Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

Yo, Mule: That Stubborn and Strong Email

More evidence that email is in fact not dead. Key graph for me:

In one year, workers spend on average, the equivalent of 111 workdays dealing with email.  Most would like better search capabilities and document management features. There's a good business case for this: Just 10% increase in efficiency would buy back more than two workweeks per year per employee.

All the more reason to look at our Indexing and Search Service.

Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

Email: Moving From Business Intelligence to Intelligent Business


I have to quote Michael Osterman again, this time from his article Using the Intelligence Locked away in Email:

For most organizations, the largest single source of information about what’s going on in their business is the collection of user mailboxes and email archives...This rich source of content can provide valuable business intelligence to decision makers, but few extract even a fraction of the valuable content contained therein.

So if you are using our Messaging Server, for starters, you should also be using our Indexing and Search Service product. It only makes your business that more intelligent.

Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

The Demise of Email Has Been Prematurely Reported


In 2009, I found many claims on the demise of email. Back then, my own, for-what-it-was-worth opinion was "no way." Perhaps that was a knee-jerk reaction on my part, or perhaps it was a statement that arose out of my own use and dependance upon email and I needed to deny the rise of social networks. Well, it now appears that those reports were perhaps just a bit exaggerated. According to Michael Osterman of Osterman Research, email is alive as ever, in fact, email use is up. Today he writes (emphasis mine):

In the 2009 to 2011 timeframe, there were a number of articles in the trade and popular press about the demise of corporate and personal email.  Many believed that email use would dwindle as younger people entered the workforce, those weaned on social media and text messaging.  Email was for the “grups” (you’re welcome, original Star Trek fans), while newer forms of communication would replace it.

Maybe someday, but not now.  We just completed a survey with corporate email users to determine if that was the case.  What we found is that 42% of email users are employing email more today than they were 12 months ago, while only 10% are using it less.  The remainder are using email at about the same level they were a year ago.

Our research also found that email continues to be the dominant communication tool used in the workplace.

Moreover, I completely agree with his statement that one of the reasons that email remains and grows in popularity is that it serves as a:

...repository of emails, contacts, files and other information that acts as something of a flat-file database in which we can store content that is easily searchable.

This Is Where Indexing and Search Service for Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite Comes In

If you are like me, you not only need the ability to search the subjects and bodies of your email message, you need the ability to search your email attachments. Indeed, more and more, my email inbox has become my go-to storehouse of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, and so on. So finding data, and finding it fast, is where email inboxes need to go.

Which brings me to Oracle's Indexing and Search Service product. If you haven't heard by now, Indexing and Search Service enables you to quickly search and view your email attachments. Here are some cool facts about Indexing and Search Service:

  • Integrated with our Messaging Server and Convergence products, enabling nearly instantaneous results from complex searches such as cross-folder searches.
  • Because it is deployed as a separate service, the actual search effort is offloaded from Messaging Server.
  • Any IMAP client that can communicate with Messaging Server can take advantage of this powerful search service.

Rather than go on in more detail, refer to the following Indexing and Search Service blog posts and documentation links for more information.

Friday Oct 30, 2009

Fortieth Anniversary of First Successful Email

All it took was a "fridge-sized" computer with tiny core memory allowing between 16 and 64 kilowords:

"The contents of the first email transmission have long since been forgotten; in a FAQ on his website, the sender, Ray Tomlinson (who sent the message between two computers located side-by-side) claims that the contents were 'entirely forgettable, and I have, therefore, forgotten them', and speculates that the message was most likely 'QWERTYUIOP' or something similar."

Read more on this first successful email transmission.

Monday Oct 12, 2009

The King Is Dead?

Reign over?

"Email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over."

I hardly doubt it. I can see the move to a services approach, and an integration of those services. But much too early to claim outright demise.

Tuesday Oct 06, 2009

Email Phishing: Still a Big Problem

Hacked Email

The Messaging Server community certainly knows how to deal with this:

Friday Oct 10, 2008

Curbing Email Regret

Ever at the forefront these days of innovative email services, Gmail does it again with its Mail Goggles. Now you can say goodbye to those regrettable emails that caused you nothing but grief, shame, and embarrassment.

Thursday Apr 24, 2008

Modern Email Usage

And the survey is in: Spam in a landslide!

Friday Feb 22, 2008

Mozilla Messaging Aims to Fix 'Broken' Email with Thunderbird 3.0

Mozilla Foundation to evolve Thunderbird.

Monday Sep 10, 2007

Email Overload: Time for Tough Love?

This is just an observation, but along with implementing a zero inbox policy (which I've been using for a few weeks now myself), I tend to agree that a tough love email policy, limiting a message to at most a few sentences, just might provide a welcome boost to office productivity.

Monday Aug 06, 2007

Managing Your Email Inbox: Something From Nothing

Inbox Zero. This guy's on to something big, er, small, er, zero. Been giving it a try since 7/25, and by George, it works. Watch the vid, feel the power.

Monday Apr 09, 2007

Messaging Server: When Things Go Bump, er, Bounce in the Night

There was an interesting conversation on the Info-iMS alias last week concerning "bounced email" that caught my eye. Ah, another learning opportunity! To recap, then, here is another installment of Comms 101, courtesy of our Comms experts.

The specific error sited was:

nsmail Illegal host/domain name found (Too many failures to this host during this run; skipping this host: No such host/domain)

The short reply as to what's going on is fairly intuitive: the remote domain in question failed to resolve to a legal result, meaning that almost certainly this is a DNS issue (and not a Messaging Server MTA issue). Note that "other mail" will continue to make it through to your system (expected behavior), so don't be mystified by that activity. In addition, the error message is communicating that the problem has happened multiple times during the current operation (run) of the channel. The message bouncing is thus occurring because of an underlying DNS problem. To troubleshoot this problem, you would need to enable debugging (such as on LOG_CONNECTION) to determine the specific issue. Very likely, such a problem is transitory in nature but it is clearly not an MTA issue. Of final note: fancy configuration workarounds to such a situation are typically more work than troubleshooting and fixing the real problem.

The full detail on this thread can be found here:

Thursday Feb 15, 2007

Calendar Server - Get Yer Appts Emailed To You

I like it when I can say, here's some new information for you. As I mentioned yesterday, we were close to getting out a cool article (and it's actually the script that is cool) for generating an automatic email to your Calendar Server users, containing that day's appointments and tasks. Have at it:

Receiving a Daily Summary of Sun Java System Calendar Server Events and Tasks by Email

Thanks to Mike d. for contributing this info.

Wednesday Feb 14, 2007

Heads Up: Cool Calendar Server Article Almost Here

As I wrote about in this previous blog entry, I've been working in conjunction with one of our Calendar Server gurus to document how to provide your Calendar Server users with a daily summary of their Calendar Server events and tasks, emailed to their inbox or mobile device each weekday morning. I've got the article on our internal staging site, and it should be pushed out this week to BigAdmin.

While were at it, for more fun with Calendar Server, see this post by a new Sun employee (formerly with SeeBeyond) and his positive experiences with Thunderbird and the Lightning extension that is part of the Sunbird Mozilla project, to access his Calendar Server data from w/i Thunderbird.


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