Wednesday Feb 14, 2007

Heads Up: Cool Calendar Server Article Almost Here

As I wrote about in this previous blog entry, I've been working in conjunction with one of our Calendar Server gurus to document how to provide your Calendar Server users with a daily summary of their Calendar Server events and tasks, emailed to their inbox or mobile device each weekday morning. I've got the article on our internal staging site, and it should be pushed out this week to BigAdmin.

While were at it, for more fun with Calendar Server, see this post by a new Sun employee (formerly with SeeBeyond) and his positive experiences with Thunderbird and the Lightning extension that is part of the Sunbird Mozilla project, to access his Calendar Server data from w/i Thunderbird.

Tuesday Feb 13, 2007

Mac Users in Sync with Sun Java System Calendar Server: JSCalendarSync

I'm not a Mac user (yet)--actually, I'm thinking about making my next computer purchase a Mac, but that's another story--but for those of you who are, and are using our Sun Java System Calendar Server product, there's good news: You can use JSCalendarSync to synchronize data between Calendar Server and Mac OS X’s iCal.

JSCalendarSync uses the native synchronization framework provided by Mac OS X 10.4. Note that JSCalendarSync development is in progress, it is not to be considered as a finished product. Mac users can also benefit from Lightning, the Mozilla Thunderbird extension, created by Sun's StarOffice developers. Indeed, several Sun teams are using Thunderbird+Lightning to collaborate.

Thursday Feb 08, 2007

Messaging and Calendar, Say Hello to Norway

Norwegian Governmental Services To Be Powered by Sun Solutions, Including Messaging Server and Calendar Server

The Norwegian government announced a deal with Sun to use the Solaris 10 Operating System, and Sun servers and software, including Messaging Server, Calendar Server, and Portal Server, to enable citizens to have secure, browser-based public access to government services through a secure and personalized portal interface. The complete end-to-end Sun solution allows the government to drive innovation and provide an online platform for citizens to vote, pay taxes, obtain social security benefits, register and manage automobiles, communicate with public officials and conduct other civic initiatives and services.

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Monday Jan 22, 2007

Communications Suite - Overlooking the Obvious?

I get lots of email concerning all kinds of aspects of our Communications Suite products. As a writer, part of my job is to sift and dig through this constant heaping of information, and ultimately help determine what to do with it.

Here's a quick grab bag of facts that seemed perhaps obvious and then again, perhaps not. If we had a Frequently Asked Questions document, this is where I would locate such information. (Note: I am investigating a means to do this on a Sun external site, such that the FAQ would be editable by anyone. Stay tuned for details.)

PDA Access to Communications Express?

You need Sun Java System Communications Sync, which syncs PalmOS and Windows Mobile 5.0 PDAs to Sun calendar and contacts.

Communications Express Without Access Manager?

It's a current requirement, when running Communications Express 6 2005Q4 to have to use Schema 2 and Access Manager. The Access Manager requirement is evidentally removed in the upcoming release (Communications Suite 5, Communications Express 6.3). The Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide will have the details.

Will a New Messaging Server 6.x MTA Function with a 5.2 Message Store?

It depends on your setup. You cannot mix Messaging Store 5.2 store executables with 6.x MTA executables. However, you may deploy a 6.x MTA running on one host delivering mail to a 5.2 Message Store running on another host. In such a deployment, you'll also need a 5.2 MTA on the store machine because LMTP isn't supported in Messaging Server 5.2, but such a setup will function.

ACLs Missing from Messaging Server 5.2 imsbackup?

The imsbackup utility in Messaging Server 5.2 does not back up the ACLs. This is a known issue. Unfortunately, this could impact maibox migrations. As a workaround, you can get the ACL list from the old store with the following command:

mboxutil -l -p pattern -x

then set it with readership -s after the migration.

Adding New Spelling Dictionaries to Communications Express?

The dictionaries in Communications Express are from ispell, which can be downloaded here:

See the Communications Express Customization Guide for details on installing the new dictionaries.

Calendar Server: Linux or x86 Front-end with a Solaris SPARC Back-end?

Beginning with Calendar Server 6.3, mixing different architectures for front-end and back-end machines is now supported. The hardware platforms no longer must be the same on each end. The big-endian vs.small-endian incompatibility no longer applies and you can now use both an x86 platform machine and a SPARC platform machine in the same Calendar Server deployment containing front-end and back-end machines. You can also mix Linux and Solaris x86 systems for front-end and back-end machines.

Friday Jan 05, 2007

Extracting Tasks and Events From Sun Java System Calendar Server

There are a couple of ways to get task information for Sun Java System Calendar Server users, including:

# ./cscal -v list calid

# ./cscomponents list calid

# ./cscomponents -t task list calid

However, these commands merely return the number of tasks for the calid (user) specified.

I'm currently working on documenting an in-house way we have of providing our Sun Java System Calendar Server users with a daily summary of their Sun Java System Calendar Server events and tasks, emailed to their inbox or mobile device each weekday morning. This tech tip will show you how to create a Bourne shell script, which uses Web Calendar Access Protocol (WCAP) commands. On a daily basis, this script finds all events and tasks from users' calendars then emails them to the individual users. A cron job executes the script according to your preferences. The email that users receive resembles the following:

Times shown in America/Los_Angeles
Directory setup meeting
 Starts  10/23/2006 14:00
Reminder: Directory setup meeting
 SunIT Directory setup meeting 866 835 8198 9325445
Writer's Workshop
 Starts  10/23/2006 18:00
 Writer's Workshop
Car - book service
 Starts  10/23/2006 09:00 

Look for this tech tip to be published very shortly.


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