Monday Apr 27, 2015

ZFS Storage Appliance Benchmark Assets

  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: Extreme Enterprise Efficiency and Performance at an Incredibly Low Price - Read more
  • Realizing the Superior Value of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance with particular focus on performance - Read more
  • ESG Lab Brief: Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 - Read more

Wednesday Apr 09, 2014

New analyst report: DCIG reports on Storage

Don't miss these new reports just released from analyst firm DCIG. Making the Right Hybrid Storage Array Buying Decision: Oracle ZS3 Series Stands Out As A Hybrid Enterprise Storage Solution, and Big Data Tape Library Buyer's Guide. Both reports are loaded with great information pertaining to Oracle's ZS3 and Tape products. 

Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

Live OPN PartnerCast: Solving The Data Growth Problem - April 16

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 16 at 19:00 CET (6pm UK) to watch a live OPN PartnerCast focused on solving the data growth problems for partners' customers. Oracle experts will be joining to discuss hot topics on Oracle Database, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle Storage. Stream it live from the Oracle PartnerNetwork homepage. Audience members will have the opportunity to submit questions, participate in polls, and share comments during the live event via Twitter by using @oraclepartners or #OPN in your tweets.

Thursday Sep 12, 2013

New Oracle ZS3 Storage Accelerates High-throughput Business Analytics and Database Queries

Oracle has just announced its latest ZFS Storage Appliances, the ZS3 Series. ZS3 is twice faster, 3 times more scalable than current ZFS  products and it outperforms  all the competitors in the SPC benchmarks. This new concept of storage called "Application Engineered Storage" means that the Oracle Database has the lead on the storage thanks to a deep technical intimacy.

Read press release here.  

Detailed product info here.

Register for one of the training days planned across EMEA which will be delivered by the ZS3 product team in October.

Saturday Jul 13, 2013

New: Database Storage for Dummies

Database Storage for Dummies – Get your copy today!  Inside, you’ll learn about the challenges of database storage management and how to address them with Oracle’s storage solutions. Get the information needed to help you:

  • Navigate storage choices
  • Optimize storage in database environments
  • Implement cost-saving features
  • Better protect your data


Monday Feb 25, 2013

Webcast: Data Center Storage Trends for 2013

The storage issues you’re going to face in 2013 are not a surprise: The amount of data you’ll need to manage will keep growing as fast or even faster than before, your storage systems and infrastructure must keep up, and regulatory requirements for protecting data will keep becoming more demanding.

The emergence of big data, increasing cloud deployments, scale-out architectures, and Flash storage provide opportunity to address these challenges. So watch this important Webcast, “Data Center Storage Trends for 2013,” where we'll look at new and emerging technologies that will help you stay ahead of those ever-increasing challenges. Topics include:

  • Top trends you can expect to see in the storage market in 2013
  • New ways to optimize your IT infrastructure for performance and efficiency
  • How Oracle is positioned to help you with our complete and fully integrated storage portfolio

Demands on storage will keep increasing while your budgets keep decreasing. But the strategies and solutions you need are out there. Join us and find out more.

Watch this important storage Webcast.

Thursday Nov 08, 2012

Backup and Recovery in Exadata environments

As with any infrastructure every Engineered Systems customer needs a Backup & Recovery solution for Data Protection. See a detailed presentation and learn about the challenges of backup & recovery and the key benefits of the ZFS Storage Applicance as a backup device for Exadata & Sparc SuperCluster.

(You need to be a registered member of the Exadata Partner Community to access link above. Otherwise you will get an error. You can register here)

Tuesday Aug 14, 2012

Oracle Optimized Storage - On-demand webcast

Even in the most advanced data centers, outdated and inefficient storage management techniques are stifling business innovation.

But now you can deploy Oracle’s optimized storage, the industry’s most advanced, easy-to-use, and cost-effective enterprise storage solutions.

View this important online, on-demand launch webcast featuring Mark Hurd and John Fowler to learn how Oracle can help you take on the biggest enterprise storage infrastructure challenges — including reducing costs and increasing data management efficiency.


Register now with transcripts available in the following languages:

English, German, French, Turkish and Russian

Tuesday Jul 12, 2011

Product announcement: Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack

The Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack is engineered to be the simplest, fastest and most robust way to add additional storage capacity to an Exadata Database Machine. A natural extension of the Exadata Database Machine, the Exadata Storage Expansion Rack can be used to satisfy the Big Data requirements of the largest mission critical databases.

See Data Sheet here

The Exadata Storage Expansion Racks will be available for ordering starting July 12, 201


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