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  • February 27, 2017

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service

Brian Spendolini
Database Cloud Services Product Manager

Not every company can own and staff a data center; there is alot involved. So where can you turn if you need the highest-performing and most available infrastructure for running Oracle Database? Well the Exadata Cloud Service of course. 

Now while we can have a bit of fun with the beginning of this post, it bring some honesty as well. A good majority of our Exadata Cloud Service customers are new to Exadata. They have never owned one on premises and are able to start their engineered systems journey with the cloud. So why is that? How is the cloud making owning and using an Exadata accessible to more and more customers? This entry as well as a few follow up posts will go into precisely how this is possible.

 Lets start from the beginning; Provisioning. With an on-premises Exadata, you have some setup stets to perform before you are up and running. You also have shipping times. We are looking at a couple of weeks. Again, nothing to long, but will require, as we stated before, data center space, power and cooling as well as cabling to get started.

 What if I told you with the Exadata Cloud Service, I could have you up and running in 4 hours? No data center or prior knowledge needed? This is the Exadata Cloud Service and one of the reasons that anyone who wants the power of an Exadata for their database workload can have one.

 Once you get your welcome to the Oracle Cloud email and you log into your account, you can start creating a service immediately. Just click the Create Service Instance button and off we go.

 The first and only page in our Create Service Instance flow asks you to name the service and to decide on how you want to backup your database.

Create The Service

Start by naming your service, then selecting the Region where you purchased your ExaCS. Today customers can choose from four different data centers with more coming soon. The Rack Size lets you pick from the shapes you purchased; quarter, half or full. Lastly is backing the service.

We have two options today. We can use local and cloud backups or cloud only backups.

Backup Options

By checking this checkbox, we split up the grid disks to allow seven days of backups. This will allow you to not only backup quickly, but restore and create clones from backups. More on this later.

Once you select these options, you are ready to create your service. Click the Create button and in about 2 hours for a quarter rack shape, you are ready to start creating databases. Speaking of creating databases, lets look at that now.

On the create database page, all we need to do is click the Create button. On the first page, you are asked some basic information.

Create DB

First, name the database service and select the location or ExaCS you want it to be placed on. Some customers have multiple ExaCS instances and the  Exadata System dropdown will allow you to select the exact system you would like to create the database on. The next option to note here is the Database Version option.

DB Version

With the Exadata Cloud Service, you can create an 11.2, 12.1 or 12.2 database. And not just one, but multiple databases of multiple versions. 

On the next page of the Create Database Wizard is the details page. We ask that you provide the service with a public key that only you have the matching private key. The tooling will use that public to secure the service so that only you, the holder of the matching private key has access and no one else.

DB details

On this page, just enter some basic information like password for the sys and system users, set the character set of the database and select how you want to backup this particular database.

Backup Options

We have three choices; Both cloud and local, cloud only and none. If this is a development database or maybe a database where you want to test out a cool new 12.2 feature, you may not want backups, so choose none. Have a database that is going to be used for production or disaster recovery? Choose one of the other two backup options. When using the cloud backups just provide where your oracle database backup service is and the tooling will automatically set it up for you.

 Thats it! Hit create and in about 2 hours, you will have a database running on all the nodes of your ExaCS shape ready to be used. Want to create additional databases? Follow the same steps and in 20 minutes for a quarter rack shape, you will be ready to start using it.

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