Monday Oct 18, 2010

New Communications Suite Software Forums Location

Communications Suite software forums have moved:

Oracle Communications Messaging Exchange Server
Oracle Communications Calendar Server
Oracle Communications Instant Messaging Server

Or, if you prefer the top-level link to see all of the above:

E-mail, Calendar, & Collaboration

Tuesday Sep 21, 2010

Oracle Communications Calendar Server(s) - Which One For You?

Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite (formerly Sun Java Communications Suite) has been providing calendaring services for many years. What might have flown under the radar is that the latest version, known first as Calendar Server 7 and then rebranded to Oracle Communications Calendar Server for CALDAV Clients, supports the CalDAV protocol, the calendar access protocol standard. By supporting the CalDAV protocol, Calendar Server 7 enables you to use CalDAV-enabled devices, like the Apple iPhone, as your calendar client.

What this also means is that Communications Suite actually currently contains two calendar servers: the original, Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 (now rebranded to Oracle Communications Calendar Server), and the new, updated version, Calendar Server 7/OCCS for CALDAV Clients. So, when it comes to making your deployment choice, which calendar is best for you?

If you are performing a fresh, greenfield installation of Communications Suite, and you plan on using only CalDAV clients, or the Convergence 2 web client, deploy Calendar Server 7 (the current version is 7 Update 1). The Convergence 2 web client, as of the Communications Suite 7 Update 1 release, is now integrated with Calendar Server 7 Update 1.

If you have an existing Calendar Server 6.3 deployment, you can use the OCCS for CALDAV Clients migration utility to migrate your data to the new format used by Calendar Server 7 Update 1.

If you have an existing deployment depending upon Connector for Microsoft Outlook clients, you'll need to continue to use the older calendar product, SJS Calendar Server/OCCS 6.3. Eventually, you want to deploy the new OCCS for CALDAV Clients, as Calendar Server 6.3 has been deprecated.  However, to support Connector for Microsoft Outlook, Connector needs to come out with support for the WCAPbis protocol. OCCS for CALDAV Clients includes WCAPbis support as of the current release (7 Update 1). Now we have to wait for Connector to do the same.

For more information, see the following documentation:

Thursday Sep 02, 2010

Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 1 Is Here

We're releasing Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite 7 Update 1 (formerly Sun Java Communications Suite) today. Want to get started? Here's what you need:

  1. Get up to speed on new features and late breaking news:
  2. Understand how to install a new deployment or upgrade an existing one:
  3. Download the Communications Suite 7 Update 1 (and dependent software) bits:

Other documentation, such as administration, customization, and reference information, has also been updated for the release on the main CommSuite wiki space.

Wednesday Jul 07, 2010

Communications Suite: Long Time No Blog

Not much to say of  late, except that we're hard at work on the next Communications Suite release. At last here is something worth blogging: Our support engineers have pulled together a great page of tuning tips and tricks to help you prevent a lot of problems with your Communications Suite deployment. Have a look:

Communications Suite Tuning and Best Practices

Tuesday Mar 16, 2010

Searching the Communications Suite Information, or You Can't Always Get What You Want

I still hear all too often that while the Communications Suite wiki is chock full of information, it is sometimes hard to find things.

My initial reaction is, have you read Finding What You Are Looking For? You just might get what you need.

Wednesday Feb 03, 2010

Communications Suite: Messaging Server Administration Guide Now All In on WSC

In the midst of all the recent news about Oracle and Sun, I'd like to mention that the Messaging Server Administration Guide is now completely converted and ported to We've created three ways to access this information:

  1. Alphabetically, by page name.
  2. Traditional book view, with the same chapter ordering that you are used to from
  3. Printable version, enabling you to generate a PDF version. (See below for instructions on generating a PDF version.)

Going forward, please use this wiki version. The original document on will no longer be updated. Note that these wiki versions also contain new product information since the introduction of Messaging Server 7, which the version does not contain.

 To print a wiki guide in PDF format:

  1. Log in to the Communications Suite wiki and navigate to Printable Docs.
    If you have never logged in before, see How to Contribute to the Communications Suite Wiki.
  2. Select one of the printable guides in the list.
  3. Click Tools in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Click Export to PDF.
  5. Choose to display or save the file.

Tuesday Jan 19, 2010

Communications Suite 7: Installing the VMware Image

The Communications Suite 7 VMware image is a simple and portable method for demonstrating Communications Suite 7 features without the overhead of installation and configuration. This VMware image is intended only for demonstration or evaluation purposes and not for production use.

To download the Communications Suite 7 VMware image, go to:

You can also view the Communications Suite 7 VMware tutorial:

More information is available here:

Friday Jan 08, 2010

Messaging Server: Updated dbhang script Available

Looks like the Sun GDD program has posted a new version of the useful dbhang script (version 3.8). Download it here.

If you aren't aware, dbhang collects all parts of the Sun Java System Messaging Server environment that are useful for debugging, such as log files, database, information platform information, and others.

Hat tip BigAdmin

Dealing with Communications Suite 7 & 32-bit Anti-Spam and Virus Plug-ins

Read about your options in dealing with 32-bit AS/AV plug-ins and Communications Suite 7, which is now a native 64-bit application:

Communications Suite 7 32-bit Anti-Spam and Virus Plug-ins

Friday Dec 18, 2009

Friday Christmas Blues Blogging

EC laying into Freddie King's "Cryin' Christmas Tears." Merry Xmas y'all.

Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Communications Suite Documentation: You Can Still Have Your Books and Read Them Too

Recently, as I've been converting the Messaging Server Administration Guide from the version to the version, I found that it was easy to put together a "traditional" book view of the information, with a minimum of extra work. Basically,  enables you to link to "pages" of information in any number of ways. So creating--or in this case, recreating--the view of the information by "chapter" just entailed creating a new wiki page and links to the converted information.

So, for those of you who are used to the way we ordered the information in the Messaging Server 6.3 Administration Guide, you'll probably find this view of the information on  very helpful.

 Note: I am still converting a few remaining chapters, which is why you'll see the small warning image next to a few chapter names.

Reminder: Going forward, we are updating just the wikis version, so it's a good idea to start referencing it more and more often.

Friday Dec 04, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

Today's installment, one of the three Kings--perhaps my favorite--Freddie King, performing "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" on the 60's TV show out of Dallas, TX, "The Beat."

It always ticked me off that right in the middle of an empassioned solo, the show's MC, "Boss Hoss," saunters on stage and kills the tune.

Wednesday Dec 02, 2009

Communications Suite: Just the Faqs, Ma'am

Reminder: If all you want are the Technical FAQs for Communications Suite, we've collected them here. And are continuously adding to them, so you might want to check back from time to time for new content.

Indeed, since these FAQs are on our documentation wiki, you can add to this collection yourself, to help out the community. Many of you already have.

Friday Nov 20, 2009

Friday Blues Blogging

How 'bout some funky soul for today's FBB, with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings:

Thursday Nov 19, 2009

Install the Stack: Communications Suite 7 Single Host Deployment Example

We've updated the Single Host Deployment Example for Communications Suite 7. This example describes how to install the entire Sun Java Communications Suite 7 software "stack" on one computer for a functioning deployment. This document is intended for any evaluator, system administrator, or installation technician who wants to install and evaluate the services delivered by these components.

This example describes how to install and configure the following components:

  • Sun Java System Messaging Server 7 Update 3
  • Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3
  • Sun Java System Calendar Server 7
  • Sun Java System Instant Messaging 8 Update 2
  • Sun Java System Directory Server 6.3.1
  • GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Patch 2 with HADB support
  • Delegated Administrator 7
  • Sun Convergence 1 Update 3
  • Sun Java Indexing and Search Service 1
Give the example a whirl.

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