Monday Feb 11, 2008

Breaking: Communications Suite User Group Meeting Planned

Just in: We are holding a one-day Comms User Group meeting at the Sun facility in Itasca, Illinois, on March 20. Registration information is here.

We are still forming up the agenda. If you are interested in presenting one of the "user stories," please drop us an email.

Update: One of the Comms community members writes:

For anyone that is interested, I have located a hotel nearby that is supposed to offer shuttle service within a 5 mile radius and thus should service the Sun office. I am not sure about service to/from O'Hare. I have not stayed there before, so I cannot vouch for it.

For those that will be at the EDUCAUSE conference or traveling by AMTRAK, I have mapped out travel to the above hotel via Union station and Metra rail.

Wednesday Sep 19, 2007

Is This a Very Good Thing?

Mozilla getting serious about mail by launching a new company to develop Thunderbird?

Is this a very good thing?

Why is this such a good thing? Let me count the ways... Currently, the company that owns most of the world's mailboxes--Microsoft--has done little to nothing to improve the e-mail experience. E-mail today is essentially the same as it was 10 years ago. This is almost criminal, given how much time we spend in it.

A good friend with access to Microsoft's Exchange team suggested a reason for this, which came from Microsoft: the Exchange code is so old and so crumbly that Microsoft doesn't dare to fiddle with it. Yes, it would make perfect sense to centralize collaboration and social networking in the address book/e-mail client, but Microsoft apparently can't do this without risking the stability of its omnipresent e-mail client and server.

And so the world suffers because of early design decisions.

Enter Mozilla. Mozilla has an excellent track record of taking Microsoft head-on, and winning (or, at least, competing vigorously).

Or not?

Most Thunderbird users blasted Baker and Mozilla Corp. for wanting to ditch the e-mail program, which competes with Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook and IBM Corp.'s Notes, as well as with Web-based e-mail services such as Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Mail, and Google Inc.'s Gmail.

Tuesday Sep 18, 2007

Yahoo Buys Email Service Zimbra for $350 Million

Seems like a lot of change to me.

Monday Aug 20, 2007

Google News Alert for: sun java messaging server

Good thing that I subscribe to GNA or I wouldn't find out about these things:

Sun Microsystems Selects Synchronica to Add Mobile Synchronization to . Product Suites

Product Suites 20/08/2007 06:00:00 Business Wire US12328X1072 Synchronica plc (AIM: SYNC.LN), the international provider of industry standard mobile synchronization and device management solutions, today announced that Sun Microsystems, Inc.(NASDAQ: SUNW) has agreed to license Synchronica s synchronization and client provisioning technology for Sun s communication products. As part of the agreement, Sun plans to incorporate key components of Synchronica s Mobile Gateway for industry-standard wireless synchronization of contacts, calendars, tasks, and other enterprise data to Sun Java(TM) System Communications Suite and Sun Java(TM) System Application Platform Suite. The Sun Java System Communications Suite is currently used by 240 million e-mailboxes within leading service providers and large organizations for messaging and collaboration services, such as email, IM and calendaring.

Update: Better link.

Thursday Feb 08, 2007

Messaging and Calendar, Say Hello to Norway

Norwegian Governmental Services To Be Powered by Sun Solutions, Including Messaging Server and Calendar Server

The Norwegian government announced a deal with Sun to use the Solaris 10 Operating System, and Sun servers and software, including Messaging Server, Calendar Server, and Portal Server, to enable citizens to have secure, browser-based public access to government services through a secure and personalized portal interface. The complete end-to-end Sun solution allows the government to drive innovation and provide an online platform for citizens to vote, pay taxes, obtain social security benefits, register and manage automobiles, communicate with public officials and conduct other civic initiatives and services.

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