Tuesday Nov 27, 2007


Today is my last day working for Sun Microsystems. I've spent time reflecting on this transition as leaving Sun is a big deal. I work with great people at a great company and that's always hard to leave behind. I tendered my resignation to take on a new adventure and re-enter the world of consulting. I will be working at EatonGolden as of Thursday, November 29th as the Director of Information Architecture and Social Media. 

For the people at Sun, you are smart and heroic. I value the time I have spent here with you and I hope together we have made the things we've touched better.

For Sun customers, thank you for all that you've given to Sun. Without you, we wouldn't be here.

If you want to find me, I'll be blogging at EatonGolden's site soon.

I'll leave you with a parting thought. Life is complicated and can be overwhelming. You can never do it all, but you can always do something. In the immortal words of Teddy Roosevelt, 'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.'

Ciao for now!

Wednesday Oct 10, 2007

My Very Favorite Twitter Feed:lskrocki

When I started to participate in the reality that is twitter, I was
lucky enough to have co-workers also participating. I have learned
things through twitter and collaborated with co-workers, colleagues and
friends in very unexpected ways. They are close to me now in a way they
never were before. It's as if we sit in a virtual open conference room.

Today I realized that I had a favorite. I knew these things before, but I have discovered in a more in-depth way that my co-worker Linda is super funny, smart and great at her job just through her posts
to the world. Her stream this week has been a roller coaster of work and humor and left me laughing to myself over and over again.

It was so fun for me that it made me realize I appreciate it and I want
to call attention to her. Follow lskrocki, she's got a lot to say and
you'll enjoy listening.

I hope I didn't embarrass you lskrocki.

Thursday Apr 19, 2007

Blogging for Business-Getting the Message Out

I gave a presentation today to MN Women in Communications about Blogging, Podcasts and RSS. That was the topic the organization wanted covered and since I present with Linda and Lou about blogging internally at Sun, this seemed like a great opportunity to get out there and evangelize blogs outside the company.

It was really a fun presentation. I was lucky enough to have the perfect audience size so it could be a conversation (in case you were wondering, it was about 40 people sitting around tables). This is really important. When Linda, Lou and I present our internal talk, we always try to encourage conversation. (that's why our group blog is called Conversations Squared or C2) Sometimes the group is too big which is a bummer because it works best when it's more interactive.

The audience was great and they really participated in the conversation and that made it even better for everyone.

The audience was also more of an audience that was really considering blogs and podcasting for usage in their business. Only one member of the audience was currently blogging, so I found it to be a really fun opportunity as I'm passionate about this topic and the people there really seemed engaged.

I've embedded the Slides into the post below ala SlideShare. (Sidenote: Slideshare is a really neat site, essentially YouTube for presentations and more, that was created by one of the people from the information archtitecture community.)

I like talking about this and bringing people in that are not currently involved is even more exciting. I hope I inspired at least one person to use blogging for business because it's a great opportunity and I believe it is the future. As they say in Cluetrain, 'conversations are happening, might as well be in them....'

Thursday Jan 04, 2007

Awakening from a holiday haze.....

The holiday season is always a dizzying array of activity, celebration, parties, gatherings, and family time. I feel like I'm awakening from that time to a new year (2007) here at Sun and more exciting IA challenges to tackle. Happy New Year everyone.

Thursday Feb 09, 2006

An Introduction


My name is Jennifer Bohmbach. I work on web properties for Sun Microsystems. It's my job to organize structures and content to create pathways for customers to locate relevant information about the problems they need to solve.

I've been with Sun since November 15th, 2004. It's an amazing challenge. I feel lucky to have it. I've learned some things about organizing information in the past year that have been invaluable to me. I happen to be lucky enough to work for a company that encourages this information to be shared. We participate. There is room for us in our work to participate. Again, I feel lucky to have this opportunity.

So that is my charter. I will share stories and observations about organizing principles of large sets of information that is categorized and matrixed. Complexitites built up over time that need to be re-examined. In the end stories that need to be told and structures to tell them with.


Jennifer Bohmbach was the Sun.com Chief Information Architect from November 2004-November 2007. She left Sun in November 2007 to return to consulting.


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