Monday Oct 07, 2013

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Eagle Investment Systems and Engineering Ingegneria Informatica

 New Exastack Optimized announcements:

  • Eagle Investment Systems finds Exadata helps deliver speed, scalability and reliability to clients without the need for code changes. Read more.
  • Engineering Ingegneria Informatica finds improved batch processing and data query speeds running on Exadata and Exalogic. Read more.   

Tuesday Sep 03, 2013

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Adaptik, eMeter, Temenos, Intrasoft

  • Adaptik’s PolicyWriter Easily Supports the Business Volumes of the Largest Global Insurance Companies with Oracle Exadata. Read more.          
  • The eMeter Scales to 50 Million Meters with Oracle Exadata. Watch video here.
  • Temenos T24 achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized and Oracle Exalogic Optimized status. Read story here
  • Intrasoft International's own Core Banking Product PROFITS® achieves ORACLE Exadata Optimized Status. Read more.

Monday Aug 05, 2013

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: ATOS SmartGrid

Atos Smart Grid Suite Achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized and Oracle Exalogic Optimized Status. Read more.

Tuesday Jul 30, 2013

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: eMeter

eMeter, a Siemens Business demonstrates ability to scale to 50 million meters to provide utilities of any size with risk-free growth.

Read more.

Monday Jun 10, 2013

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Temenos at Acleda Bank

  • ACLEDA Bank Targets Aggressive Expansion and 24x7 Services with Oracle Engineered Systems and TEMENOS T24. Read more.
  • Monday Jun 03, 2013

    Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Avnet, Pattern Matched

    Avnet Technology Solutions Demonstrates Extreme Performance at the Middle East’s First Engineered Systems Competency Center. Read more.

    Using Oracle Exadata and Solaris, Pattern Matched Technologies adds value to its client services with a 30x faster transaction time.  Watch now.

    Monday May 27, 2013

    Featured ISV: WeDo Technologies

    WeDo's Bruno Marques describes how the competitive advantage of Oracle Exadata lowers customer costs.  Watch the video

    By optimizing RAID to run on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, WeDo Technologies is able to deliver improved performance, lower storage requirements, and increased scalability.  Read the eBook.

    Monday May 06, 2013

    Top Exastack Partner Headlines

    • Adaptive TechSoft Serves Higher Education Institutions, Leveraging Engineered Systems' Superior Performance.  Read More
    • Kiman Solutions Gets 40x Faster Performance for Enterprise Resource Planning Suite with Database Machine.  Read More.
    • Oracle Engineered Systems and Triple Point Technologies - Successful Volatility Management for Commodities.  Read More.

    Monday Apr 15, 2013

    Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Banner by Ellucian

    Banner by Ellucian Optimized for Speed and Reliability on Oracle Exadata Database Machine.  Read More.

    "The ERP solutions have increased performance tenfold over legacy systems at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in Abu Dhabi which supports more than 20,000 students and 2,000 staff members on 17 campuses. Before the implementation, executing end-of-semester processes consumed 100 percent of CPU and took two to three days for completion. Now the processes can be completed within a few hours, and total resource utilization has not gone above 15 percent. Also, HCT consolidated its six databases into one and expects to gain cost savings in the long term"

    Monday Apr 08, 2013

    Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Consis, Kerridge

    Consis International Reduces Infrastructure Costs Using Optimized Technology Platform, Extends Savings to Insurance Industry Customers. Read More.

    Kerridge Commercial Systems Improves Performance 8x to 39x and Gains Operational Benefits for its Distribution-Industry Software Solution. Read More.

    Monday Feb 25, 2013

    Top Exastack ISV Headlines: UC4 ONE, WeDo Technologies, Zoho

    • TAS Tecnologia Avanzata dei Sistemi : TAS Group’s GG TFM Achieves Oracle Exalogic Optimized Status. Read More.
    • Aldata Supply Chain Management Achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized Status. Read more.

    Monday Jan 28, 2013

    Featured partner: STERCi Reduces Operational Risk for Financial Institutes with Exalogic and Tuxedo

    Headquartered in Geneva, Sterci Group is a market-leading financial messaging solutions company with subsidary divisions in London, Brussels, Toronto, New York, Paris, Riyadh, Singapore and Zurich.

    STERCi leverages Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Tuxedo to achieve record performance benchmarks with 3.5 million of financial messages per hour, while driving down cost of ownership and operational risks for large financial institutions.


    Monday Nov 05, 2012

    Temenos WealthManager: performance benchmark on Exadata

    Temenos WealthManager is at work in financial institutions of all sizes. No matter the size, each of Temenos’ customers has one requirement in common: a need for fast technology.

    This led Temenos to conduct a performance benchmark, running its WealthManager platform on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. During the study, Temenos executed high-intensity financial engines two- to three-times faster than its previous internal benchmarks and/or largest customer throughput. The company also demonstrated greater than two-times the average improvement in response times for six-times the number of users and data volumes. Further, Temenos secured a two-times gain in service-level agreements for batch and user-oriented workloads via dedicated or parallelized processing windows.

    Last year Temenos also communicated the availability of its T24 core banking system and how the benchmark run demonstrated the ability of Oracle’s Exadata platform to comfortably support the highest banking volumes for T24.

    Read full story here


    Thursday Aug 16, 2012

    ISV Exastack program: WeDo Technologies

    WeDo Technologies today announced it has earned Oracle Exadata Optimized status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), demonstrating that Business Assurance RAID 6.3 has been tested and tuned on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. WeDo Technologies is a Gold level member in Oracle PartnerNetwork.

    Revenue and business assurance, also known as profit or revenue protection, are the areas where WeDo Technologies has excelled as a constant innovator and true market leader.

    The Oracle Exadata Database Machine allows WeDo Technologies to target medium - large customers through improved performance, lower storage requirements and increased scalability. Using a ¼ Rack Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Business Assurance RAID 6.3 achieved a processing throughput of up to 1 Billion Event Data Records (EDRs) per hour during loading enrichment and aggregation, with savings of up to 13x the space required for storing detailed EDR data when compared with raw data. Whether implementing one module at a time, multiple modules, or the complete suite, Business Assurance RAID 6.3 provides enhanced business information for effective decision-making and enables an adaptive enterprise for optimal responsiveness.

    Read full story here

    ISV Exastack program: Electracard

    ElectraCard Services is a subsidiary of OPUS Software Solutions and provides real-time, third-party credit, debit, prepaid, and smart card processing services in the U.S. and more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

    ElectraCard Services offers a number of solutions for issuing, acquiring, risk, and fraud management in its electrasuite product portfolio. The portfolio includes electraSWITCH, which processes ATMs, point-of-sale, internet, and cell phone banking transactions as either “on-us” transactions (where the issuing and acquiring bank are the same or part of the same group and no interbank transaction is required) or “switching mode” transactions, where foreign transactions must be sent to electronic fund transfer networks for authorization.

    ElectraCard Services ported its electraSWITCH solution on Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2, and Oracle Linux. ElectraCard then tested the new system at Oracle Exastack Labs to prove it could meet customer requirements. The company achieved processing speeds of more than 12,000 transactions per second (TPS) and a twofold improvement in performance. 

    Read full story here


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