A Simple Guide to Exadata at Oracle Openworld 2019

August 24, 2019 | 4 minute read
Gavin Parish
Senior Principal Product Manager
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There's a lot going on about Exadata at Oracle OpenWorld this September in San Francisco! An Exadata keyword search in the Session Catalog returns several dozen curated sessions where you can learn from and interact with a range of experts, including customers, partners and consultants, as well as a product managers and developers. In this blog post we highlight the Exadata sessions from Oracle Development experts – product managers and developers who define, design, and implement Exadata software and hardware. Sessions include technology updates, to tips and tricks, to best practices, and include panel discussions on Exadata present and future. Even our suggested list of sessions is long, this graphic might help:




Brian Spendolini and Sravan Sunkaranam review DOs and DON'Ts of Exadata Cloud, with Edson Morales reporting on Office Depot's experiences with Exadata Cloud Service. CON5226: Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Do's and Don'ts (10:00am, Room 156A). 

Then, just before the Monday Keynote, Cecilia Grant from Exadata Engineering has a 20 min session at the Cloud Mini Theater (near the Exadata Showcase) on performance tuning the Oracle Database on Exadata. THT6610: Exadata Performance Expert Tips and Tricks (2:15 PM, Cloud Infrastructure Theater)


On Tuesday, we have our senior technical management on the #ExadataPowerHours! Juan Loaiza (EVP, Systems Technology) will discuss the Exadata strategy and roadmap for new technologies, Cloud, and On-Premises – this is where Juan announces what's coming for Exadata. PRO4859: Exadata: Strategy and Roadmap for New Technologies, Cloud, and On-Premises (3:15 PM, Room 215/216). Stay in the room, as Kodi Umamageswaran (SVP, Exadata Development) does a deep dive of the Exadata Architecture and Internals, and elaborates on Juan's announcements. TRN4863: Exadata: Architecture and Internals Technical Deep Dive (4:15 PM, Room 215/216).

If you're interested in Exadata in the Cloud, then don't miss Jeffrey Wright's session with Rachna Thusoo present the fundamentals of Exadata Cloud at Customer next generation. CON5222: Next-Generation Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer 101 (3:15 PM, Room 155D).


Kodi takes the stage again on Wednesday morning, this time with Shasank Chavan (VP, In-Memory Technologies). They'll be discussing the potent combination of Database In-Memory technologies on Exadata. CON4752: Oracle Database In-Memory Meets Exadata: Extreme Performance Unleashed (9:00 AM, Room 211). 

Brian's also back first thing Wednesday morning, this time going deeper into the technology innovations behind Exadata Cloud. TRN4861: Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service: Technical Deep Dive (9:00 AM, Room 215/216).

Right after Brian, Manish takes the stage to dive deeper in to the Exadata Cloud at Customer next generation. TRN4862: Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer: Technical Deep Dive and What's Next (10:00 AM, Room 215/216).

Michael Brown also takes the stage with Vodafone to discuss Vodafone's global deployment of Exadata in support of their Oracle database standardization. Stephen Bendall and Felipe Viveros join Michael on stage. CON6491: Vodafone’s Experience with More Than 90 Exadata Systems (10:00 AM, Room 151D).

After all this, you'll need some lunch, but make sure you're back to listen to Michael Nowak from the Oracle MAA Solutions team, who will go through Exadata MAA Best Practices and Recommendations. TRN4868: Exadata: Maximum Availability Best Practices and Recommendations (12:30 PM, Room 215/216).

Then you can see me (Gavin Parish) in a quick 20 minute theater session on Next-Generation Exadata. THT6611: Next-Generation Exadata - (4:00 PM, Cloud Infrastructure Theater).

To round out the day, Brian's back (again! something tells me he loves his job!) with fellow Product Manager Glen Hawkins and customer Pradeep Chowdhury from Kaiser Permanente to discuss MAA Best Practices for Exadata Cloud. TRN4848: Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA): Best Practices for Oracle Cloud (4:45 PM, Room 215/216).


Make sure your alarm clock is set to loud Thursday morning after the Wednesday party, so as not to miss Bob Thome and Lawrence To discussing the MAA Best Practices for Exadata Cloud. PRO4864 - Best Practices for Oracle Exadata Cloud Deployments (9:00 AM, Room 215/216).

Then, Jia Shi joins me (Gavin) to talk about next generation In-Memory technologies for Exadata. You don't want to miss cool new architecture + technology innovations (although I may be biased...). PRO4865 - Exadata: Next-Generation In-Memory Technologies (10:00 AM, Room 215/216).

Competing for your time, when you should be in my session, is Jeffrey Wright, back to discuss Data Security in Exadata Cloud at Customer... (hmm, sounds important, I wonder if Jia can take our session by herself.) PRO4867 - Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer: Data Security 101 (10:00 AM, Room 213).

Rounding out the Exadata Product Management sessions for OOW19 this year, is Markus Michalewicz, on stage with Mauricio Feria to discuss the most impactful features from Oracle Database 18c and 19c, tips and tricks a plenty I hear in this session. TIP4855 - Best Practices for the Most Impactful Oracle Database 18c and 19c Features (2:15 PM, Room 205).

Also, don't forget to drop by the Engineered Systems Showcase to get your selfie with an Exadata machine and chat with Exadata experts.

Hope to see you there!

Gavin Parish

Senior Principal Product Manager

Gavin is a product manager in Oracle’s Exadata team, with a focus on software and hardware roadmap. Prior to the Exadata team, Gavin was a founding member of the team responsible for launching the industry’s first on-premises public cloud technology - Oracle Cloud at Customer. In his 15 years in Oracle Product Management, Presales and Consulting roles, Gavin has developed a robust understanding of all things Oracle, helping customers architect and implement a variety of infrastructure and application technologies.

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