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  • January 4, 2017

Updating Exadata Databases servers as non-privileged user from another node

Rene Kundersma
Software Engineer

for those who aren't aware already, it's possible for operators to
update their Exadata releases on the database servers as non-root user
while also running the update from another (non Exadata) system. This comes in useful when you want to update your entire rack at once.

This is possible by using the -log_dir flag when running dbserver.patch (the patchmgr orchestration for dbnodeupdate).

Some quick examples:

How to run pre-req check from another system being a non-privileged user:

 -dbnodes dbs_group -precheck -rolling -log_dir auto
-allow_active_network_mounts -target_version -yum_repo
/u01/p24669306_121233_Linux-x86-64.zip -smtp_from sender@oracle.com -smtp_to receiver@oracle.com 

How to run an update from another system being a non privileged user: 

 -dbnodes dbs_group -upgrade -rolling -log_dir auto
-allow_active_network_mounts -target_version -yum_repo
/u01/p24669306_121233_Linux-x86-64.zip -smtp_from sender@oracle.com
-smtp_to receiver@oracle.com

Of course there's more options and things to explain, but will do that in a next post.

René Kundersma 

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