Monday Oct 12, 2015

New whitepaper: Database Consolidation on Oracle SuperCluster

This white paper discusses relevant design considerations and requirements as well as database consolidation options, offered by Oracle SuperCluster. It provides guidelines with recommendations on how these guidelines can best be used and combined to build a consolidated database infrastructure.

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Consolidation on SuperCluster

Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

CSC in Luxembourg consolidates IT infrastructure on Oracle SuperCluster

As part of a project to pool IT resources and reduce costs, CSC in Luxembourg is implementing Oracle’s SuperCluster, a solution combining hardware and software to achieve unparalleled processing performance. The Luxembourg project will serve as a value proof point for CSC, which plans to make its Luxembourg data centers a European IT pooling center for the South & West Europe region.

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Friday Aug 22, 2014

Tech Mahindra Applications Consolidation Project

“With Oracle’s end-to-end hardware and software solutions, we seamlessly migrated 22 applications from the legacy platform to the new platform in just seven weeks. Thanks to Oracle, we gained an integrated view of enterprisewide data across 49 locations and increased storage capacity by 25%, enabling us to improve service delivery and support our revenue-growth target.” − Ved Prakash Nirbhya, CIO, Tech Mahindra Limited

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Monday Jun 10, 2013

Oracle Exadata used by Garmin to consolidate multiple business databases

 See how Oracle Exadata was used by Garmin to consolidate multiple business databases and Garmin's popular Garmin Connect application database.


Monday May 06, 2013

New Whitepaper - Best Practices For Database Consolidation On Exadata - April 2013

A new edition of the "Best Practices For Database Consolidation On Exadata" whitepaper has been just published.

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Wednesday Jan 30, 2013

IDC Whitepaper - Time for Change: Optimizing Datacenter Infrastructure with Technology Refresh

IDC recently published a White Paper - "Time for Change: Optimizing Datacenter Infrastructure with Technology Refresh", sponsored by Oracle, which provides valuable insight and quantifies the business benefits of upgrading and modernizing IT infrastructure.

The report is based on in-depth interviews with seven enterprises that have recently worked with Oracle to refresh and optimize their data center infrastructure for an average three-year ROI of 267% and a payback in 13 months.

By consolidating and virtualizing their UNIX server and storage environments, IDC found these organizations were able to realize the following benefits:

  • Gain a more powerful infrastructure that delivers an aggregate financial benefit of $91,466 per 100 end users;
  • Optimize IT staff support by enabling them to more proactively manage IT infrastructure and reduce time spent responding to problems and architecture complexities;
  • Quantify real end user productivity gains derived from higher service levels and faster response times;
  • Mitigate the risks associated with service downtime by up to 99%; enabling more productive business operations.

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Wednesday Jun 27, 2012

Heading in the Right Direction: Garmin Exadata adoption

Garmin logo

A pioneer in global positioning system (GPS) navigation, Garmin International Inc. has been adopting Exadata to support the infrastructure that powered the company’s Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning, but also the company’s fitness segment, which provides customers with an online platform to store, retrieve, and interact with data captured using Garmin fitness products. The environment, which is built on an Oracle Database, processes approximately 40 million queries per week. Prior to using Oracle Exadata Database Machine, as the online offering grew in popularity, it began to face reliability issues that had negatively impacted the customer experience.

We included the video testimonial in a previous post. Now you can find the a complete set of materials about this customer story

Tuesday Jan 24, 2012

Live Webcast - Best Practices for Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds


Live Webcast
Learn Best Practices for Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds
Thurs., January 26, 2012  19:00 CET / 6pm UK

Database consolidation onto the right private cloud architecture can alleviate the challenges caused by traditional, inefficient environments. Benefits include higher quality of service, lower costs, and reduced complexity.

Join Oracle experts Willie Hardie and Mark Townsend as they explain the business case for a private database cloud and describe the architectures that best suit your business and IT requirements.

You will learn how database consolidation onto private clouds can help you:

  • Achieve greater consolidation for higher return on investment
  • Reduce complexity with standardization and fewer configurations
  • Increase quality of service and lower IT costs

This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn about consolidation best practices onto private clouds.

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Monday Nov 28, 2011

Best Practices For Database Consolidation On Exadata - New Whitepapers

 Best Practices For Database Consolidation On Exadata Database Machine (Nov. 2011)

Consolidation can minimize idle resources, maximize efficiency, and lower costs when you host multiple schemas, applications or databases on a target system. Consolidation is a core enabler for deploying Oracle database on public and private clouds.
This paper provides the Exadata Database Machine (Exadata) consolidation best practices to setup and manage systems and applications for maximum stability and availability:

Download here

Oracle Exadata Database Machine Consolidation: Segregating Databases and Roles (Sep. 2011)

This paper is focused on the aspects of segregating databases from each other in a platform consolidation environment on an Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Platform consolidation is the consolidation of multiple databases on to a single Oracle Exadata Database Machine. When multiple databases are consolidated on a single Database Machine, it may be necessary to isolate certain database components or functions in order to meet business requirements and provide best practices for a secure consolidation. In this paper we outline the use of Oracle Exadata database-scoped security to securely separate database management and provide a detailed case study that illustrates the best practices.

Download here


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