Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

Unified Communications Suite Documentation: A New Direction

OTN Path Ahead

With the availability now of Unified Communications Suite 7.0.6 (shipped on August 13), you'll notice that we are also transitioning to publishing product documentation on the Oracle Documentation Site (also referred to as Oracle Technology Network, or OTN), at:

Scroll to the bottom of this page to view the links to the UCS documentation.

For the Unified Communications Suite 7.0.6 release, documentation for the following component products is published to OTN:

  • Connector for Outlook
  • Contacts Server 8.0
  • Instant Messaging Server

This documentation is only on OTN, and not on the Communications Suite wiki. You'll find pointers to this OTN documentation where you would normally expect to find it on the wiki. Suite-wide documentation for 7.0.6, as well as for the other component products (Messaging Server, Calendar Server, Indexing and Search Service, and so on) is updated on the wiki for this release. Thus, for this release, and perhaps one or two more, the Communications Suite documentation is on both the wiki and OTN.

Going forward, we expect to get all of our documentation onto OTN. With that in mind, here is a mini-FAQ to help you with this new documentation direction:

  1. Why are we moving the UCS documentation to OTN?
    We are moving the UCS documentation to OTN where other Oracle documentation resides so customers are able to find our documentation where they expect it to be. The UCS documentation will also have the same look and feel as other Oracle CGBU documentation that our customers use, allowing for a common user experience across CGBU products.
  2. Will the CommSuite wiki go away?
    No. Previously released documentation will stay on the wiki.
  3. Can I still leave documentation comments?
    Yes. You can still log in to and leave comments. By the way, OTN also enables you to email comments, which are forwarded to us.

Thursday Oct 31, 2013

Unified Communications Suite Ships New Version

We shipped the latest version ( of Unified Communications Suite. The following information should get you started:

Some Changes for

Convergence: Version enables you to use the add-on framework to add third-party services to the Convergence UI. These services include:

  • Advertising
  • Click-to-call service
  • Multinetwork IM
  • SMS (both one-way and two-way)
  • Social media applications (Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr)
  • Video and voice calling capability

For more information, see Overview of Add-on Services in Convergence.

Calendar Server: Version provides a number of security enhancements, including supporting the SSL protocol for all front-end and back-end communications, and the ability to list hosts that are allowed to send iSchedule POST requests. For more information, see Securing Communications to Calendar Server Back Ends.

New Platform Support: Oracle GlassFish Server 3, Oracle Solaris 11, and Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.x are supported in this release of Communications Suite.

Wednesday May 08, 2013

Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 4: Rolling Out a New Release


We shipped the latest version (7 Update 4) of Unified Communications Suite. The following information should get you started:

Specifically, if you are interested in the Messaging Server 7 Update 5 (Patch 28) component of this release, the following new documentation will be useful:

The big change for Messaging Server in this release is the ability to have a Unified Configuration. Note that it is not required to use Unified Configuration when installing or upgrading to Messaging Server 7 Update 5. I recommend starting with Overview of Messaging Server Unified Configuration to get up to speed on what this change represents. I will be posting more about Unified Configuration going forward.

Additionally, we have published the following comprehensive security summary for Messaging Server:

* (I can't get enough of these photos of artist Al Weiwei's Forever Bicycles exhibit.)

Friday Apr 12, 2013

Installing the Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 3 Stack: Not Just Solaris But Linux Too


Now Available: UCS 7.3 Linux Instructions for a Single Host Deployment

Piggybacking on my last post, Installing the Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 3 Stack, I just wanted to alert the UCS community  that I have published the same set of instructions (the single host deployment example, in UCS parlance) for Linux now. To reiterate, if you need to create a Comms deployment, for say, evaluation or proof-of-concept purposes, these documents are the best place to start. For those of you who were waiting for the Linux flavor of this doc, your wait is now over.

Wednesday Apr 03, 2013

Installing the Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 3 Stack


Looking to Create a UCS 7.3 POC Deployment? Stack it All on a Single Host.

If you need to create a Comms deployment, for say, evaluation or proof-of-concept purposes, the best place to go is the Single Host Deployment Example.

This doc "describes how to install Communications Suite 7 Update 3 software on one computer for a functioning deployment. This document is intended for any evaluator, system administrator, or installation technician who wants to install and evaluate the services delivered by these components."

It really takes all the guesswork out of deciding what configuration parameters to configure across the component products to get everything working. However, take note: This example deployment is not intended  for production purposes, and should be used for evaluation and for training purposes only.

Nevertheless, if you are new to the product, this is definitely the place I would recommend to start.

Friday Mar 22, 2013

Unified Communications Suite: Top Player Second Year in a Row

Analysis of the Market for Messaging Platforms for Service Providers Shows Oracle Is Tops

Leading analyst firm, The Radicati Group, Inc., has ranked Unified Communications Suite the Top Player in the service provider messaging platforms market for the second year in a row in its "Message Platforms for Service Providers - Market Quadrant 2012" report. Read the full report here:

Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

No Joke: All the Communications Suite Release Notes You Ever Wanted

Keeping Track of Unified Communications Suite Release Notes in a Single Location

I sometimes forget about how easy it is to manufacture a new wiki view of the Unified Communications Suite documentation. While looking for something today, I came across the Communications Suite Release Notes Across All Releases page. I remembered back to when I first created this page, thinking what a great idea: having an easy way to access the release notes for each Unified Communications Suite component product by release, all at once. No clicking around from page to page or wiki space to wiki space. 

Making this view is a breeze: underneath the covers, it consists of a one-line macro per wiki space that says, grab the pages tagged (labeled) "releasenotes" and display. That's it.

So not only is this a useful page, in wiki-land, it's very easy to cobble together, saving both me, the writer, time in creating it, and you (the reader) time in getting what you need. No joke: a release notes win-win.

Friday Mar 08, 2013

Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 3: Go Get it!

We shipped the latest version (7 Update 3) of Unified Communications Suite today. This should get you started:

Wednesday Feb 20, 2013

Unified Communications Suite: Tuning in to the Sound of a Well Performing Deployment

Getting Started with Unified Communications Suite Performance Tuning

Making sure that your Communications Suite deployment is performing at its best is an ongoing mission. Fortunately, we have a solid starting point: Communications Suite Tuning and Best Practices

In this document, you'll find "...various tuning hints, tips, and current best practices for Communications Suite in an effort to simplify the process of improving Communications Suite performance and to avoid known issues."

There are three basic sections to this content:

  • General, for high-level monitoring concerns
  • Operating Systems, for specific items to check by platform
  • Component Products, with tips for each component of the Communications Suite stack               Source

Furthermore, some components have more detailed information that is collected on component-specific pages. And finally, still more performance tuning content on other topics is also gathered on the wiki. See the wiki's tuning label page for a look at all the performance tuning information that is available.

Sunday Dec 09, 2012

Communications Suite: New Patches Available

Two new patches for the following Unified Communications Suite component products are now available:

  • Calendar Server 6.3 patch 53
  • Connector for Outlook 7.3 Update 1 patch 17

Download details:

Reminder: As a workaround to learning about new Communications Suite patches, you can use the Confluence watch feature to monitor the Communications Suite Component Patches page. When new patches are available, this page is updated with that information. You then receive an email message that this page has been updated. The watch feature is available under the Tools menu when you are logged in to

Thursday Nov 08, 2012

UCS Documentation: Home1 or Home2? You Decide.

How you go about finding information can be a very personal affair. We each have our own style of locating content, we each have our particular bent. But when it comes to getting started finding technical information, sometimes the simplest ways are best, especially if you are relatively new to a product or technology, and you just need to get going quickly with that Installation Guide or those Release Notes.

With that in mind, I recently created an alternative home page for the Unified Communications Suite documentation. You can now have your Home2, in addition to the original, more wiki-fied Home1. I would recommend Home2 for those who are used to, and are more comfortable with, the spreadsheet-like view of manuals: here you'll find those familiar titles and the option to either view on the wiki or download the equivalent PDF file. Once you get familiar with what guides are available for the UCS component products, then move on to the Home1 layout, and start using some of the more advanced techniques for finding content in a wiki.

Either way, you should be able to locate the "thing" you are looking for.

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

Unified Communications Suite: GlassFish Patch Issue with Convergence

Update for Convergence deployments: There are known issues when Convergence is deployed with GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1.1 Patch 15. Therefore, do not to use this particular GlassFish patch.

Update, 2/29: See the Convergence Release Notes for more information.

Friday Oct 14, 2011

Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 2 Ships

In case you hadn't heard, Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite has released its latest version, 7 Update 2, and it's available for download from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Highlights for this release include the following:

  • Oracle Communications Calendar Server
    • Support for Oracle DB 11g release 2.
    • Outlook connectivity offered via Outlook Connector has been enhanced to support Calendar Server 7 Update 2 (through the WCAPbis protocol).
    • Support for both Apple iCal and Microsoft Exchange Style Delegation models enables users to share their calendars and delegate calendar management to others.
    • Support for certificate based authentication for use in secure environments, as well as support for virus scanning of attachments included with events and appointments.
  • Oracle Communications Instant Messaging Server
    • Support for external IM networks, including real time Instant Messaging and Presence connectivity, for Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Google, and Facebook.
    • Federation with SIP/SIMPLE based IM networks.
  • Indexing and Search Service for Unified Communications Suite has been enhanced to deliver a more highly available and reliable service.

Here's a set of links to get you started:

Thursday Sep 02, 2010

Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 1 Is Here

We're releasing Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 1 (formerly Sun Java Communications Suite) today. Want to get started? Here's what you need:

  1. Get up to speed on new features and late breaking news:
  2. Understand how to install a new deployment or upgrade an existing one:
  3. Download the Communications Suite 7 Update 1 (and dependent software) bits:

Other documentation, such as administration, customization, and reference information, has also been updated for the release on the main CommSuite wiki space.


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