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E-Business Suite on Exalogic and Exadata

This blog post summarizes important references available for E-Business Suite customers on Exalogic and Exadata.

For general E-Business Suite recommendations, refer to the current quarterly blog post on the E-Business Suite Technology blog.

For new deployments/installations of E-Business Suite on Exalogic and Exadata, refer to MOS Doc 1460742.1 - Deploying Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Migrating an existing E-Business Suite to Exalogic and Exadata consists of two major phases -
1. Migrating the E-Business Suite database to Exadata - detailed steps in MOS Doc 1133355.1
2. Migrating the E-Business Suite application tier to Exalogic - detailed steps in MOS Doc 438086.1

The list of E-Business Suite (and other software) versions that are currently supported on Exalogic are documented in MOS Doc 1302529.1

Best practices for managing concurrent manager log and out directories are outlined in MOS Doc 1616827.1 - these recommendations are applicable to all platforms, and there is a specific reference pertaining to Exalogic.

E-Business Suite VM templates built specifically for Exalogic are available -
1. For 12.1.3 VM templates, see details in MOS Doc 1499132.1
2. For 12.2.3 VM templates, see details in MOS Doc 1633952.1

These templates provide an easy way to quickly install the latest EBS software bypassing the traditional "install from media and then apply the latest EBS database/techstack/application patches" method. Customers can customize these installs as appropriate and create their own templates as outlined in the Exalogic documentation. Although these templates will create an E-Business Suite database on a Linux VM running on Exalogic, for optimal performance it is recommended that the EBS database tier be migrated to Exadata.

The E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Maximum Availability Architecture whitepaper for Exalogic and Exadata outlines various OS and storage best practices specific to E-Business Suite on Exadata and Exalogic that customers should uptake.

Various functional whitepapers, authored by EBS product teams, detailing the advantages of running E-Business Suite on Engineered Systems are also available.

There are several other documents that EBS customers may find useful -

MOS Doc 1934250.1 - CVE-2014-7169 Patch Availability for Oracle E-Business Suite (Bash Code Injection Vulnerability)
MOS Doc 1924645.1 - Intermittent Application Hangs Occur On An Exalogic Physical Or Virtual Server Due To A Race Condition That Occurs While Updating Memory Mapped Files Located Under NFS
MOS Doc 1439407.1 - Oracle Demantra Exadata Exalogic Benchmarking Performance Technology Configuration
MOS Doc 1512711.1 - Oracle E-Business Suite on Exadata Resources

Some details about Oracle's internal EBS R12 instance (known as GSI) are available in this previous blog post.

Monday Dec 08, 2014

Exalogic Case Study - Oracle's Internal E-Business Suite R12 environment

As you may be aware, Oracle runs a world-class single instance of R12.1 E-Business Suite which is primarily used to process business transactions related to Financials, Human Resources, Order Management and Purchasing, supporting all of our internal global back-office operations in these functional areas. Details of this EBS instance, internally known as GSI, were presented in an OOW 2014 session and also on the EBS Technology Stack blog.

The application tier for GSI is hosted on Oracle Exalogic X3-2 hardware, which is an Engineered System that provides breakthrough performance, reliability, availability and scalability for a wide variety of business applications, including E-Business Suite, in both conventional (on-premise) and cloud deployments.

Configuration details -

There are 32 OEL VMs implemented on Exalogic for GSI, and their breakdown is –

EBS Concurrent Manager – 4 VMs – each with 6 vCPUs and 48 GB RAM

EBS Self Service Apps (for Oracle internal users) – 4 VMs – each with 8 vCPUs, 103 GB RAM and 14 JVMs

EBS Configurator - 4 VMs – each with 9 vCPUs, 141 GB RAM and 19 JVMs

EBS Forms - 2 VMs – each with 16 vCPUs and 167 GB RAM

APEX Applications - 2 VMs – each with 1 vCPU and 16 GB RAM

External Facing Self Service Apps (iModules etc) - 16 VMs – various configurations totaling 80 vCPUs, 1012 GB RAM and 130 JVMs

The shared EBS binaries take up about 170GB of disk space, the INST_TOP size is about 600GB and CUSTOM_TOP is about 28GB – all of which are hosted on a ZFS Storage Appliance and mounted to all of the VMs noted above.

The backend database tier runs on an Oracle M6-32 SuperCluster hosting a 4-way RAC Oracle database, with each RAC node having 96 cores (768 threads) and 4TB of RAM.

Monday Oct 27, 2014

Webinar: How Grupo Famacos Achieved Cost Control and Operational Efficiency

How Grupo Farmacos Achieved Cost Control and Operational Efficiency

Webinar replay

Grupo Farmacos is the leading distributor of medical equipment and medicine in Mexico, and services customers across the public and private sectors. In order to support its diverse business operations, the company built a high-performance virtualized infrastructure in the cloud.

Watch this webcast for an in-depth look at how Grupo Farmacos implemented Oracle’s engineered systems and middleware to:

  • Consolidate its architecture to control costs and improve IT efficiency
  • Support high-volume transactions and ensure high availability of critical Oracle applications
  • Leverage common, SOA-based integration architecture for Oracle and third-party applications
  • Speakers:
    • Alfredo Funes Chief Information Officer Grupo Farmacos
    • Elias Solomon Corporate Vice President Grupo Farmacos
    • Yoav Eilat Director of Product Marketing Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle
    • Alfredo Medina Customer Service and Delivery Manager Oracle Latin America, Oracle

Tuesday Apr 22, 2014

New Environment-as-a-Service Demo

Read the full story below, and see the demo for yourself here:
Replay: "Environment as a Service" Demo with Accenture and Oracle

[Read More]

Thursday Apr 03, 2014

ROI of Exalogic & Exadata: Q&A with Forrester and Oracle

On March 28, Oracle and Forrester hosted a joint webcast titled "The Total Economic Impact of Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic", an overview of Forrester's ROI study at Oracle customer SquareTwo Financial. In case you missed it, you can view the webcast on demand at:

For easy reading, here's the Q&A from the webcast, slightly edited for clarity.

What's the difference between Exalogic and Exadata, and why do I need two systems?
Oracle Exalogic is the best platform for Middleware, Applications and a great consolidation platform while Exadata is a the best platform to run Oracle Databases. A company looking for the best performance and ease of management of their solution can benefit the most by using both these platforms together.

Is it good for small/mid- size business?
Yes there definitely small to midsize companies using these systems. I wouldn't recommend them to tiny companies, but if you need need to scale Oracle apps or databases they are very helpful.

Is it better than the IBM i platform?
We have many customers who went through extensive evaluations across various vendors, including IBM, and decided to move to Oracle’s engineered systems, Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata (hardware and software optimized to work together) based on various benefits they saw in performance, ease of management, ROI, TCO etc.

Both of them can reside on same hardware?
If you mean multiple applications, then yes. You can take advantage of the virtualization capabilities to run even hundreds of different apps on the same box.

Who are Oracle's main competitors in this segment, in terms of technology used by customers?
Probably the only company with similar products is IBM. However there are important differences between the Oracle and IBM products.

What about HP? Your first Exadata machines were built by HP right?
That's correct, the first Exadata machines were built by HP. Now HP has some converged infrastructure systems that they sell, but they don't have optimizations for databases or applications.

Is it hardware or software which differentiate Exadata and Exalogic?
In discussions with companies using Exadata and Exalogic, they said it is the combination of both software and hardware in a preconfigured (optimized) solution that was the real differentiator.

Do customers run Exalogic in a virtual environment?

There are many customers running Exalogic in a virtual environment and taking advantage of the benefits these systems have to offer.

Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

Exalogic: System Administrator-Friendly Software

As a system administrator, you’re asked to pull together a huge array of technologies, tools, and products into a working system while addressing performance problems, security threats and tight timelines. The last thing you need is yet another product that adds to your list of challenges.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an engineered system that integrates compute, networking and storage hardware with virtualization, operating system and management software, for the purpose of running business applications. It comes with its own built-in management tool. So is Exalogic system administrator-friendly? Absolutely!

Exalogic is easy to manage
Exalogic is easier to manage than traditional, non-integrated platforms. It is built from standard x86 based hardware components and runs standard Oracle Linux, Solaris and Oracle VM. The architecture is simpler with all components designed to work together in a limited number of pre-defined configurations requiring fewer tasks, less administration effort and simpler tooling.

New environments can be provisioned in hours versus weeks
With Exalogic, sysadmins can provision new environments in hours rather than weeks. Because Exalogic is a shared pool of high density compute, storage and network resources, provisioning of new environments for development, testing or other projects simply involves allocation of these existing resources. The process can be fully automated and reduced to minutes if implemented as a cloud computing platform.

Patching is easy
Like any system, Exalogic benefits from regular patching. Oracle makes patching easier by providing patches for all Exalogic components in the form of pre-certified and pre-tested bundles. 

Centralized management of all Oracle systems
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C (EM) is Oracle’s strategic systems management toolset for centrally managing all Oracle systems, including Exalogic. The core EM infrastructure is provided free of charge. In addition to integrating with lower level, hardware-centric tools, EM integrates with your existing systems management and helpdesk tools.

Leverage your system administration skills with Exalogic
Computing platforms still need experienced system administrators who understand business applications and can achieve the business goals of system performance, reliability and security. At the same time, Exalogic provides the integrated, cloud-aware management system that can simplify your administrative tasks and give you more time to focus on IT innovation and business growth.

For the more information about achieving your performance, consolidation, manageability and supportability goals, read our white paper, "Oracle Exalogic: A Guide to Administration Tasks and Tools".

Wednesday Oct 31, 2012

Webinar: Meeting Customer Expectations in the New Age of Retail

Webcast Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012
Time: 10am PT/ 1pm ET

The retail market has expanded into the online, mobile, and social worlds. But the key to success hasn’t changed since the days of traditional, brick-and-mortar business. It’s still about service. A successful retailer today in omni-channel customer engagement must be able to deliver quality service that meets customer expectations.

For many retailers, Oracle Web commerce applications help them achieve that success, allowing them to market, interact, and transact across multiple channels in a predictable, consistent, and personalized manner. Join us for this Webcast, and learn what Oracle applications can do for your business.

In this session, we will discuss:
  • The significance and dimensions of modern omni-channel customer experience
  • The Oracle Commerce platform
  • Real-world examples of business value derived by running customer-facing applications on Oracle Engineered Systems
Register today


Sanjeev Sharma
Principal Product Director, Oracle Exalogic,

Kelly Goetsch
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Commerce,

Dan Conway
Senior Product Manager, Oracle Retail,

Monday Oct 15, 2012

2012 Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards for Oracle Exalogic

Companies from around the world were honored for their innovative solutions using Oracle Fusion Middleware. This year’s 27 award winners, representing 11 countries and a wide span of industries, wowed the judges with a range of projects across eight product categories. 4 awards were given out to customers who demonstrated innovative application of Oracle Exalogic for their mission-critical applications.

Below is an overview of the 4 businesses that won the Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award for Oracle Exalogic this year.

Company: Netshoes
About: Leading online retailer of sporting goods in Latin America.

  • Rapid business growth resulted in frequent outages and poor response-time of online store-front
  • Conventional ad-hoc approach to horizontal scaling resulted in high CAPEX and OPEX
  • Poor performance and unavailability of online store-front resulted in revenue loss from purchase abandonment

Consolidated ATG Commerce and Oracle WebLogic running on Oracle Exalogic.
Business Impact:
Reduced abandonment rates resulting in a two-digit increase in online conversion rates translating directly into revenue up-lift

Company: Claro
About: Leading communications services provider in Latin America.

  • Support business growth over the next 3  - 5 years while maximizing re-use of existing middleware and application investments with minimal effort and risk

Consolidated Oracle Fusion Middleware components (Oracle WebLogic, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Tuxedo) and JAVA applications onto Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata.
Business Impact:
Improved partner SLA’s 7x while improving throughput 5X and response-time 35x for  JAVA applications

Company: UL
About: Leading safety testing and certification organization in the world.

  • Transition from being a non-profit to a profit oriented enterprise and grow from a $1B to $5B in annual revenues in the next 5 years
  • Undertake a massive business transformation by aligning change strategy with execution

Consolidated Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite, Siebel, BI, Hyperion) and Oracle Fusion Middleware (AIA, SOA Suite) on Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata
Business Impact:
Reduced financial and operating risk in re-architecting IT services to support new business capabilities supporting 87,000 manufacturers

Company: Ingersoll Rand
About: Leading manufacturer of industrial, climate, residential and security solutions.

  • Business continuity risks due to complexity in enforcing consistent operational and financial controls;
  • Re-active business decisions reduced ability to offer differentiation and compete

Consolidated Oracle E-business Suite on Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata
Business Impact:
Service differentiation with faster order provisioning and a shorter lead-to-cash cycle translating into higher customer satisfaction and quicker cash-conversion

Check out the winners of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation awards in other categories here.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

Supercharging the Performance of Your Front-Office Applications @ OOW'12

You can increase customer satisfaction, brand equity, and ultimately top-line revenue by deploying  Oracle ATG Web Commerce, Oracle WebCenter Sites, Oracle Endeca applications, Oracle’s  Siebel applications, and other front-office applications on Oracle Exalogic, Oracle’s combination  of hardware and software for applications and middleware.

Join me (Sanjeev Sharma) and my colleague, Kelly Goetsch, at the following conference session at Oracle Open World to find out how Customer Experience can be transformed with Oracle Exalogic:

Session:  CON9421 - Supercharging the Performance of Your Front-Office Applications with Oracle Exalogic
Date: Wednesday, 3 Oct, 2012
Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am (PST)
Venue: Moscone South (309)

Monday Sep 24, 2012

Join me at OpenWorld 2012

For those of you that will be coming out to Oracle OpenWorld 2012 next ween in San Francisco, I encourage you to take a few minutes on Monday afternoon to come to my session on Oracle Exalogic.

Click here for more info: CON9416 - Oracle Exalogic 2.0: Ready-to-Deploy, Mission-Critical Private Cloud

[Read More]

If you want to learn all about Exalogic in 6 minutes, watch this demo!

If you haven't seen the latest Exalogic demo, click here now.[Read More]

NINTENDO, CLARO and ALLEGIS GROUP @ Oracle Open World 2012 Conference Session (CON9418): The Business Case for Oracle Exalogic: A Customer Perspective

 Are you looking to deliver breakthrough performance for packaged and custom  applications? For many front-office applications such as Oracle WebCenter Sites, Oracle Transportation Management, and Oracle’s ATG and Siebel product families,  improved  performance leads directly to greater revenue or cost savings from the business - a  compelling  proposition. For back-office applications, improved performance has tangible benefits  in terms of  footprint reductions. For all applications, Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata provide an engineered solution that provides shorter time to value and lower operational costs.

[Excerpt from Mohamad Afshar's Blog]

The customers presenting include:

1. Claro is part of America Movil with some 313 million subscribers. When Claro talk about growth they mean 100% increase in transactions a year, or more! Sandro Trindade Araújo will talk through how Claro moved to Exalogic for their Value Added Services Application and achieved a 3 month ROI!

2. Allegis is a staffing company and as staffing companies do, tends to run very large payrolls, getting ever bigger! Guy Myers will talk through how Allegis is managing the problem of keeping ever tighter processing windows with Exalogic.

3. Nintendo, well not much really to say, Wii! Dave Tempero, Chief Architect at Nintendo will talk through what they are getting up to with Exalogic and Exadata as part of a new project. Although he may not share anything more than the project being new, he will share some perspectives on why it makes sense to deploy new projects running Oracle and ISV applications on Exalogic.

4. Cognizant's growth has been nothing short of astronomical. With growth come challenges related to ensuring adequate training for employees. In this session Aaron De Los Reyes will talk through how Cognizant deployed Exalogic for their E-learning application running internally. Some of the headlines include getting rid of 70 P-series servers with 1 Exalogic one, a 90% reduction in trouble tickets and 8x increase in capacity for compute node / server and a 4x improvement in response times for end users

Hear senior business leaders from Nintendo, Claro and Allegis Group discuss how the business value of  leveraging Oracle Exalogic at the following conference session at Oracle Open World 2012:

Session:  CON9418 - The Business Case for Oracle Exalogic: A Customer Perspective
Date: Monday, 1 Oct, 2012
Time: 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm (PST)
Venue: Moscone South (306)

Saturday Sep 22, 2012

BOEING, EA and UNDERWRITER LABS @ Oracle Open World 2012 General Session (GEN9504): Innovation Platform for Oracle Apps, including Oracle Fusion Applications

 What does it take to deliver social, mobile, cloud and business analytic      capabilities? Oracle Fusion Middleware is the leading innovation platform for today’s new    business  applications and the building-block of Oracle Fusion Applications.  Join Amit Zavery,  Vice President of Fusion Middleware Product Management discuss Oracle Fusion  Applications’ architecture and the strategy roadmap for Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Underwriter Laboratories is the world’s leading provider of product safety and certification testing services.  To support its business growth from $1B to $5B in the next 5 years Underwriter Laboratories is undergoing a major business transformation. Underpinning Underwriter Laboratories's growth plans and associated business transformation is a major Datacenter Modernization effort to consolidate its existing Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite, Siebel CRM, BI etc.) and middleware components (Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle AIA etc.) on a standardized application platform. Underwriter Labs has identified Oracle Engineered Systems (Exalogic and Exadata) as the cornerstone of its Datacenter Modernization endeavor which will eventually support 10,000 employees, 87,000 manufactures and 600,000 catalog items. 

Hear senior business leaders from Boeing, Electronic Arts and Underwriters  Laboratories discuss how their organizations are leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware and  Oracle Applications to improve productivity, lower IT costs and lay a  foundation for business  innovation at the following general session at Oracle Open World 2012:

Session:  GEN9504 - General Session: Innovation Platform for Oracle Apps, Including Oracle Fusion Applications
Date: Monday, 1 Oct, 2012
Time: 10:45 am - 11:45 am (PST)
Venue: Moscone West (3002 / 3004)

Friday Sep 21, 2012

HYUNDAI @ Oracle Open World 2012 General Session (GEN9449): Engineered Systems - From Vision to Game-Changing Results

 Why do data centers still demand an “assembly required” approach?
 This necessity  proves costly and complex, forces customers to deal with a wide range of vendors  for each  application, and fails to deliver performance optimization for application and data  workloads. 

Oracle believes that systems (just like automobiles) should be designed and engineered “at the  factory” with the goal of reducing customers’ costs and complexity and delivering extreme performance, reliability, availability, and simplicity with a higher degree of automation. 

Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 and since then has become a global brand in the automotive industry. Hyundai Motor Company’s was looking for a solution to manage its intellectual capital by capturing and facilitating re-use of knowledge of its thousands of employees. To achieve this Hyundai Motor Company set out to build a centralized document management platform that will allow its 30,000 knowledge workers to collaborate by sharing documents in a secure manner, anytime, anywhere. Furthermore this new knowledge management platform would bring about significant improvements in employee productivity. 

Hear senior business leaders from Hyundai speak about the role and benefits of running their knowledge management platform on the Oracle family of engineered systems at the following general session at Oracle Open World 2012:

Session: GEN9499 - General Session: Engineered Systems—From Vision to Game-Changing Results
Date: Monday, 1 Oct, 2012
Time: 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm (PST)
Venue: Moscone West (2002 / 2004)

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012

OOW12: Focus On Oracle Exalogic

Oracle Open World 2012 is around the corner and we have 36 sessions covering Oracle Exalogic from a technical, business and product strategy perspective.

To make sense of the madness and help you plan your itinerary here is the consolidated list of sessions:

Note: To get the most up-to-date list of Exalogic sessions at OOW, click here.


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