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  • January 20, 2009

Sharing your OVS OCFS2 dir on more then four nodes

Rene Kundersma
Software Engineer

For a real Oracle Grid environment with 7 Oracle Virtual Servers, today I had to configure a shared "/OVS" directory on OCFS2.

Oracle VM Server provides a great option to share the Oracle VM guest images on a shared location with a shared filesystem.

With that, you can do live migrations and/or make the guests available on other machines.

Also with a shared filesystem an Oracle VM can be made high available.

All went well, but after four nodes I received a message about the maximum number of slots being used.

Because of that I was not able to mount the filesystem on nodes 5,6 and 7.

In order to mount the shared filesystems, I had to:

- unmount the filesystem on all nodes

- execute tunefs.ocfs2 -N [number of nodes] /dev/my-block

- and mount the flesystem

Below you can see the number of slots is changed from 4 to 7.

[root@nlblade07 ~]# tunefs.ocfs2 -q -Q "%N" /dev/sda


[root@nlblade07 ~]# tunefs.ocfs2 -N 7 /dev/sda

tunefs.ocfs2 1.2.7

Changing number of node slots from 4 to 7

Proceed (y/N): y

Changed node slots

Resized journals

Wrote Superblock

[root@nlblade07 ~]# tunefs.ocfs2 -q -Q "%N" /dev/sda


Rene Kundersma

Oracle Expert Services, The Netherlands

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