Exadata Product Development at Oracle CloudWorld 2022

October 3, 2022 | 6 minute read
Gavin Parish
Senior Principal Product Manager
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Join the Exadata Product Management and Development teams at Oracle CloudWorld 2022 in Las Vegas, just 2 weeks away! Meet and hear from the team around current and next generation Exadata initiatives, provide feedback direct to Development in 1:1 settings, and listen to how other customers are utilizing Exadata to run their core business platforms, as we continue to grow the Exadata global community. Here are a few ways to get the most out of OCW this year:

  1. Meet with Exadata Product Management team and Executives in the CloudWorld Customer Visitor Center
  2. Listen to Juan Loaiza's keynote sessions, as he casts a vision for the future of the modern app development and database environment
  3. Hear from some amazing customers such as Entain's Laszlo Beres, Head of Technology Operations and Harsh Gupta from Deutsche Bank
  4. Get your hands dirty with Alex and Seth from Exadata Product Management in the Exadata Performance Features Hands-On Workshop

Build your agenda using the "Focus on Exadata" agenda we created just for you!

If you're on the fence about attending #CloudWorld this year, check out some Exadata related highlights below:


Tuesday 18 Oct Highlights

Driving Impactful Business Results [KEY1866]
Join Oracle CEO Safra Catz in a conversation with leaders of global brands and discover how they are solving their most complex problems with Oracle, are ready to meet change head-on, navigate through challenges, and emerge even stronger for it.

Safra Catz, CEO, Oracle


Rethinking Database Architecture to Embrace Modern App Development [LRN3788]

What if you could develop modern, powerful, reliable apps using the latest development techniques without complicating your data architecture? Gain insights into new database technologies that eliminate app complexity and accelerate development—letting you embrace the latest development techniques and simplify your data architecture.

Juan Loaiza, Executive Vice President , Oracle | Maria Colgan, Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle


Solving the Most Complex Problems Across Industries [KEY1869]
We live in a rapidly changing world, with new challenges emerging constantly. Join Larry Ellison, chairman of the board and CTO of Oracle, as he shares how we can take on some of the most complex problems across entire industries with the right technology and strategy.

Larry Ellison, Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle


Oracle Data Management Best Practices: Exadata, Cloud, Autonomous Database [LRN3547]
Exadata X9M enables the most advanced data management platform for transaction processing, analytics, and converged workloads, uniquely integrating persistent memory, remote direct memory access (RDMA), NVMe Flash, massively parallel processing, and deep database optimization. Customers globally have deployed Exadata for mission-critical applications across on-premises and cloud—whether Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Oracle Cloud@Customer, with Exadata Database Service or Oracle Autonomous Database—enjoying unparalleled performance, availability, scalability, and business efficiency. Gain insights into strategy and best practices for Exadata cloud and Oracle Autonomous Database deployment, lessons learned, and customer use cases.

Ashish Ray, Vice-President of Product Management | Harsh Gupta, Database Administrator, Deutsche Bank


Wednesday 19 Oct Highlights

Revolutionizing Objects, Documents, and Relational Development [SOL2604]
Today’s applications represent and manipulate data in very different ways from relational databases. Over the years, multiple attempts have been made to bridge this mismatch, but each option traded one set of limitations for others. This session introduces a novel Document Relational Duality approach that successfully bridges the mismatch and delivers better documents than document databases and more powerful operations on relational data.

Juan Loaiza, Executive Vice President , Oracle


Oracle Exadata Performance Features Hands-On Workshop [HOL4095]

Join Exadata Product Management to get hands on with Oracle Exadata, Exadata Cloud at Customer, and Exadata Cloud Service performance features in this session powered by Oracle Solution Center. Discover how Exadata supercharges Oracle Database for all workloads. Find out how SQL offload, Smart Scan, Smart Flash Cache, Storage Indexes, and Hybrid Columnar Compression put the afterburners on Data Warehouse and Analytics. Plus, learn how Persistent Memory Data and Commit Accelerators are implemented to scorch OLTP.

Alex Blyth, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle | Seth Miller, Principal Product Manager, Oracle


Which Cloud Database Service Is Right for You? [LIT4007]
Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Exadata Database Service, and Oracle Base Database Service. All three are feature-rich database services available in the cloud, but how do you choose the best one for you? Experts tell you how.

Bob Thome, Oracle


Oracle Exadata: Architecture and Internals Technical Deep Dive [LRN1497]
The Oracle Exadata architecture is the world's most advanced for Oracle Database deployments on-premises and in the cloud. Capable of running all types of modern database workloads, Exadata combines unique and intelligent software with state-of-the-art hardware—including leading-edge persistent memory caching, PCIe flash, and cloud-scale RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE). We examine these capabilities, including Exadata's software architecture, database extensions, I/O resource management, Smart Scan, Smart Flash Cache, and persistent memory accelerators, including virtualization capabilities.

Kodi Umamageswaran, Oracle | Gavin Parish, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle


Thursday 20 Oct Highlights

Protect and Recover Databases from Cyberattacks with Oracle’s Recovery Appliance [LRN1493]
Cybersecurity—especially concerning ransomware—is top of mind for IT executives, due to the potential data loss and reputation damages that could run into the millions of dollars. However, proactive planning can help ensure your organization is protected against such attacks and ready to recover without data loss in case of intrusion. Learn how Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance addresses these critical issues with unique real-time database protection, continuous recovery validation, immutable backups, cloud archiving, and its cybervault architecture.

Tim Chien, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle | Sridhar Ramachandran, Senior Director, Intercontinental Exchange


Day 0 to Day 100—Embark on the Oracle Exadata Database Service Journey [LRN1494]
Ever wonder what it takes to spin up a database in the Oracle Exadata cloud, how to consolidate workloads while maintaining security and industry-leading price/performance, how to migrate from on-premises and still leverage cloud automation, or how to backup and protect your databases against disasters? If these questions pique your interest, join us as we walk through Day 0 to Day 100 of your Oracle Exadata Database Cloud journey. We will cover personas from the Infrastructure through database admins. We will navigate through different phases of the Database Cloud journey and share tips & tricks - to provision, manage, operate & monitor your Exadata environment while delivering exceptional performance for mission-critical workloads.

Vineet Kakani, Director of Product Management, Oracle | Tushar Pandit, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle | ROHIT Muttepawar, Mr, Honeywell


Make the Most of Database Cloud—Proper Sizing and Consolidation on Exadata [LRN3474]
Oracle developers have been able to use historical metrics and modern data analytics to deliver the most advanced sizing process in the industry today. See how, and learn how to use these sizing capabilities in Oracle Exadata Database Service and Oracle Autonomous Database to best match the size of your database(s) to the needs of your applications.

Chris Craft, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle | Maruti Sharma, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle


Meeting Database Management Business Challenges with Oracle Exadata [LRN4273]
In today's competitive world, data is everywhere, yet you need to turn it into actionable information to make decisions. You can do this better, faster, more securely, and with less cost by using Oracle Exadata. Gain insights from Exadata Outbound Product Management on how customers meet their database management business challenges with Oracle Exadata.

Tapan Samaddar, Director, Product Management, Oracle | Gavin Parish, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle | Laszlo Beres, Head of Technology Operations, Entain


Oracle Exadata Under the Hood: Demonstrating the Core Capabilities [LRN3514]
Join Oracle Product Management for a fast-paced showcase of key software and hardware features introduced in Exadata over the years—as we demonstrate that, when it comes to running Oracle Database, there is no competition for performance, scalability, reliability, and cost efficiencies.

Alex Blyth, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle | Seth Miller, Principal Product Manager, Oracle | Ricardo G Oliveira Oliveira, Database Solution Architect, ExxonMobil



See the full Exadata line up using the "Focus on Exadata" agenda.

Hope to see you there.



Gavin Parish

Senior Principal Product Manager

Gavin is a product manager in Oracle’s Exadata team, with a focus on software and hardware roadmap. Prior to the Exadata team, Gavin was a founding member of the team responsible for launching the industry’s first on-premises public cloud technology - Oracle Cloud at Customer. In his 15 years in Oracle Product Management, Presales and Consulting roles, Gavin has developed a robust understanding of all things Oracle, helping customers architect and implement a variety of infrastructure and application technologies.

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