Tuesday Feb 26, 2013

Videos and presentations of the IOUG 2013 Exadata Virtual Conference

The IOUG (Independent Oracle Users Group) recently run and their 2013 Exadata Virtual Conference. Videos from the presentations can be found here.

Topics include:

  • Exadata for Oracle DBAs
  • Lessons Learned: A DoD Exadata Migration
  • Exadata Software Maintenance
  • Demystifying Exadata I/O Resource Management (IORM)
  • Exadata in EBS Techniques for POV to Production and Beyond!
  • Exadata Database Machine IOUG – Exadata SIG Update
  • Exadata Evolution from V1 to X3 with Deep Dive into the features
  • MAA Architecture and Operational Best Practices for Oracle Exadata

Slide decks are also available for IOUG members

Monday Feb 25, 2013

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: UC4 ONE, WeDo Technologies, Zoho

  • TAS Tecnologia Avanzata dei Sistemi : TAS Group’s GG TFM Achieves Oracle Exalogic Optimized Status. Read More.
  • Aldata Supply Chain Management Achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized Status. Read more.

Webcast: Data Center Storage Trends for 2013

The storage issues you’re going to face in 2013 are not a surprise: The amount of data you’ll need to manage will keep growing as fast or even faster than before, your storage systems and infrastructure must keep up, and regulatory requirements for protecting data will keep becoming more demanding.

The emergence of big data, increasing cloud deployments, scale-out architectures, and Flash storage provide opportunity to address these challenges. So watch this important Webcast, “Data Center Storage Trends for 2013,” where we'll look at new and emerging technologies that will help you stay ahead of those ever-increasing challenges. Topics include:

  • Top trends you can expect to see in the storage market in 2013
  • New ways to optimize your IT infrastructure for performance and efficiency
  • How Oracle is positioned to help you with our complete and fully integrated storage portfolio

Demands on storage will keep increasing while your budgets keep decreasing. But the strategies and solutions you need are out there. Join us and find out more.

Watch this important storage Webcast.

Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

New whitepaper: "Information Management and Big Data: A Reference Architecture"

In this white paper we explore Big Data within the context of Oracle’s Information Management Reference Architecture. We discuss some of the background behind Big Data and review how the Reference Architecture can help to integrate structured, semi-structured and unstructured information into a single logical information resource that can be exploited for commercial gain.

Download whitepaper here.


Monday Feb 11, 2013

Top Exastack Partner Headlines: UC4 ONE, WeDo Technologies, Zoho

  • UC4 ONE Automation Platform Achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized Status. Read More.
  • WeDo Technologies Delivers a 4x Performance Boost for its Worldwide Enterprise Business Assurance Software Suite, Using Exadata. Read More.
  • Zoho Corporation's WebNMS 5.2 Achieves Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic Optimized Status. Read More.

New: ZFS backup for Oracle Engineered Systems Expert Center

Oracle’s Sun ZFS Backup Appliance is a cost-effective, high-performance solution optimized to work seamlessly with Oracle Engineered Systems, including Oracle Exadata and SPARC SuperCluster T4-4.

Visit our new Oracle Storage Expert Center for Engineered Systems Backup to learn how you can dramatically reduce the cost and effort of backup and recovery by over 50% compared to competitive solutions. Visit the Expert Center to get access to:

  • A white paper detailing how the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance can speed up the database recovery process - including how its backup and restore times compare to NetApp and EMC systems
  • A webcast about why the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance is the best backup and recovery match for the extreme performance of Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Videos, podcasts, real world customer success stories, and much more

Explore the Oracle Storage Expert Center for a unique insight into how you can better protect your data and prepare your organization for future growth.

Friday Feb 08, 2013

SAP on Exa: customer stories

The momentum of Exadata for SAP continues to grow. Some of the customers running their SAP applications on Exadata are now public references. Check some of them below:


SAP on the Oracle Sparc SuperCluster

Did you know that, in addition to being supported on Exadata and Exalogic, SAP is also supported on the Sparc SuperCluster?

This Oracle Optimized Solution for SAP enables the consolidation of complex SAP landscapes onto a single platform that is designed, tested, and tuned to deliver the highest levels of performance and availability for data intensive SAP workloads.

Find more resources here, including the just-published whitepaper "Implementation Guide for Highly Available SAP on Oracle SPARC SuperCluster (January 2013)"


Thursday Feb 07, 2013

New Exadata public references: FAIR Health

Using Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression FAIR Health Achieves 14 Times Reduction in Storage Space.

Read full story here.

Wednesday Feb 06, 2013

Database Insider - February 2013 issue

The February issue of the Database Insider newsletter is now available. (Full newsletter here)


Oracle President Mark Hurd Introduces Oracle Infrastructure as a Service

Oracle President Mark Hurd and Oracle Senior Vice President of Systems Technology Juan Loaiza recently introduced Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle IaaS). Oracle IaaS combines on-premise hardware with support and enhanced service offerings for a monthly fee.
Read More

Data Warehousing Best Practices for Oracle Exadata

From implementation to backup and recovery, a new six-part Webcast series outlines clear, practical ways to unlock the full potential of Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
Read More

Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Exadata Operational Management - Whitepaper series

New whitepapers have been published on Exadata Operational Management. These whitepapers are a must for anyone involved in managing Exadata environments.

The whitepapers are available for download for Manageability Community members:  (If you are not a community member you will get an error. You should first register here)

Living with Exadata - Executive Summary
Managing Exadata Part 1 - Operational Management Benefits - Jan2013
Managing Exadata Part 2 - Administration Tasks and Tools - Jan2013
Operational Impact of Deploying an Oracle Engineered System - Exadata - Oct 2012


Friday Feb 01, 2013

Cox Communications Drive OLTP and Analytics with Exadata

Hear how Cox Communications is using Oracle Exadata to serve both their OLTP needs and their analytical requirements. They have been able to drive performance, be more cost effective and lower storage costs by 9x with Hybrid Columnar Compression.



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