Thursday Nov 27, 2014

Top Exastack ISV partner headlines: SAS

In this video, Paul Kent - Vice President of Big Data at SAS - discusses SAS strategy for Big Data analytics and how Oracle Engineered Systems simplify implementations for customers - Watch video

Monday Nov 24, 2014

Exastack program for ISVs - Update webcast

Join Milan Thanawala, João de Oliveira and Pedro Cerdeira for a webcast reviewing how the Exastack Program helps our ISV partners, sales teams and go-to-market activities + resources available in EMEA - watch the replay and download the slides

Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

Top Exastack ISV partner headlines

  • Informatica's PowerCenter - a data integration and quality solution - achieves Oracle Exadata and SuperCluster Optimized. Additionally, Informatica's MDM Multidomain Edition - a master data management solution - has achieved Oracle Exadata and Exalogic Optimized - Watch here
  • Temenos UK, a banking solution, has achieved Oracle Exadata, Exalogic, SuperCluster and Oracle Database Appliance Optimized - Watch here

Wednesday Oct 22, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Mednet - Microstrategy

  • Mednet's MedNext+, a solution for managing health insurance risks, is now Oracle Exadata and Exalogic Optimized - Watch now
  • MicroStrategy leverages the processing power of Oracle Database 12c in its Mobile Platform and enterprise analytics by pushing analytics to the database - Learn more


Monday Oct 13, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: IFS, Informatica

  •  IFS™ Applications achieves Oracle Database Appliance Optimized and launches IFS-In-A-Box on Oracle Database Appliance - Read more
  •  Informatica's data integration software - Informatica PowerCenter and Data Quality - have achieved Oracle Exadata and SuperCluster Optimized status. "Oracle Exadata and Oracle SuperCluster offer the pinnacle of performance, availability and scalability for running Oracle Database, and Informatica is proud." - Read more

Monday Sep 15, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Axway, Business Control Solutions

  • Axway Accounting Integration Suite achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized Status. "With Accounting Integration Suite on Oracle Exadata, our customers are now able to comply with audit requirements and audit trails of hundreds of billions of postings, a need which has not been met until now." - Read more
  • Business Control Solutions' achieves Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Big Data Appliance Ready Status. "This is a key component of providing that experience and scaling our infrastructure capabilities as our customers' data volume, variety, and intelligence requirements rapidly expand." - Read more

Monday Apr 21, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Kerridge, Accenture

  •  Kerridge achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized status with K8, an ERP Solution for distribution, merchant and wholesale/retail sectors. The online transactional processing saw a 12x increase in the volume throughput from previous benchmarks - Read more
  • Accenture achieves Oracle Exalogic Optimized status with AFPO, a unique accelerator for customer-facing solutions. Over 125 clients cut their implementation costs by up to thirty percent - Read more

Monday Apr 14, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Calypso, Symphony EYC

  •  Calypso Achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized Status and demonstrates 5X performance improvement with Oracle Exadata Database Machine - Read more
  • Symphony EYC Supply Chain Management Achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized Status. Its retail supply chain optimization solution has benefited customers globally and now, by leveraging the superior performance of Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Symphony EYC will enhance the very high levels of business performance that today's retailers need to operate in an omni-channel world - Read more

Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

Exastack ISV headlines

  • Michael Palmeter, Senior Director Product Development of Oracle Engineered Systems, discusses how ISVs can easily run up to 20x faster - Watch now
  • Scott Staupe, VP Alliances and Channels at Symphony EYC, discusses how Oracle Exadata allows customers to dramatically grow their business - Watch now

Monday Feb 03, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Temenos

Martin Bailey, Product Director Enterprise Technology, Temenos, talks about the performance benefits of running their application, T24 on Exadata + Exalogic – Watch video

Monday Jan 20, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: SAS Institute, Unissant

  • Tune into the replay as Paul Kent, VP Big Data, SAS Institute talks about the benefits of running SAS Access being Exadata and SuperCluster Optimized.

  • Additionally, Will Rhode, Chief Solutions Officer, Unissant discusses the benefits of running Analytix360 on Exadata, Exalytics, Exalogic and SuperCluster

Monday Jan 13, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Eagle Investment, Smartsoft

Monday Dec 23, 2013

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: IFS and SAS Institute

  •  David Eager, VP Global Alliances at IFS talks about the benefits of running IFS applications on Exadata and Exalogic. Watch Video here.
  • Paul Kent, VP Big Data at SAS Institute talks about the benefits of running SAS Access being Exadata and SuperCluster Optimized. Watch Video here.                                       

Monday Nov 11, 2013

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Noetix

NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics run Oracle Exadata Database Machine to offer the speed, scalability, and consistency that their customers demand. Read more.                                         

Thursday Oct 17, 2013

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Volante Technologies and GE Smart Metering

Volante Achieves Oracle Exalogic Optimized, Oracle Exadata Ready, Oracle SuperCluster Ready, Oracle Solaris Ready, Oracle Linux Ready and Oracle VM Status.

Volante Suite is a suite of modular tools for integration and management of financial data. Used today by major financial institutions, exchanges and industry utilities around the world, Volante enables users to rapidly build data integration solutions among market data feeds, applications and external partners.

Volante finds Exalogic is strong fit for addressing scalability and operating in the most challenging financial services environments.

Read more here.

GE Milestone: Smart Metering Operations Suite Achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized Status

GE's Smart Metering Operations Suite (SMOS) finds that Exadata helps deliver functionality, scalability, performance, extensibility and is a core part of the company's advanced metering infrastructure offering.

Read more here


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