Tuesday Mar 08, 2016

Webcast: Gartner Insights on Database as a Service, March 10th.

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Database Webcast Series:  Transform Your Business

Gartner´s Insights on Database as a Service

What´s next for databases? Like many organizations, yours is probably considering migrating some, if not all, your data to the cloud.

Join Gartner Research Director on Data Management Systems, Adam Ronthal for an impactful webcast as he shares his insights on industry trends on Database as a Service. Adam will share his deep knowledge of data management as he answers key questions your organization may be asking about moving databases to the cloud. He will share insights, best practices as well as what impact moving to a cloud environment will have on your IT organization over the next three years.

Discussion will include answers to these key questions:

  • What is the definition of Database Cloud Services/DBaaS?
  • Why are organizations looking to run Databases in the Cloud? What are the adoption trends? What are the business and technology drivers that necessitate the move to DBaaS?
  • What are some of the common use cases for Database Cloud Services?
  • How important is integration with on-premises database services (i.e. Hybrid Cloud) for many organizations?
  • What's the number #1 piece of advice you have for any organization considering running their databases in the Cloud?

Register today for this webcast on Thursday, March 10th, 2016.

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Calendar March 10, 2016
19:00 CET / 6pm UK)
Adam Ronthal
Featured Speaker:
Adam Ronthal,
Research Director
Gartner Inc.

Adam Ronthal is a Research Director on Gartner's Information Management team with a primary focus on database management systems, technologies and strategies. Mr. Ronthal's areas of specialization include both operational- and data-warehousing-focused use cases, cloud, appliances, and traditional implementations. Mr. Ronthal joined Gartner in January 2015 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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Tuesday Feb 10, 2015

Gartner research note regarding Exadata X5

  Gartner database analyst, Donald Feinberg has released a new research note regarding Oracle's Exadata X5 January 2015 announcement.

Quotes from the research note include:

  • "Exadata X5 contains technology upgrades of all components, and should be a big step forward in customer satisfaction regarding cost."
  • "Purchasing and IT management should re-evaluate Exadata."
  • "Exadata X5’s most important changes are flexible, configurable hardware, capacity on demand (COD) pricing of the DBMS software and the availability of Oracle VM on Exadata"

Oracle has purchased rights to the full report.

Wednesday Mar 12, 2014

Gartner's Perspective on Build vs. Buy

Donald Feinberg, a Gartner Distinguished Analyst, shares his views on the benefits of engineered systems vs. a do-it-yourself approach. (Watch video here)

Tuesday Oct 16, 2012

Gartner report: Oracle Embraces Flash Memory in New Exadata Machine

On September 30, 2012, Gartner published "Oracle Embraces Flash Memory in New Exadata Machine"

In this report Gartner analyzes the September 30, 2012 Exadata X3 announcement. You can download it at:

Friday Jun 24, 2011

Adoption of Exadata - Gartner research note

Independent research note by Gartner acknowledges Oracle Exadata Database Machine has achieved significant early adoption and acceptance of its database appliance value proposition.

Analyst Merv Adrian looks at some of the main issues that IT professionals have solved as they assess or deploy the Oracle Exadata solution, including:
  • OLTP and DSS workload support
  • workload consolidation
  • increasing performance and scalability demands
  • data compression improvements 
Gartner reports clients using Oracle Exadata experienced the following:
  • report significant performance improvements
  • substantial amounts of cache memory which greatly improves processing speed
  • Oracle Advanced Compression providing 2-4X data compression delivering significant reductions in storage requirements and driving shorter times for backup operations
  • Tables compressed with Oracle Advanced Compression automatically recompress as data is added/updated.
  • One client specifically reported consolidating more than 400 applications onto the Oracle Exadata platform
Read the full Gartner note

Thursday Jun 02, 2011

Spotlight on Oracle Exadata at Gartner Business Intelligence Summit

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Spotlight on Oracle Exadata at Gartner Business Intelligence Summit

At Gartner’s Business Intelligence Summit in Los Angeles; Oracle Vice President Paul Rodwick was joined on stage by representatives from Polk, a leader in automotive data and marketing solutions, to discuss their experiences deploying Oracle Exadata and Oracle Business Intelligence foundation. Since deploying Oracle Exadata, Polk has realized a tenfold improvement in database query speed, with turnaround time for approximately 80 percent of its automotive industry reports shrinking from about five minutes to just seconds.
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