Wednesday Mar 09, 2016

Technical articles on application migrations and database replatforming

The Oracle Optimized Solutions team has generated a series of Architecture Matters articles available on OTN. These articles are designed to give the customer detailed insight into techniques to optimize the Oracle Database for performance, security and high availability.  You may forward these to your customers and partners to show our unique technology differentiators.


Monday Oct 12, 2015

New whitepaper: Database Consolidation on Oracle SuperCluster

This white paper discusses relevant design considerations and requirements as well as database consolidation options, offered by Oracle SuperCluster. It provides guidelines with recommendations on how these guidelines can best be used and combined to build a consolidated database infrastructure.

Click here to read the White Paper

Consolidation on SuperCluster

Wednesday May 06, 2015

New whitepaper: Accelerate the Journey to Enterprise Cloud with Oracle Database 12c, April 2015

Excellent new whitepaper examining the new features in Oracle Database 12c that will help you accelerate the your journey of your customers to the enterprise cloud. Download here.


Monday Jun 30, 2014

IDC on support-related benefits of integrated infrastructure

Learn what IDC has to say about the significant support-related benefits of integrated infrastructure and platforms and important support considerations for optimizing ongoing IT operations.

Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

New technical whitepaper on Database-as-a-Service

High Availability Best Practices for Database Consolidation- The Foundation for Database-as-a-Service. An Oracle White Paper - April 2014

This paper provides MAA best practices for Database Consolidation using Oracle Multitenant.

It describes standard HA architectures that are the foundation for DBaaS. It is most appropriate for a technical audience: Architects, Directors of IT and Database Administrators responsible for the consolidation and migration of traditional database deployments to DBaaS. 

Recommended best practices are equally relevant to any platform supported by Oracle Database except where explicitly noted as being an optimization or an example that applies only to Oracle Engineered systems. 

Monday May 06, 2013

New Whitepaper - Best Practices For Database Consolidation On Exadata - April 2013

A new edition of the "Best Practices For Database Consolidation On Exadata" whitepaper has been just published.

You can download here.


Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Oracle Applications running on Engineered Systems: whitepapers

New whitepapers about each of the Oracle Applications (eBusiness Suite, Siebel, Peoplesoft, JDE, Fusion Apps,...) running on Engineered Systems have just been published. Learn what the performance improvements can be for the different applications and the different modules, and recommended practices.

Complete library of whitepapers for Oracle Application on Engineered Systems here.

Some of the whitepapers are:


eBusiness Suite

Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

New whitepaper: "Information Management and Big Data: A Reference Architecture"

In this white paper we explore Big Data within the context of Oracle’s Information Management Reference Architecture. We discuss some of the background behind Big Data and review how the Reference Architecture can help to integrate structured, semi-structured and unstructured information into a single logical information resource that can be exploited for commercial gain.

Download whitepaper here.


Wednesday Jan 02, 2013

New whitepaper - Data Warehousing Top Trends for 2013

What can you expect in 2013? This past year, big data, cloud platforms, and business intelligence emerged front and center in enterprise IT. As 2012 comes to a close, it’s time to look ahead to 2013 and the trends, solutions, and technologies that will be at the top of every CIO’s to-do list. You’re invited to read our latest white paper, “Data Warehousing Top Trends for 2013,” to get up to speed on what's top of mind for CIO's in the New Year. 

Get the facts on Data Warehousing top trends!

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012

Exadata Database Machine X3 - New technical whitepaper available

After the announcement of the Exadata Database Machine X3, a new technical whitepaper is available for all of you who want to go deep into the technical features of the new generation of Exadata machines.

You can download it from here:  "An Oracle Whitepaper - A Technical Overview of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and  Exadata Storage Server - November 2012"


Monday May 21, 2012

New whitepaper: Operational Impact of Deploying Exadata

Traditionally, highly skilled and focused administrators have been responsible for managing individual portions of the technology stack. With engineered systems, lifecycle management becomes a more integrated and, ultimately, less complex environment. From a business perspective, the engineered system will result in improved performance and throughput along with reduced lifecycle management costs.

Read the full whitepaper "Operational Impact of Deploying Engineered Systems (Exadata)". Full document is available for download at the Exadata Partner Community Collaborative Workspace (for community members only - if you get an error message, please register for the Community first).

Monday Nov 28, 2011

Best Practices For Database Consolidation On Exadata - New Whitepapers

 Best Practices For Database Consolidation On Exadata Database Machine (Nov. 2011)

Consolidation can minimize idle resources, maximize efficiency, and lower costs when you host multiple schemas, applications or databases on a target system. Consolidation is a core enabler for deploying Oracle database on public and private clouds.
This paper provides the Exadata Database Machine (Exadata) consolidation best practices to setup and manage systems and applications for maximum stability and availability:

Download here

Oracle Exadata Database Machine Consolidation: Segregating Databases and Roles (Sep. 2011)

This paper is focused on the aspects of segregating databases from each other in a platform consolidation environment on an Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Platform consolidation is the consolidation of multiple databases on to a single Oracle Exadata Database Machine. When multiple databases are consolidated on a single Database Machine, it may be necessary to isolate certain database components or functions in order to meet business requirements and provide best practices for a secure consolidation. In this paper we outline the use of Oracle Exadata database-scoped security to securely separate database management and provide a detailed case study that illustrates the best practices.

Download here


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