebar you'll notice a selection of Tasks. This includes the Archive option.



Clicking this simply downloads the selected item as a '[name].catalog' file to the local PC.

Now moving to a second environment, locate the desired destination directory and click the Unarchive link in the tools region (appears when an item is not selected). The following pop-up is then shown, and from which you select the file from your PC.

The file imports and loads immediately, and as shown below runs with the local data.



If you'd like to see more on this, check out this video from BI expert Edward Dewolf.

Extra Feature Note: in the same Tasks region there is an 'RSS' item. This is useful when multiple people are working on BI, offering visibility into who is creating what inside a folder.

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