Wednesday May 23, 2007

Great Customer Exeperience Podcasts Now Available.

Straight from the Adaptive Path Newsletter:


Just Press PLAY: Two Adaptive Path Talks Now Available for Pointing,  

And in "Almost as Good as Being There (Minus the Cocktails)" news,  
ScribeMedia has kindly made Jesse James Garrett's "Business as a  
Design Experience" talk from MX-San Francisco available [1] for your  
viewing and listening pleasure. And Peter Merholz's "Stop Designing  
Products" talk [2] is now up and at 'em at the official SXSW site.





These are great talks. Definitely worth a listen and both of these individuals are really engaging speakers. Thanks for sharing Adaptive Path. :) 

300 Years Ago Today

Linnaeus was born.

Who is Linnaeus, you ask? 

He's the man that introduced classification of nature. Basically, the father of taxonomy.

Here's some pictures:

Happy Birthday!

Thursday May 17, 2007

Martin Is Leaving!

Our fearless Customer Experience Leader, Martin Hardee is leaving us. He is headed on to another adventure and those in his future should feel lucky he's coming to work with them. 

Go say nice things about him. 

Sunday Apr 29, 2007

You Say it's Your Birthday-Belated

Woohoo! 3 years of blogging at Sun as of Friday, April 27th. Blogs have been at Sun longer than I have (although not by much) and they have become a really important cornerstone in our online properties.

In honor of this I'm going to highlight some favorite experiences with blogging and some posts:

One of the things I've found really fun about a group context for blogging is the 'tag, you're it' behavior. I've been tagged twice by Linda about five things and then the name five songs you love that your significant other hates which was also a very fun topic.

Blogger marymary always entertains and continues to be an inspiration.

Blogging with Linda and Lou on our C2 blog about conversations.

Keeping up with comics and other interesting Customer Experience insights of my blogging boss, Martin.

and a couple of posts from our blogging CEO:
A post that was mostly an internal email with an introduction about not believing in walled gardens.
Continued conversation with the chairman of the SEC.

It is truly an honor to be part of this. I feel lucky to be a Sun blogger and will continue to feed the sphere along with many of my colleagues and I will do my part to encourage others to join in as well.

Wednesday Apr 25, 2007

Dissecting Modern Music

Village Voice takes diagramming to a new level.

Thanks to Andrew Hinton for finding that one.

Thursday Mar 22, 2007

User Experience: More on Managing

I went to a pre-conference session today at the IA Summit. Margaret Hanley presented a day long workshop about UX Management. Although I am not a people manager at this time, I have been in the past and I do manage several relationships with vendors so it's really more of a virtual team and I don't spend the time with these vendors to develop their careers. However, the session was useful to me and it is definitely a sub community of the IA community that I want to participate in. My belief is that no matter who helps you get work done, they are equally important as they are helping to extend the reach and the impact of the work that you can do.

The community of people that need to manage UX is definitely growing. This is the second time this has come up in the last several months. It was the crux of the recent Adaptive Path conference I attended. I think this is probably inevitable due to the fact that there is more work and more people doing the work which means we need structure not only in the experiences we design but in the teams that come together to make those experiences.

So after a lovely night out at Samba (where they bring you food served on swords) in the Mirage casino with Martin, Lisa, and Dan, I finally got back to my hotel room and I found this in my inbox:

"It is important to communicate the business strategy and to engineer the oversight of information in a way that aligns the business strategy with the information architecture."

The above quote is from an article entitled Aligning Information Objectives with Business Strategy The article landing in my inbox on today of all days seemed really appropriate.

Tuesday Mar 20, 2007

IA Summit Bound

I'm off to the IA Summit. This year it's in Las Vegas so it's a short trip. The past two have been in Canada and really great learning experiences for me. I've been to Las Vegas quite a few times but never to go there and learn. I hope I don't get too distracted. ;)

It promises to be a marathon of brain expanding and aha moments when you discover the differences and similarities in our approaches and our work. It's also such a great community of people thinking and sharing. We know in the IA community we need more of us. There are plenty of complex information problems out here to solve and they keep growing.

I hope to report on the things I'm learning as I go. This blog can serve as a place to come back to and see if I tried out any of the new things I learned about last year.

As for IA Summit 2006, I saw Kevin Cheng talk about his techniques and approaches using comics in design and discovery work. I brought that back to my team and my boss, Martin Hardee, created comics for the community. The Design Comics site will give you an idea of what kind of inspiration our little 'ol IA Summit can have.

Great big thank you from the community, Martin.

Las Vegas in the morning. My brain is ready to soak up the inspiration.

Friday Mar 16, 2007

Tagged Again-This time it's about the music

Blogger lskrocki got me again! :)

The topic is music:
Name five songs (or artists) that you love but annoy your significant other.

This is not an easy task for me. When I found my husband, it was partially because we loved the same kind of music. Music is really important to me and I didn't want to spend my life listening to things I didn't like. That being said, there are a few exceptions.

  • Abba-Dancing Queen -oh yeah!
  • Heart-Magic Man
  • The Cure (although over the years, my significant other has grown to love them just as much as me.)
  • Mazzy Star-too slow for him + some bad memories from an old girlfriend
  • Ween-he just thinks they are annoying and I think they are really talented and creative

    Your turn bloggers Andrew, Greg, Paul and Aaron.

  • Wednesday Mar 14, 2007

    Rate Solaris

    You can now rate Solaris on! This is a very exciting day for our customers as they now have a very real mechanism to share direct feedback on about Solaris.

    So if you have feedback on Solaris, please tell us what you think.

    Tuesday Feb 27, 2007

    Sometimes the Convergence Is Just Too Much to Take :)

    I spoke at an event last week with a consultant we worked with on creating the new home page. One of the great things about getting out there and speaking is meeting people. I met an individual that knows Sun very well and actually competes with Sun selling used Sun servers. After the event, he sent me a link to his blog post and it just tickled me for several reasons.

    The main reason was that in a former life, I worked pretty closely with the Art Car scene when I worked at Intermedia Arts. I got first hand experience with the Art Car artists and the parade. I even met Harrod Blank of Camera Van fame.

    Now, working at Sun, we've got the Data Center on wheels. It's coming to MN soon and I'm really excited to go visit. If you live in MN, you can go visit too.

    So the convergence happened when Corey sent me this link to his blog post: Sun’s DataCenterMobile, the Wienermobile and other type hits.

    And it hit me, Sun has its own 'art car' traveling around the country. I'm still working with those 'crazy art car artists'. ;)

    Monday Feb 12, 2007

    Adaptive Path Managing Experience-Day One

    Adaptive Path is a user experience consultancy in San Fransisco. They put on a conference about Managing Experience through Creative Leadership and today was day one. As stated by co-president, Jesse James Garret, they (AP) had a hunch there was a community around this topic (Managing Experience) that didn't really get a chance to gather that often. Based on the energy in the room, the conversations and the questions, I'd say that hunch was right on.

    I am here with several colleagues and my manager. After the conference we are planning to meet and discuss what we can take away from our two days here to improve how we move forward to manage the web experience.

    Jesse started the day with a great context setting speech. The clear message was that the product is the experience and people emotionally attach to that.

    Lou Carbone, the keynote speaker of the day, spoke of a new world order. We need to take a different approach to business. We need to account for emotion. People respond to our products and our services as if they are other people. We need to consider how our products and services make people feel. This is not the way things have been done in the past.

    Everyone in the room had a different set of challenges, but it's clear that an understanding is beginning to emerge. We need to structure things in our organizations to account for the people that use the product. We need to think about how they feel. How a customer feels is key to their loyalty to the company. Loyal customers keep companies in business.

    It's important to keep driving this forward and key for this community to continue to cook up strategies and tactics that help us keep the customer's feelings in the product development cycle. It's a great challenge.

    Friday Feb 09, 2007

    Creativity in Diagramming

    Sometimes I use an online tool called Gliffy for sketching up an idea really quickly. One thing I like about this tool is the monthly newsletter from the company that makes Gliffy. This month they shared some 'Gliffy in the Real World' examples. I think it's pretty interesting to see what people will do with tools. Here are the Gliffy in the real world examples.

    Example One
    Example One
    Example Two
    Example Three
    Example Four
    Example Five
    Example Six
    Example Seven

    Wednesday Feb 07, 2007

    Behind the Times Online

    The Times Online just redesigned their website and they interviewed the Information Architect behind the redesign.

    Friday Feb 02, 2007

    Building Better Wireframes

    My colleague Chris sent this to some Information Architects including me. He thinks we need to uplevel our wireframes.

    I think it's an intriging idea.....


    Thursday Jan 11, 2007

    For Those of Us That Like Geeky Visualization Methods

    My IA buddy, Terralee, sent me a link to a very nifty web page that shows a periodic table of visualzation methods. Each item shows an example of that method on the rollover. You can compare different methods you might employ to communicate something all in one place.

    The page above is part of a bigger tutorial on Visualization for Communication, Engineering,and Business. This is valuable stuff. If you can communicate, you can get things done. These are some great tools.


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