Wednesday Nov 25, 2015

Changing Appearances: Give The Apps Your Corporate Look

Oracle spends a lot of effort creating good-looking user interfaces.  And yet we understand that our customers often have their own corporate look and feel standards and would like their employees (or customers/partners in case of externally facing apps) see that same look and feel across all websites and applications.  So Fusion Applications offers tools and mechanisms to customize their out-of-the box look.  In this post we are going to cover new Release 10 functionality to accomplish this.[Read More]

Tuesday Nov 24, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Generating Unique ID Values

Learn how to get a unique number value for use in your customization.
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Monday Nov 23, 2015

Guest Post: Moving to the ERP Integration Service

Learn how FXLoader updated their Oracle platform service to use the latest Cloud ERP web service API.
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Friday Nov 20, 2015

The Tech15 and Apps15 Conferences from the UKOUG

What we're up to at the UKOUG conference starting on the 7th of December.
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Thursday Nov 19, 2015

Application Composer Series: Customizing With Products

Occasionally you may wish to include product data in your Sales Cloud customization work and this article looks at the methods available.
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Tuesday Nov 17, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Retrieving Attributes and Values

This short article looks at more API methods to work with your view object attributes.
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Monday Nov 16, 2015

Whitepaper: Application Composer Performance Best Practices

As mentioned in our series of articles with performance related recommendations, the origin of this information is from observational analysis by Oracle's own group of performance experts and is fully explained in a whitepaper. This exciting document, entitled "Customizing Oracle Sales Cloud Using Application Composer - Performance Best Practices", offers a broad mixture of architectural approaches and coding techniques to help ensure the speed and efficiency of your customizations and extensions.

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Friday Nov 13, 2015

Step by Step: Downloading JDeveloper for Fusion Applications

The recent rollout of the new eDelivery user interface has triggered some questions on how to find and download the JDeveloper build for Fusion Applications.  This blog post takes you through this process step by step.

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Thursday Nov 12, 2015

Application Composer: How To Use The Copy Maps Feature

This illustrative article looks at using Copy Maps to declaratively define the field mappings that are used when you convert one transaction into another such as Lead to Opportunity, as part of your standard sales process.

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Tuesday Nov 10, 2015

October In Review

Read our five minute summary of October content highlights.

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Groovy Tuesday: Validating Records Using Code

This short article looks how to explicitly run validation when updating your application data records in code.
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Monday Nov 09, 2015

Guest Post: Creating Custom Multi-Channel Applications with Mobile Cloud Service

As an update to our original post on mobile development with the Fusion Applications platform, the following guest post was provided by Oracle's Anirban Bagchi who has created solutions using the new Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.
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Friday Nov 06, 2015

Whitepapers, How-Tos, Cheatsheets

Since the launch of this blog (and the FADevRel team itself) we have published a large collection of downloadable documents to augment the regular product documentation and help you with your extensibility and customization projects.  Since we have many new readers, it's time to summarize them all in one blog post to help everyone be aware of all that's out there.[Read More]

Thursday Nov 05, 2015

Cheatsheet Series: Getting Started with Groovy Scripting

Our cheatsheet series provides a library of reference information to help developers working with the Fusion Applications platform.The documents can be saved or printed locally and used as an instant reminder during solution design and development. Cheatsheets cover many topics and if you have any specific feedback, ideas or requirements please let us know using the comments below.

This single page cheatsheet covers useful statements and APIs when starting out with groovy scripting in Oracle Sales Cloud. It also includes links to more detailed resources that cover working with data records, accessing web services, and other common scripting scenarios.

Tuesday Nov 03, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Concatenation Using a StringBuilder

This short article looks at concatenating values using the useful StringBuilder class available within Groovy.
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