Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

Breaking Through the Clouds

Monday Dec 22, 2008

BigAdmin Articles

Here are the top four articles on BigAdmin right now, thought this might be of interest to a few of you:

  1. How-To on Installing Solaris 10 10/08 OS
  2. Updated for Solaris 10 10/08 OS: Solaris Containers (Zones)
  3. Using the Solaris OS on IBM and Dell Servers
  4. Solaris 8 OS Entering End Of Service Life (EOSL)

12/23/08 Update: I've been informed that these articles are actually the top four for the December Newsletter, not the overall BA site. Slight misreading on my part.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2007

DocTeger Gets "Smug"

A big star for Sun.

Friday Sep 07, 2007

Friday Blues Blogging

Lester Butler and Alex Schultz, both mainstays of the West Coast blues scene. RIP, Lester. You can still find Alex jamming up.

And since I missed last week's edition, here's a double-dose of Lester with his seminal band, The Red Devils:

Wednesday Sep 05, 2007

Now Shipping: Java ES 5 Update 1

Spread the word, tell two friends.

Wednesday Aug 15, 2007

Wikipedia Dissimulators, Partisans, and Spin Meisters

Who woulda thunk it? More here.

Friday Jun 15, 2007

Hosted IM: Throwback or Bleeding Edge?

Came across this article today, proclaiming the imminent death of email. Per Symon Blomfield, CEO of Presence Networks, who is launching its IM business client, Networker version 4, hosted IM will be THE email killer of the future:
..the (hosted IM) software can do everything an email client can do but without the headaches of email. It cannot be spammed, because it is a private service. It cannot be intercepted because it uses SSL encryption, and messages threads are logged and stored in a way that makes for easier regulatory compliance. And it is not P2P, as with public IM services, relying instead on a client-gateway-server relationship.

Some might see such a service as a nice add-on to email, but by Blomfield’s reckoning they would be dead wrong. Networker is not meant as an adjunct to email in a business, it is designed to completely replace it for frontline communication. For anyone wanting to get the best out of the service, running two communications systems in parallel email is pointless. Eventually, email has to die.

This immediately brought to mind the closed system of ye old Lotus Notes and all of those problems that it brought for companies. Indeed, the article touches on this later, with Blomfield's response:

In some ways, Networker puts one in mind of an older generation of collaborative tools such as IBM’s (formerly Lotus’s) Notes platform, but without the drawbacks that plagued Notes. The latter was, after all, seen as slow, expensive, a pain to manage, and (worst of all) a top-down way of managing collaboration. In Blomfield’s model, IM-as-a-service can be precisely what its users want it to be. They choose to whom they want to talk, and how to collaborate and using what specific applications (Networker includes teleconference, file exchange abilities, VoIP support, and a gateway to integrate with public IM systems on its way).

Sounds great, but I just don't see companies returning to a closed system and being able to trust a third-party to such a degree that Blomfield is proposing.

Friday Jun 01, 2007

Messaging Server: Cross Site Scripting (CSS or XSS) Vulnerability

The Sun Security Blog has a new entry on Messaging Server, Sun Alert 102909 "Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability in Sun Java System Messaging Server."

Two points of clarification:

  • This does not occur in iPlanet Messaging Server 5.
  • The issue also applies to the HP-UX and Windows platforms.

Wednesday May 09, 2007

Do Email Clients Matter Anymore?

A reviewer over at eWeek starts off a review of Thunderbird 2 by saying:

The new version of Thunderbird, the free, open-source mail client from the organization behind the Firefox Web browser, is a nicely polished application that makes it easy to sort, view and generally manage your daily e-mail load. But while Thunderbird 2 looks promising, it must face one important question: Do e-mail clients matter anymore?

To a certain degree, Mozilla's Thunderbird could be a victim of the success of its browser sibling. As next-generation browsers like Firefox have become better at supporting highly interactive GUIs for browser-based applications, managing e-mail strictly through a Web interface has become much less of a chore, and, for some people, has even replaced desktop mail clients as the first choice for dealing with e-mail. (Emphasis mine.)

An interesting take, to be sure. I wish the article would have dealt with this premise a bit more, but afterall, it was a product review. Nevertheless, if this is a true statement, or one that will become more true going forward, vendors like Sun who supply web-based email (or in our case, email, calendar, and address book) clients better be prepared to meet these expectations. And I believe that our NextGen client is going to do just that.

Thursday Apr 26, 2007

That's All Customers Want

Jonathon's blog entry from April 17 sparked a host of comments on what Sun needs to do for its customers. Being a docs person, I keyed into this comment (and other similar ones):

I want a that has been updated and more easily navigated than what we had 5 years ago.

Honestly, I couldn't agree more. Being frustrated myself, that's why I pushed for the creation of an interim solution in the form of the BigAdmin Communications Suite Hub, which I view as a new front-end to our aging back-end docs repository. The Library Tab should serve as your place to go when seeking a Comms Suite doc. I've organized the docs by product, linking to where they reside on DSC, to make them easier to get to. I've also put up a downloadable zip file of all the Comms Suite 5 docs, so that you can go that route as well.

I hear this customer pain point, and I hope that some of these interim solutions will go some way towards easing that pain, at least in the Comms world.

Sidebar: Great rant on getting fed up with Sun here, with some choice comments about

Thanks Jim!

VP plugs Factotum.

Thursday Apr 12, 2007

Configuring SpamAssassin with Messaging Server

I gather that you don't need any brains to be a spammer, as evidenced by the above email. Yeah, dealing with this crud is a fact of the Info Age. Coincidentally, I just came across a post to help. Check it out: Air's Blog has a nice step-by-step entry of installing SpamAssassin with Sun Java System Messaging Server.

Tuesday Apr 10, 2007

New VP

Our new Comms VP has a blog. Check out what he's saying:

Friday Apr 06, 2007

Sun Security Blog

I just stumbled across this in the Sun blogosphere: Sun Security Blog

There was a recent alert and workaround posted (March 30) on NSS and SSL clients and servers, with a potential affect on Messaging Server:

Security vulnerabilities in the Network Security Services (NSS) implementation of SSL2 may affect both SSL clients (such as browsers) and SSL servers which make use of this library. As a result, the client or server may exit unexpectedly, which is a type of Denial of Service (DoS). For servers running on Microsoft Windows, they may present a remote code execution vulnerability.

In any case, this seems like a potential blog to follow on a regular basis.


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