Friday Dec 18, 2009

Friday Christmas Blues Blogging

EC laying into Freddie King's "Cryin' Christmas Tears." Merry Xmas y'all.

Friday Dec 04, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

Today's installment, one of the three Kings--perhaps my favorite--Freddie King, performing "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" on the 60's TV show out of Dallas, TX, "The Beat."

It always ticked me off that right in the middle of an empassioned solo, the show's MC, "Boss Hoss," saunters on stage and kills the tune.

Friday Nov 20, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

How 'bout some funky soul for today's FBB, with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings:

Friday Nov 13, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

Big Joe Williams and his nine-string guitar doing "Baby Please Don't Go."


Some more info on Joe and his guitar:

He played with picks both on his thumb and index finger, plus his guitar was very heavily modified. Williams added a rudimentary electric pick-up, whose wires coiled all over the top of his guitar. He also added three extra strings, creating unison pairs for the first, second and fourth strings. His guitar was usually tuned to Open G, like such: (D2 G2 D3D3 G3 B3B3 D4D4), with a capo placed on the second fret to set the tuning to the key of A. During the 1920s and 1930s, Big Joe had gradually added these extra strings in order to keep other guitar players from being able to play his guitar. In his later years, he would also occasionally use a 12-string guitar with all strings tuned in unison to Open G. It is little known that Big Joe sometimes tuned a six-string guitar to an interesting modification of Open G. In this modified tuning, the bass D string (D2) was replaced with a .08 gauge string and tuned to G4. The resulting tuning was (G4 G2 D3 G3 B3 D4), with the G4 string being used as a melody string by Big Joe. This tuning was used exclusively for slide playing

Friday Nov 06, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

Many reasons for the Blues this week. So here are some healing bits of Ronnie Earl, ranging from groove to soul to gut-bucket blues:

Friday Oct 30, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

Another Friday, another Friday Blues Blogging. This week, sit back and groove to harp meister William Clarke and band (great swinging blues guitar solo in this tune as well), taken at Larry Blake's. Blakes was the place to go in the 80's for blues. I know, I used to live a block away. I went to Blues School there as often as I could.

Friday Oct 23, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

Today's offering is from R&B pioneer, Rosco Gordon, leading his band through "Bop It." Notice the essential role of the chicken (or is that rooster?).

Friday Oct 16, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging: John Lee Hooker

To be sure, JLH is a well-known figure in American blues and rock, but I'm not sure how many folks are familiar with his solo stuff and how interesting and moving it is. From "The Best of the Blues:"

A big reason why Hooker remained a solo artist for so long was his unpredictable, improvisational attacks on conventional song structure and meter.

So here he is on "Serves Me Right to Suffer." Enjoy.

Friday Oct 09, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

This week's edition of Friday Blues Blogging: Junior Wells and Buddy Guy performing "Hoodoo Man Blues." Here they are from 1985:

Probably one of my favorite blues albums of all time, Hoodoo Man Blues contains some of the best harp/guitar music on the planet. Especially noteworthy is the lack of chording that goes on by Buddy Guy, who focuses instead on playing bass lines and flurries of answering notes to Junior Well's harmonica.

Friday Oct 02, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

Today's installment of Friday Blues Blogging, jumpin' the blues with the Insomniacs:

Friday Sep 25, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging: Kid Ramos

I've always appreciated the gut bucket approach of players like Kid Ramos. Here he is, working out on a nice Albert Collins-y shuffle, Greasy Kid Stuff:

Tuesday Sep 22, 2009

Blues Tuesday: Vieux Farka Toure

Had to break the Friday rule and post a Blues on Tuesday, as I just saw this band last night (for free even, thanks Colorado College and KRCC), Vieux Farka Toure:

Desert Blues, yah!

Friday Sep 18, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging: John Dee Holman

Just came across this performer, John Dee Holman, laying into some down home style Blues:

Friday Aug 14, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

This week, a little sumthin' from my old friend Johnny Nitro, long time Bay Area blues musician, still making every night just like New Year's Eve:

Friday Jul 31, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

What, has Friday come again already. Let it be so. Here's this week's installment of Friday Blues Blogging, a reunited lineup of Denny Freeman and the Cobras:


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