Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

Connector for Outlook: Still Searching for the Download?

This question comes up quite frequently: "Where do I download the Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook bits?" (Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook enables the use of Outlook as a desktop client on Windows with Sun Java System Messaging and Calendar Servers. The Connector includes a Desktop Deployment and Configuration program and an Outlook plug-in. The Desktop Deployment and Configuration program enables a site administrator to automatically deploy the Outlook Connector. The Outlook plug-in provides real-time access to mail, calendar and directory services via Microsoft Outlook.)

For the current release, Communications Suite 5 (aka Connector for Outlook 7.2), the Communications Suite 5 download site provides the capability of also downloading Connector for Outlook (and Communications Sync) from the same site. That download site is located here:


For the previous release, Jave ES 2005Q4 (aka Connector for Outlook 7.1), the software for Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7.1 is available on the Java ES 2005Q4 Accessory CD #3. Use the URL below to get this CD. Once you access the URL, select the link that provides Multiple platform support. Log in and choose the Accessory CD #3 for download. That download site is located here:


Friday Jun 08, 2007

Lookout: Connector for Outlook & Multiple Calendars

Old Lookout on Mount Spokane During Winter

Quick note: If you want to be able to create and share multiple calendars with an Outlook client and the Sun Java System Calendar Server, you'll need the following components:

  • Sun Java System Connector for Outlook 7.2
  • Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 (AKA Communications Suite 5)

Thursday Mar 15, 2007

Calendar Server: Saving the Daylight Update

Update to Download the Calendar DST Fix Tool
Get this Sun tool (and instructions) to correct timings of events and tasks in Sun Java System Calendar Server, related to the DST switchover in US and Canadian timezones.

There is now a new version of this tool, which was released to SunSolve on 3/14. Per the Change Log on the DST Hub:

[2007-03-14] Added updates for DST Fix Tool Version 2, released 3/14.

Friday Feb 16, 2007

Communications Suite - Suggestion Box

My email server was down from around 6pm last night until noon today (sendmail, not Messaging Server), and once back up, I decided to do some cleanup on my--ahem!--out of control inbox. (Afterall, a smaller inbox WILL help in times of system recovery.)

In the process of my cleanup, I came across an email thread that I thought I'd post, to see if the Comms Community cares to discuss. The topic: What information pertaining to Comms could we (Sun) provide more in-depth training/knowledge coverage on? Here are the responses. Granted, I'm only one tech writer on Comms, but the more feedback I can gather on issues such as this, the better off I can come to my SMEs and try and argue for what the customer needs. (Note: I believe this was initially a "training" request, but from where I sit, waiting for training courses to come out (no offense to our training coordinators and developers) takes too long to address the info/knowledge gaps.)

Messaging Server:

  • Practice with channel rewriting, including:
    • Special channel for outbound mail to a problematic host
    • Secure submission channels
  • How to use aliasdetourhost
General Comms Topics
  • Migrating events out of Microsoft Exchange and into Comms
  • Co-existence with Microsoft Exchange
  • Supporting large deployments of Connector for Outlook
  • Synchronizing with PDAs
  • Use of Non-Comms Express clients with Comms
  • Sizing Workshop
  • Sieve Topics
    • Vacation filters
    • System wide filters
    • Channel filters
    • Options/commands available in the Sieve scripts

Just for grins, I took a look at what some of us have been discussing about general Comms topics we "think" we should be working on in terms of Comms training/knowledge enhancement:

  • Deployment Architecture and Planning
  • Installation & Deployment Strategies
  • Planning Single Sign-On (Access Manager, Messaging SSO, Hybrid SSO)
  • Securing your Internet MTA
  • Customizing UWC
  • Migrations from Messaging Express to Comms Express
  • Deployments in Solaris 10 Zones
  • Automating Installations / Configurations for Production Deployments
  • Tuning UWC (incl. Solaris 10 DTrace and JVM Tuning)
  • Troubleshooting UWC (incl. Outlook, Calendar, Access Mgr, Directory & Messaging)
  • Transitioning Deployment Architectures to Comms Suite v5 (next release)

Now, for more data points. I did an internal survey of our field/engagement forces a few months back, with the same question, and got these responses:

  • Messaging Server Best Practices Guide
  • Configuring Communications Suite for SSL
  • Sizing a Communications Suite 25K User Deployment, including Communications Express
  • Initial Patch Levels for all Communications Suite Products (by release)
  • Gathering Debug Data for Messaging Server (data a customer needs to collect before calling Support)
  • Calendar Coexistence Using SyncML/Synchronica
  • Messaging Server Benchmark Data
  • Best Practices for Backup Up Lots of Data
  • Deployment Example: Comms Suite on T1000/T2000 and Solaris Zones
  • Deployment Example: Comms Suite in a Two-tiered Architecture

In an ideal world, we'd be working on all these topics, but unfortunately, we have to prioritize them and assign what resources we have accordingly. The good news is, some of these topics have already been addressed, or are in the process of getting addressed by documentation. Now that I have this list assembled and am looking at it in its entirety, I see that another post is in order to recap where we're at, and where we hope to go. Stay tuned for details.

And as always, drop a line if you have any suggestions on what docs/information you'd like to see us work on.


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