Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

Upcoming Technical Training by PTS

  • Oracle Big Data Workshop
  • Upgrade Your Solution to Oracle Database 12c Workshop
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    Upcoming Technical Training by PTS

    Thursday Nov 14, 2013

    Oracle Announces Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2

    Redwood Shores, Calif. – November 12, 2013

    Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2 is now available, providing enterprises with a comprehensive and secure engineered system optimized to run Cloudera’s entire Platform for Big Data, Cloudera Enterprise, at a low overall total cost of ownership. Together, Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2, Oracle Big Data Connectors, and Oracle Exadata form a complete and integrated platform for Big Data.

    Read full press release 

    Monday Oct 07, 2013

    Big Data: don't miss the boat and stay focused!

    In an interesting post on the his s+b blog: "Big Data: Lessons from Earlier Revolutions", David Meer writes:

    "My point is that big data is just the latest in a series of technology revolutions that have changed the nature of business, in particular customer-facing activities such as innovation and marketing. Our reaction to it should be informed by all we’ve learned from past revolutions, which for me boils down to two main points: Don’t miss the boat, and stay focused on solving core business issues."

     Read full post here

    Wednesday Jun 12, 2013

    In Search of Insight and Foresight: An Economist Intelligence Unit research program sponsored by Oracle and Intel®

    There is more data available to businesses now than ever before in human history. So why is getting value from all of this data more of a struggle than ever? Help your customers and prospects find the answers in this new research report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Oracle and Intel.


    Monday Mar 04, 2013

    Getting Real About Big Data: Build Versus Buy. A whitepaper by ESG

    ESG performs a detailed financial analysis of "Buy" (Oracle Big Data Appliance) vs "build your own" and concludes Oracle Big Data Appliance is a better option that "build your own"

    • Oracle Big Data Appliance($450k) is 39% less costly than "build your own"($733k) 
    • OBDA reduces time-to-market by 33% vs "build"
    • Few, and expensive Hadoop engineers means the prebuilt Oracle Big Data Appliance is a better option

    "Rolling your own" infrastructure involves a long series of hidden risks and costs, and may undermine your organization's ability to deliver big data in the long term."

    Download the full whitepaper here: Getting Real About Big Data: Build Versus Buy. A whitepaper by ESG (February 2013)

    Note: This ESG whitepaper was commissioned by Oracle. Oracle has purchased electronic distribution rights to this whitepaper

    Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

    New whitepaper: "Information Management and Big Data: A Reference Architecture"

    In this white paper we explore Big Data within the context of Oracle’s Information Management Reference Architecture. We discuss some of the background behind Big Data and review how the Reference Architecture can help to integrate structured, semi-structured and unstructured information into a single logical information resource that can be exploited for commercial gain.

    Download whitepaper here.


    Thursday Nov 08, 2012

    M2M Solutions: The Move to Value Creation and the Internet of Things

    There's a new Oracle-sponsored report available around big data, specifically machine to machine data (there will probably be more growth in m2m data than human-generated stuff like social media).

    Good reading!

    Thursday Sep 06, 2012

    BIG DATA eBook - Now Available

    The Big Data interactive e-book “Meeting the Challenge of Big Data: Part One” has just been released. It’s your “one-stop shop” for info about Big Data and the Oracle offering around it.

    The new e-book (available on your computer or iPad) is packed with multi-media resources to educate Oracle staff, customers, prospects and partners on the value of Big Data. It features videos, tutorials, podcasts, reports, white papers, datasheets, blogs, web links, a 3-D demo, and more.

    Go and get it here!

    Thursday Aug 16, 2012

    New whitepaper: Big Data for Financial Services Institutions

    In this new white paper, "Initial Steps on the Journey through Big Data for Financial Services Institutions", Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications lays out important facts, hurdles, and use cases financial institutions must consider when approaching Big Data.

    Download now the online white paper: Initial Steps on the Journey through Big Data for Financial Services Institutions.

    Thursday Jun 21, 2012

    PTS training on Big Data now available!

    The popular PTS (Platform Technology Services) technical trainings for partners now include a workshop on Big Data.

    First workshop will take place in Milan on July 10-12. (You can register by clicking the link below)

     For more info contact clive.simpkins@oracle.com

    Tuesday Feb 28, 2012

    IDC Insight report on Oracle's Big Data strategy

    IDC has published a research note titled "Oracle's All-Out Assault on the Big Data Market: Offering Hadoop, R, Cubes, and Scalable IMDB in Familiar Packages"

    In the report IDC states:  "Oracle's comprehensiveness in approaching both the big data landscape overall and how the products fit together represents a formidable challenge to any vendor hoping to offer end to end business oriented Big Data solutions"

    You can read the full report here

    Thursday Feb 09, 2012

    Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Advanced Analytics for Big Data

    Oracle Integrates R Statistical Programming Language into Oracle Database 11g

    REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. - February 8, 2012

    News Facts

    Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Advanced Analytics, a new option for Oracle Database 11g that bundles Oracle R Enterprise together with Oracle Data Mining.

    Oracle R Enterprise delivers enterprise class performance for users of the R statistical programming language, increasing the scale of data that can be analyzed by orders of magnitude using Oracle Database 11g.

    R has attracted over two million users since its introduction in 1995, and Oracle R Enterprise dramatically advances capability for R users. Their existing R development skills, tools, and scripts can now also run transparently, and scale against data stored in Oracle Database 11g.

    Customer testing of Oracle R Enterprise for Big Data analytics on Oracle Exadata has shown up to 100x increase in performance in comparison to their current environment.

    Oracle Data Mining, now part of Oracle Advanced Analytics, helps enable customers to easily build and deploy predictive analytic applications that help deliver new insights into business performance.

    Oracle Advanced Analytics, in conjunction with Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, delivers the industry’s most integrated and comprehensive platform for Big Data analytics.

    See full press release here

    Monday Jan 30, 2012

    Online Forum. Big Data Essentials. What You Need to Know -

    Date: Thursday, February 16, 2012
    Time: 19:00 CET – 22:30 p.m. CET / 6 p.m. UK – 9:30 p.m. UK

    Big Data Essentials: What You Need to Know

    Big data is big news these days. But you don’t base IT investment decisions on magazine headlines.

    Join us for the Big Data Online Forum to learn the essentials of big data—from the technology underlying it to real-world use cases. Oracle’s Tom Kyte, Cloudera CEO Mike Olson, and other industry thought leaders will be on hand to explain how big data can deliver revolutionary insight and competitive advantage.

    You’ll get answers to tough questions surrounding big data, including:

    • What business insight can big data uncover?
    • How do you manage big data?
    • How do you integrate big data into decision-making?

    Register today for this half-day online event featuring live Q&A with big data experts.


    19:00 (CET)

    Keynote: Big Data: Are You Ready?
    Tom Kyte, Senior Technical Architect, Oracle

    19:30 (CET)

    Big Data Panel Discussion
    Michael Olson, Chief Executive Officer, Cloudera
    Mark Townsend, Vice President, Database Product Management, Oracle
    John Akred, Senior Manager, Technology R&D, Accenture

    20:00 (CET)

    Acquiring Big Data
    David Segleau, Director, Database Product Management, Oracle

    20:30 (CET)

    Organizing Big Data
    Jim Steiner, Vice President, Database Product Management, Oracle

    21:00 (CET)

    Analyzing Big Data
    Jean-Pierre Dijcks, Senior Principal Product Manager, Database Product Management, Oracle

    21:30 (CET)

    Conquering Big Data
    Helen Sun, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Oracle

    22:00 (CET)

    Closing Session—A Gartner Perspective on Big Data
    Merv Adrian, Vice President, Research, Gartner


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