Monday Jan 18, 2016

New Customer Success Story - ICA AB Saves 85% in Total Cost of Ownership with Private Cloud

A word from ICA AB, ICA Gruppen AB:

“Oracle Private Cloud Appliance has been the key enabler for ICA Gruppen AB’s Oracle-as-a-Service platform. With this simple out-of-the-box converged infrastructure solution, we slashed our operating expenses by up to US$2.5 million over three years and achieved 85% lower total cost of ownership.”
– Johan Almroth, Service Manager, ICA AB

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Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Database Insider - January 2016 issue now available

The January issue of the Database Insider newsletter is now available.(Full newsletter here)


Oracle Magazine: The Undisputed Database Champ

Oracle Magazine: The Undisputed Database Champ

Recent benchmarks show that Oracle Database In-Memory 12c outperforms SAP’s HANA in-memory database. SAP responded to the BW EML benchmark results that Oracle published by spreading what Oracle would characterize as fear, uncertainty, and doubt about Oracle’s database technology. Read the myths and facts about why Oracle challenges SAP on in-memory database claims.

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Oracle Database Community: New Blogs to Watch and New Year’s Resolutions to Ponder

Oracle Database advocates give generously of their time and expertise to support developers and business users alike through a wide variety of events, channels, and publications. As we ring in 2016, we’re happy to offer thoughts and resolutions from some of the community’s leading technologists, and we’re pleased to introduce some new blogs so you can follow these experts regularly.
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Oracle Database Users Kick Off 2016 with Live and Online Events

Oracle user group events offer outstanding opportunities for Oracle Database users to maintain skills, connect with other experts, and influence Oracle’s product strategy. Get the details about events planned for 2016.
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Oracle CIO Mark Sunday Predicts That Security Will Go from Inhibitor to Enabler in 2016

Security has traditionally been the single biggest barrier to the adoption of database-as-a-service solutions. But Oracle CIO and Senior Vice President Mark Sunday predicts that 2016 will be the year when businesses embrace strategic database cloud providers with the resources to keep sensitive data more secure than ever.
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New SuperCluster M7 for SAP Whitepaper Available

This new whitepaper describes the Oracle SuperCluster M7 technology in detail and how it helps boost SAP performance.

SAP landscapes are complex, with many layers of infrastructure benefiting from consolidation to reduce total cost of ownership and improve SAP application performance, manageability and availability. Traditional SAP landscapes evolve to complex, segregated infrastructures for production, development, and quality assurance.

Oracle SuperCluster provides a simplified, consolidated cloud infrastructure for SAP landscapes as an architectural foundation. Oracle SuperCluster combines compute for SAP applications, middleware and Oracle database in a single systems, with networking and storage hardware, virtualization, operating system and management software in a complete, high performance infrastructure that is extremely secure, easy to deploy, manage and maintain.  For many customers, particularly those already running their SAP deployments on UNIX systems from IBM and HP, SuperCluster can be the  platform of choice.

This whitepaper is available for Exadata Community members in the community workspace.


Monday Jan 11, 2016

New Exadata and Systems Public References


Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. (China)  - Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle GoldenGate, Siebel Customer Relationship Management, Professional Edition
Published on December 21, 2015

Dimension Data (South Africa) - Oracle Database, Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Solaris Containers, Oracle Solaris Cluster 3, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression, Oracl! e Enterprise Manager Ops Center
Published on December 09, 2015

Argentina Ministry of Security (Ministerio de Seguridad de la República Argentina) (Argentina) [local language]- Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Batch Processing for Data Integration, Oracle Data Integration Suite, Oracle Database Vault, Oracle Advanced Security, Oracle Advanced Compression, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Tuning Pack, Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting Pack, Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle Diagnostics Pack, Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition, Oracle D! atabase Lifecycle Management Pack,    Oracle Advanced Support Gateway Server X4-2, Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, Exadata Storage Server Software, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine
Published on December 08, 2015

All customer reference collateral can be found on Search by content type, product, industry, region, and even keywords.

SPARC T7 Demo Equipment Purchase Initiative

Oracle is pleased to announce the new SPARC T7 DEP Initiative as part of the Demo Equipment Purchase Program. This initiative will extend reduced pricing on SPARC T7 demo units for VADs’ and VARs’ demonstration purposes. It also allows VADs and VARs to sell the demo configuration after a six month demonstration period. For program details VARs must contact their VAD. VADs can find details on the OPN DEP Program site.

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

ESG report: Redefining Database Performance with SPARC M7

Mike Leone, ESG Lab Analyst, documents the results of recent testing of the Oracle SPARC M7 processor with a focus on in-memory database performance for the real-time enterprise.

Leveraging new advanced features like columnar compression and on-chip in-memory query acceleration, ESG Lab compared the Oracle Database In-Memory option performance of a SPARC T7 system with a SPARC M7 processor to an x86-based system.

  • The SPARC system was 5.4x faster than the x86-based system.
  • Another metric of measurement, queries per minute, yielded the same 5.4x speed up with the SPARC system when compared with the x86 server. On a per chip level, this performance advantage improves even further to 10.8x for the SPARC system.
  • With memory bandwidth and achievable throughput being key to in-memory performance, the SPARC system scanned over 7x faster than the x86 system.”

Read the entire report here: Redefining Real-time Database Performance with the SPARC M7 Processor from Oracle

Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

Taneja Group report: ZDLRA Light-Years Ahead

A new research report on the Oracle Recovery Appliance from influencers at the Taneja Group highlights how the product is "light-years ahead of alternatives such as EMC Data Domain appliances and NetApp filers." 

Key highlights from this report include:

  • Oracle has turned the idea of backups on its head. Instead of relying on “nightly full backups,” only incremental backups ever need be taken—an 'incremental forever' approach. This eliminates several major pain points for companies of all sizes. The big question of being able to recover a good copy of the database from last week or yesterday is no longer an issue.”
  • “Recovery Appliance offloads backup processes from production database servers which can increase performance in Oracle environments. Adopting this new backup and recovery solution will actually give CPU cycles back to the business.”
  • “Bottom line—if finally eliminating the pain of outdated full backup approaches or the increasing risk of data loss at scale doesn’t move you, the many benefits in operational ease and manageability shown in this report are significant enough to easily justify the Recovery Appliance’s acquisition and deployment by Oracle Database owners. There are simply no more excuses for not fully protecting your critical Oracle Database assets as they should be protected.”

Download the report here.

Monday Dec 21, 2015

New Customer Success Story - Dimension Data: SuperCluster for Secure Multi-Tenancy IT Services Platform

Dimension Data is a global leader in provisioning and managing specialized IT business and technology infrastructure solutions and services. With operations in more than 58 countries, 23,000 employees, and 6,000 clients, the company provides consulting, professional support, managed procurement and supply chain, and IT outsourcing services worldwide.

Dimension Data cuts operational expenditures 70 percent and backup times 7x and grows business opportunities with secure multi-tenancy IT services platform based on Oracle SuperCluster.

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Tuesday Dec 15, 2015

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service Webcast: Dec 17th, 2015 - 18:00 CET (5pm UK)

Listen to Juan Loaiza, SVP Systems Technology, Oracle, in this webcast to learn how Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service brings the full power of Exadata to the cloud including all the benefits of Exadata performance and all the robust options of Oracle Database. It is 100% compatible with on-premises Oracle databases and all their applications to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the cloud. With elastic pay-as you-grow dedicated Exadata configurations and infrastructure managed by Oracle experts, your IT needs can easily and seamlessly scale up or scale out as business demand.

Dec 17th, 2015 - 18:00 CET (5pm UK)

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Wednesday Dec 09, 2015

Save the Date & Call for Speakers - EMEA Infrastructure Partner Community Forum: Warsaw, April 12-14, 2016


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Oracle EMEA Infrastructure Partner Community Forum

Save the Date & Call for Speakers

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Save the Date - Oracle EMEA Infrastructure Partner Community Forum
12th -14th April, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland

Transform by Sharing Experiences!

  • Exadata Community
  • Servers & Storage Community
  • Manageability Community
  • Data Integration Community

Dear Oracle Valued Partner,

The 2016 Oracle EMEA Infrastructure Partner Community Forum will take place in Warsaw, Poland on April 12th - 14th, 2016. This Forum is the yearly event for all members of the Oracle EMEA Exadata, Manageability, Server & Storage and Data IntegrationPartner Communities and for all partners interested in IT Infrastructure solutions and products.

The transformation that cloud architectures are bringing into the IT landscape results in an increasing adoption of hybrid infrastructures.

Oracle EMEA Infrastructure Partner Community Forum

Warsaw, Poland

12th - 14th April, 2016

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Oracle's unique architecture allows you to easily move workloads from the on-premise infrastructure to the public cloud and vice versa, and manage the complete landscape for a single pane of glass.

In the Oracle EMEA Infrastructure Partner Forum you will learn from other partners and Oracle executives presentations, and you will network, share and discuss your own experiences. Discover the new business opportunities that the market transformation is bringing to Oracle partners. Oracle executives will be available for one-on-one meetings to discuss go-to-market plans and sales opportunities.

Call for Speakers

The most important part of this Community Forum is sharing experiences, best-practices and customer cases. Presentations by partners and networking among participants are the enablers for building a valuable learning experience for you.

You can contribute to the event by sharing a customer case or best practice experience! If you want to apply for a speaking slot, please send an email to Giuseppe Facchetti and mention the below:

» Title of your presentation

» Brief description of the project or best practice that you would like to present


Warsaw, the sprawling capital of Poland with a varied architecture that reflects its long and turbulent history, will be the scenario for this Partner Community Forum. Detailed venue and hotel booking information will be sent to you in January 2016.

Save the Date Now

Don't miss out on attending this key event and save the date 12th - 14th of April 2016 now! Watch out for your formal invitation coming in January 2016.

Best regards,

Javier Puerta Chris Visser Giuseppe Facchetti

Javier Puerta

Director, Core Technology Partner Programs, Oracle EMEA

Chris Visser

Director, Storage Partner programs Oracle EMEA

Giuseppe Fachetti

Director, Engineered Systems Partner Programs, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

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Webcast Invitation - Secure Cloud with Software in Silicon: New Business Opportunity for Oracle Partners

FY16 EMEA Sales Play: Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 11:00am UK / 12:00pm CET

At the last Oracle OpenWorld, Larry Ellison pointed out that in the modern datacenter security must be always on, at every layer of thestack - actually, at every layer of the Cloud!

And he announced Oracle's Software in Silicon technology based on the SPARC M7 microprocessor, for on-chip security, query acceleration and world-record performance.

Data breaches already cost 100s of millions of dollars every year, and with the impressive growth of devices, mobile users and data, security is a more and more a critical component in the private cloud solutions you develop for your customers.

You are invited to a webcast, dedicated to Oracle Partners in EMEA, where we will show how to turn this evolution into a business opportunity for you!

During the webcast you will learn about:

» Security and Private Cloud market trends, and the business opportunity for you

» Oracle's Secure Cloud Infrastructure (SCI) solution, based on SPARC M7's Software in Silicon technology, and how to implement it for your customers

» SCI success stories, and how you can identify the best target customers for an SCI proposition

» Contents and resources available to you to help you grow your business as you build private cloud solutions for your customers.

You can now register for the webcast here:

Register here

To add this event to your calendar, please click here.
We look forward to talking to you on December 16th!

Best regards,

Linda Mihalic
Systems Sales Leader,
Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

Giuseppe Facchetti
Director, Engineered Systems Partner Programs, Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

Monday Dec 07, 2015

New Exadata and Systems Public References


An Post Limited (Ireland) - Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Multitenant, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Advanced Compression, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite
Published on November, 05

City of Buenos Aires (Ciudad de Buenos Aires) (Argentina) [local language] -  Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition, Oracle Policy Automation, Oracle Exadata Database Machine
Published on November, 19

Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (China) [local language] - Oracle SuperCluster T5-8, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Database, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, Oracle Consulting, Oracle Advanced Customer Support
Published on November, 24

Asia Commercial Bank (Vietnam) - SPARC T5-8, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle Database, Oracle Enterprise Manager
Published on November, 24


ivv (Germany) - SPARC T7, Solaris 11, Oracle Database, ZFS Storage appliance.- Published on November, 04

BT Spain (Spain) - Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
 Published on November, 20

Aliat Universidades (Mexico) [only local language version] -  Peoplesoft, Hyperyon cloud, e-Business suite, Oracle Exadata  Database Machine
Published on November, 24

All customer reference collateral can be found on Search by content type, product, industry, region, and even keywords.

Friday Dec 04, 2015

Database Insider - December 2015 issue now available

The December issue of the Database Insider newsletter is now available.(Full newsletter here)

When Do Cloud Databases Make Sense?

The next wave of competitive advantage could fall to those companies that run the most-critical IT systems in the cloud, such as transaction systems, data warehouses, and other high-performance database environments. Oracle Senior Vice President of Systems Technology Juan Loaiza offers four real-world scenarios where business leaders are considering the shift to mission-critical clouds.
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Oracle Database as a Service Business Value Tool

Oracle Database as a Service Business Value Tool

Do you know the value of database as a service (DBaaS)? In a few simple steps, calculate the business benefits of Oracle Database delivered as a service in the cloud.

  • Accelerate database deployment
  • Reduce IT infrastructure acquisition, maintenance, and support costs
  • Increase IT productivity

Start your analysis now and see how much you can save.

Read full newsletter here

Tuesday Nov 24, 2015

Software in Silicon Innovations for Database

Juan Loaiza, Sr. VP of Technology, provides an overview of innovative Software in Silicon technology that redefines Enterprise Computing, enabling customers to improve performance and reliability of applications.

Juan talks about revolutionary Software in Silicon technologies like In-Memory which enable customers to improve performance and reliability of applications.

Software in Silicon features include:

In-Memory Query Acceleration increases the performance of in-memory database queries by operating on data that is streamed directly from memory via extremely high-bandwidth interfaces—with speeds up to 160 GB/sec—resulting in large performance gains. In-Memory Query Acceleration is implemented in the SPARC M7 processor through multiple accelerator engines.

Silicon Secured Memory is the first-ever end-to-end implementation of memory-access validation done in hardware. It is designed to help prevent security bugs, such as Heartbleed, from putting systems at risk by performing real-time monitoring of memory requests made by software processes. It stops unauthorized access to memory whether that access is due to a programming error or a malicious attempt to exploit buffer overruns. It also helps accelerate code development and helps ensure software quality, reliability, and security.

In-line Decompression is a feature that significantly increases usable memory capacity. The SPARC M7 processor runs data decompression with performance that is equivalent to 64 CPU cores. This capability allows compressed databases to be stored in memory while being accessed and manipulated at full speed.

Thursday Nov 19, 2015

Partner Demo Program for ZDLRA (Zero Data-Loss Recovery Appliance)

Oracle has announced that through February 26, 2016, Oracle VADs may purchase Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance units for demonstration purposes at reduced price. VADs may also sell demo platforms to their VARs for their own demonstration purposes. The offer also allows VADs and VARs to sell the demo configuration after an eighteen month demonstration period.

Oracle partners can check campaign details here


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