Monday Feb 16, 2015

7-Eleven's Digital Guest Experience

7-Eleven embarked on an innovation campaign to connect with customers through a digital guest experience - learn how the Digital Guest Experience is used in 8,500+ stores for 8+ million customers every day, 24x7, by deploying private cloud, PaaS and SaaS on Oracle Exalogic.

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Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

Exalogic: System Administrator-Friendly Software

As a system administrator, you’re asked to pull together a huge array of technologies, tools, and products into a working system while addressing performance problems, security threats and tight timelines. The last thing you need is yet another product that adds to your list of challenges.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an engineered system that integrates compute, networking and storage hardware with virtualization, operating system and management software, for the purpose of running business applications. It comes with its own built-in management tool. So is Exalogic system administrator-friendly? Absolutely!

Exalogic is easy to manage
Exalogic is easier to manage than traditional, non-integrated platforms. It is built from standard x86 based hardware components and runs standard Oracle Linux, Solaris and Oracle VM. The architecture is simpler with all components designed to work together in a limited number of pre-defined configurations requiring fewer tasks, less administration effort and simpler tooling.

New environments can be provisioned in hours versus weeks
With Exalogic, sysadmins can provision new environments in hours rather than weeks. Because Exalogic is a shared pool of high density compute, storage and network resources, provisioning of new environments for development, testing or other projects simply involves allocation of these existing resources. The process can be fully automated and reduced to minutes if implemented as a cloud computing platform.

Patching is easy
Like any system, Exalogic benefits from regular patching. Oracle makes patching easier by providing patches for all Exalogic components in the form of pre-certified and pre-tested bundles. 

Centralized management of all Oracle systems
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C (EM) is Oracle’s strategic systems management toolset for centrally managing all Oracle systems, including Exalogic. The core EM infrastructure is provided free of charge. In addition to integrating with lower level, hardware-centric tools, EM integrates with your existing systems management and helpdesk tools.

Leverage your system administration skills with Exalogic
Computing platforms still need experienced system administrators who understand business applications and can achieve the business goals of system performance, reliability and security. At the same time, Exalogic provides the integrated, cloud-aware management system that can simplify your administrative tasks and give you more time to focus on IT innovation and business growth.

For the more information about achieving your performance, consolidation, manageability and supportability goals, read our white paper, "Oracle Exalogic: A Guide to Administration Tasks and Tools".

Thursday Apr 14, 2011

What is Oracle Exalogic?

Exalogic is a complete hardware and software platform for Enterprise applications delivered by Oracle as pre-assembled building blocks that are easy to buy, deploy and operate. 

Exalogic is an Engineered System: an assemblage of best-of-breed storage, compute, network, operating system and software products that are integrated, tested, tuned, optimized, delivered and supported by Oracle as a single factory-assembled unit.  Exalogic is not an appliance (because it allows flexible configuration and supports a wide range of applications), and it is not a blueprint (since implementation is done by Oracle, not by the customer).

Exalogic is designed to provide extreme high performance, reliability, ease-of-use and versatility without being a proprietary, closed system with high total cost of ownership and vendor lock-in.  Exalogic is everything enterprises love about both mainframes and open systems with none of the stuff they don't.  Exalogic is the realization of a new way of looking at the role of IT in the modern enterprise.

Exalogic supports CICS applications and COBOL (Oracle Tuxedo ART), Java SE and EE applications, the vast majority of the Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio and standard Linux and Solaris applications, (all blazingly fast). 

Exalogic is the evolution of Oracle's Grid architecture, fulfilling the role of the Application Grid and complimenting Oracle Exadata, which fills the role of the Database Grid.  Taken together, these two products provide a complete "Private Cloud in a box" platform that is ideal for consolidation of mission-critical enterprise applications.


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