Tuesday Sep 08, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Defaulting Values In Scripts

A simple technique to handle field values for a set of similar fields and for records of different types.

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Monday Sep 07, 2015

Integrating With Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension REST Services (PLSQL: APEX_WEB_SERVICE REST)

In this article we will cover how to invoke a REST web service deployed to Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension (JCS-SX) using PLSQL package APEX_WEB_SERVICE.

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Friday Sep 04, 2015

August In Review

Check out our five minute summary of content highlights for August.

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Thursday Sep 03, 2015

Release 10: Oracle Social Network Developer Site

One of the features of the Fusion Applications cloud platform that we in the Dev Relations team use most frequently is the Oracle Social Network (OSN).  We rely on it to collaborate within our team and to reach out to other individuals and teams within the company.  It has fundamentally changed the way we work.  With that in mind, we are very excited about the new Developer Site that is now available to you as part of Release 10.  OSN has always had a strong API foundation, and with this new version it has now been opened up to you.

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Tuesday Sep 01, 2015

Application Composer Series: Implementing a Cascade Delete

This article shows you how you can implement a simple cascade delete feature, so that when one record is deleted all the related records are also removed.

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Monday Aug 31, 2015

Release 10: Walkthrough of a Sales Cloud RESTful Web Service Example

This post is a walk through of a RESTful Web Service example.[Read More]

Tuesday Aug 25, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Checking Record and Field State

This article looks at how you can interogate the state of the current transaction record and its fields for use in controlling code flow.

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Monday Aug 24, 2015

Release 10: Features For Sales Cloud Extensibility

This article covers the main features new in Release 10 which affect those designing and building customizations, extensions, and integrations with Oracle Sales Cloud. 

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Thursday Aug 20, 2015

Release 10: A Deeper Look Into the Oracle Sales Cloud RESTful API

This post goes into further detail of RESTful Web Service Architecture implemented in the Oracle Sales Cloud.[Read More]

Wednesday Aug 19, 2015

Downloading Windows JDeveloper For Fusion Apps

In past blog posts we have explained that Fusion Applications developers working on ADF customizations and extensions for on premise installations should download JDeveloper from eDelivery.   Oracle announced recently that as of June 1, 2015, Fusion Applications will no longer be built for the Windows Server platform (see support note 2017267.1).  If you look on eDelivery, you will consequently no longer find the Windows platform as a choice:

This has raised the question: if I develop customizations with JDeveloper on Windows, how do I get the tools?  The answer is pretty simply: the JDeveloper and Companion "disks" have always been identical (platform-independent) for every platform.  Just pick another platform (for example, Linux) and download the zip files.

In this case the Windows installer is included in Disk 1 of 3:

Please note that Release 8 is currently the latest version generally available for on premises customers. 

Previous Blog posts about Installing JDeveloper for Fusion Apps Developers:  Part 1, Part 2

Tuesday Aug 18, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Accessing Distant Relatives

This article explains how to use groovy to access indirectly-related object records.

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Monday Aug 17, 2015

Release 10: An Introduction into Oracle Sales Cloud RESTful Web Services

This post is an introduction into the new REST services and their use that are available in an Oracle Applications Fusion Applications SaaS pod.[Read More]

Thursday Aug 13, 2015

Release 10: New Features In Business Intelligence For Developers

This article summarizes the features in Release 10 related to creating and customizing reports and analytics.

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Tuesday Aug 11, 2015

Groovy Tuesday: Profile Options Are Back In Release 10

Learn how to access Profile Option values from your scripts.

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Sunday Aug 09, 2015

Release 10: Using The Developer Connect Feature

Learn how to use this new feature to interrogate the web services available in your environment.[Read More]

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