• March 6, 2015

ZS4-4 and the cloud

Adrian Pruna
Business Analyst

One of the biggest
challenges that traditional hardware vendors face is shifting their mindset to
new market expectations and preparing for today’s customer needs. Everyone in
the industry is investing massively in cloud, in a desperate attempt to
contradict one of Geoffrey Moore theory that states that old industry companies
will not be able to adapt to today’s needs without a total reinvention of
itself. I am a strong believer that Oracle is one of those companies that are
always adapting to the new demands with as little disruption as possible.

When I started my apprenticeship
in the IT business storage customers asked their suppliers for predictability
more than anything else. They wanted to make sure that the solution they will buy
can guarantee them to accommodate company growth for the next decade without
the need to change the technology.

In today’s market the
customer needs flexibility above everything else. The best example is the
growing demand for storage cloud, demand that in 2015 is still not meet. You
can contradict me by showing all the storage cloud offers that all the big
hardware players are offering.

Putting traditional storage
hardware behind a datacenter and selling it as a cloud solution will not give
our customers the flexibility they need. Flexibility, for the customer, means being
able to put the right storage behind the database layer, storage which will be
different than the one behind their mobile application layer and yes, it will
be from a different supplier sometimes.

Oracle did something
wonderful with the latest ZS4-4 product launch last year in fall – it has
engineered it around the storage needs of our cloud software. Furthermore we made
it open stack friendly so our customers can buy our storage solutions in order
to better optimize their Oracle applications and still have the freedom to
scale on any other storage product, from either Oracle or another vendor.

Do not take my word for it,
please take a few minutes to watch these introductory videos in how Oracle
engineered our storage around our software.

· John Fowler ZS4 Launch Video

· Five Minutes to Insight: The Brilliance of In-Memory Storage

· 5-minute insight - Database-level Storage
Analytics for Oracle Database 12c

· 5-minute insight - Thin Cloning for Oracle
Database 12c

· 5-minute insight - Data Encryption and the
Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

· 5-minute insight -ZFS Storage - Ideal for

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