Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

Customer Connect: Groovy Scripting - Enhance your Oracle Sales Cloud User Experiences

A quick heads up: if you are working with Sales Cloud Application Composer, you should not miss this webinar offered by Oracle Applications Customer Connect:  

Groovy Scripting - Enhance your Oracle Sales Cloud User Experiences

presented by Len Wolfenstein, Oracle Sales Cloud Senior Director

Date: March 17, 2015 at 9am PT 

Abstract: Groovy is a standards-based scripting language which has been embedded into Oracle Sales Cloud Application Composer to allow the developer to extend standard processing logic, dynamically set record and page properties, implement business rules validation and enforcement, and myriad other uses. In this session, we review the basics of Groovy as a scripting language. Through the use of instructional use cases and implementation scenarios, we delve into the many different ways Groovy can be used within Application Composer and in particular how to work with Oracle Sales Cloud’s standard and custom objects.

Thursday Feb 12, 2015

Resources Roadmap for Integration

Review and bookmark our Resources Roadmap for Integration to get our pick of related content, including whitepapers, videos, articles, documentation, and sample code.
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Monday Feb 09, 2015

Application Composer Series: Related Collections and Related Objects

Learn about writing Groovy to access your child object records. [Read More]

Friday Feb 06, 2015

January In Review

Quickly catchup on the best content for January.
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Wednesday Feb 04, 2015

Using the Oracle WebCenter Content Document Transfer Utility for Fusion Applications 11g

A post on using the WebCenter Content Document Transfer Utility for Oracle Fusion Applications[Read More]

Tuesday Feb 03, 2015

Infographic On Our Forum

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Please share your thoughts via the comments or of course the forum.

Thursday Jan 29, 2015

The Custom Object Web Services By Example

An example-driven review of all operations available within the Custom Object web services.[Read More]

Tuesday Jan 27, 2015

Guest Post: How FXLoader Integrates Oracle PaaS and SaaS

Having met at the last UKOUG conference, Peter Care from FXLoader kindly agreed to share details on his solution that combines Oracle PaaS, SaaS and the Cloud Marketplace.[Read More]

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Seven Interfaces to Oracle Webcenter Content

An Overview of seven different ways to integrate with Oracle Webcenter Content.[Read More]

Friday Jan 16, 2015

Release 9: New Features For Tailoring User Assistance

Learn about the new features in Release 9 for tailoring the help content that supports your customizations.[Read More]

Wednesday Jan 14, 2015

Release 9: The Activity Redesign

Learn about the Release9 Activity object that replaces appointments, tasks and interactions in Oracle Sales Cloud.[Read More]

Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

Release 9: Security And Integration New Features

Learn about the new feature in Release 9 for use in your integration projects. [Read More]

Page Customization Open Discussions on Oracle Customer Connect

Last week we took part in our third webinar using Oracle Customer Connect, under the topic of Page Customization.[Read More]

Monday Jan 12, 2015

Release 9: New Features For Developers

In the same way we have done for past releases, this week we'll share a few blog posts that highlight the new features available in Release 9 for use in your Customization, Extension or Integration projects.[Read More]

Tuesday Jan 06, 2015

Using Direct Page Links (Deep Links) With Fusion Applications

Learn how to create direct URL's to specific pages, business objects, and transactions in Oracle Sales Cloud.[Read More]

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