Tuesday Oct 27, 2015

Oracle and Intel Help Customers Migrate Oracle Database off Aging IBM Power Systems

New Exa Your Power Program offers IBM Power customers a free Proof of Concept database migration to Oracle Engineered Systems running on Intel architecture.

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Thursday Jun 26, 2014

Atos IT Solutions and Services replaced IBM AIX with Oracle SuperCluster

Atos IT Solutions and Services Raises Platform Profitability by 1.5x and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Hosting Environment

Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH provides information technology (IT) solutions and services. It operates one of Europe’s major data centers, managing the IT infrastructure for more than 100 Austrian companies in industries, including manufacturing, retail, financial services, telecommunications, and utilities. It offers IT outsourcing, business-process management, systems integration, and consulting for a variety of customer environments for business intelligence, customer relationship management, enterprise content management, enterprise resource planning, human resources, product lifecycle, and supply chain management. Atos IT Solutions and Services is a subsidiary of Atos SE, an international IT services company delivering managed operations, consulting, and systems integrations to a client base in 52 countries and multiple business sectors.

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Wednesday Nov 21, 2012

TCO Comparison: Oracle Exadata vs IBM P-Series

Cost Comparison for Business Decision-makers
Oracle Exadata Database Machine vs. IBM Power Systems
How to Weigh a Purchase Decision
October 2012

Download full report here

In this research-based  white paper conducted at the request of Oracle, The FactPoint Group compares the cost of ownership of the Oracle Exadata engineered system to a traditional build-your-own (BYO) solution, in this case an IBM Power 770 (P770) with SAN storage.  The IBM P770 was chosen given it is IBM’s current most popular model, based on FactPoint primary and secondary research and IBM claims, and because at least one of the interviewed customers had specifically migrated from a P770 to Exadata, affording us a more specific data point for comparison.

This research found that Oracle Exadata:

  • Can be deployed more quickly and easily requiring 59% fewer man-hours than a traditional IBM Power Systems solution.
  • Delivers dramatically higher performance typically up to 12X improvement, as described by customers, over their prior solution. 
  • Requires 40% fewer systems administrator hours to maintain and operate annually, including quicker support calls because of less finger-pointing and faster service with a single vendor. 
  • Will become even easier to operate over time as users become more proficient and organize around the benefits of integrated infrastructure.
  • Supplies a highly available, highly scalable and robust solution that results in reserve capacity that make Exadata easier for IT to operate because IT administrators can manage proactively, not reactively.  Overall, Exadata operations and maintenance keep IT administrators from “living on the edge.”  And it’s pre-engineered for long-term growth.

Finally, compared to IBM Power Systems hardware, Exadata is a bargain from a total cost of ownership perspective:  Over three years, the IBM hardware running Oracle Database cost 31% more in TCO than Exadata.

Monday Apr 30, 2012

IBM PureApps Competitive Response Available for Exadata Specialized Partners

IBM launched its highly anticipated “Expert Integrated Systems” called PureSystems. There are two variations: PureFlex System and PureApplication System. Oracle’s Competitive Intelligence team has published a “Quick Take” on this launch which is available for partners under the confidentiality terms in the document.  (Only Exadata Specialized partners will be able to access the link.)

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