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  • December 24, 2016

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine now available

Ashish Ray
Vice President

Continuing with our cloud innovation, we are very pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine (ExaCM). For the first time in IT, now you can deploy the most powerful Oracle Database - with all options and features, on the most powerful Database platform - Exadata, with all the cloud computing benefits, at your data center, behind your firewall. The associated Exadata infrastructure is managed by Oracle Cloud experts, which means you can focus on your primary business instead of having your limited IT resources stretched with mundane tasks such as infrastructure updates.

If you have cloud computing on your strategic IT roadmap, but you couldn't make that leap for whatever reason, now with ExaCM, you can embrace the Cloud without having to compromise SQL functionality, performance, availability, or transactional integrity.

For example - you are considering a tech refresh and are starting to like the cloud pay-as-you-go model.  Also, you are just starting to think about migrating some of your Oracle Databases to the Public Cloud. And right then, as Murphy's Law would have it, you are told that the company policy is that those databases cannot leave the company data center, or even your country's political territory. These policies may have something to do with data sovereignty / data residency policies. Or on a more technical level - you identified these databases - but then you find out that there are all these legacy applications talking to those databases, whose developers are no longer with the company and it would take a super human effort to migrate those applications to a cloud service.

So this is what Exadata Cloud Machine is about - it brings our Cloud to you. But as the TV ad goes - we ain't stopping there! You see, an inherent beauty of our Oracle Database cloud strategy is that no changes to applications or data models are required either. This means that if you are running Oracle Databases on-premises today - rest assured, your investment is protected - you can continue to do so, but at the same time, you can start your cloud journey - whether in Oracle's public cloud data centers, or in your own data center, without having to make any compromises. And with Exadata, it doesn't matter whether the workload is OLTP, Analytics or a consolidation effort, it's the same unified platform. This is what we refer to as a consistent experience across our various Exadata deployment models - on-premises Exadata, Exadata Cloud Service or Exadata Cloud Machine. Since it is the same Oracle database, you can leverage the same in-house Oracle skillset that you have accumulated over many, many years. And because it is Exadata, it is the same platform that thousands of other customers have deployed across all verticals, around the world, and maybe even yourself. This is what investment protection is all about.

Interested? Please get started here. The Exadata Cloud Machine datasheet is located here.

There will be additional interesting updates on our Exadata Cloud strategy in this blogspace, so please stay tuned. Meanwhile, let us know how your enterprise cloud journey looks like!

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